Iran 'will try opposition leaders'
Al Jazeera English
31-Dec-2010 (12 comments)

Iran's chief prosecutor has insisted that opposition leaders who ran in the disputed 2009 presidential election will be put on trial over anti-government protests that sparked widespread unrest in the wake of the vote.
Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi's statement came weeks after the government issued a travel ban for former candidates Mir Hossain Mousavi and Mahdi Karroubi on allegations of being "mohareb" - a term meaning they are 'fighting against God'.
Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets across the country in support of Mousavi after the presidential poll, alleging that president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad had won the election by fraud.
But forces led by the Revolutionary Guard crushed the protests, and hundreds of opposition supporters - from mid-level political figures to street activists, journalists and human rights workers - were arrested and tried.
'Stooges of the west'
In a Friday prayer sermon in Tehran University, Dowlatabadi said that the reform leaders, whom the government accuse of being "stooges of the west", are criminals who sought to topple the ruling Islamic system through street protests.
"We've said many times that leaders of sedition are criminals and charges against them will be investigated. That they will stand trial is definite," Dowlatabadi said in his address.
"They undermined public trust in the system and disrupted security in the country. Heavy punishment awaits ... >>>

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Ahmadi Nejad is testing the ground

by aynak on

testing the ground.   First they start a rumor to see what the reaction of the Iranian public and the world is.   If no strong opposition then they implement.   Some times they drag a plan  for the opposition to cool off.

The Rayaneh plans were the best example, where it has been talked about for over sevral years and now at an opportune time they did it while the tanks came to streets, with least resistence.

Mousavi and Karoubi are two destablizing forces within.   A dictatorial regime by definition can not stand any opposition.   But like Rayaneh they have been waiting for the opportune time to(arrest) these two as well.   This is not the first time putting Karoubi and Mousavi on trail has been raised.  (There was also several attacks on Karoubis home and on Mousavi's body guards).

Along with expulstion of Mottaki, this is an attempt by Ahmadi-Nejad to show the west he is fully in charge and the party they must take seriouslty to talk to.   (i.e he has consolidated his power).

What the reaction of public would be is something Ahmadi-Nejad is uncertain about (and therefore why it has not been done so far).




Two Rumors in Tehran

by Abarmard on

There are two rumors going around in Iran:

1-The opposition and the whole shabang was part of a plan that went wrong. The plan was to bring everyone out to vote so the policies of Ahmadinejad be accepted and go on smoothly. Mousavi and Karubi were a part of this plan.

2-Mousavi and Karubi are waiting to be arrested so the International community begin working for their release, which with the release of those two, the system will benefit some credits while the two come out as a real and true opposition supported by the West.

In either case the system will not benefit by their arrest while currently allowing them to be "free", they have become irrelevant and less of a threat. Why change it?

Policy wise, one has to agree that this was a very smart move by the system, and a well thought of threat control plan. To the world it shows a sophisticated system that is far different from 1950's-1970's Iran, were British could generate chaos inside the system and take control.


The devils chicken are coming home to roost

by Simorgh5555 on

The IR are a pack of wolves devouring each other. This is divine retribution for their crime of establishing the IR and bringing to power Khomeini. Even with Kaoubi, Mousavi and the Greens dropped from the equation the Sepah ruling elite will continue its purges killing its perceived enemies one by one until the regime self-destructs. Everything that is happening is reminiscent to what happened to the early founders of the Soviet Union during the Stalinist purge. 

In a way, i see this as a positive development for Iran, as it might just be the catalyst to galvanize people to demonstrate again, hopefully with added vigour. And if it doesn't, the entire world will know what kind of a regime it is dealing with when the issue of the IR's nuclear intetions comes up for discussion again. Either way the regime is on the path to demise, let's just hope it isn't a long one. 

 Best Wishes for a New Year, Mousavi. Hopefully this will be the very last one for you on the planet.

Jonny Dollar

happy 2011 to you 2!

by Jonny Dollar on

thanks for everything! I'll heed your advice! actually, I only blog here, no other political activity. god bless!

"God is love!"



by yolanda on

Hi! Mr. $$$$$,

    When I read that story, I was really in that time I visited IC, but I did not write anything....I was not a registered member.......I only read the stories and articles in the front page......I did not read blogs...I thought IC has only one page..LOL!.....I remember clearly that the guy donated $300....IRI found his name and put him in jail.....he lost his job in was a pure nightmare.....when it comes to this type of stories.....I have pretty good memory......I also remember that this story was inspired by Roxanna Saberi's espionage I searched IC with the key words "saberi...... donated $300"........the article got pulled out right away........

yes, you have different photos......they all look very different! Please don't let IRI know your identity! You know what happened to Hoder, right? Just be careful! IRI is cruel!

P.S. If You win Nobel Prize.....I think it is OK for you to reveal your true identity......IRI will "probably" leave you alone.......please let everyone know you are Gol-dust, Obama, Bijan Douli, AIPAC, and your real name is ........., IC will feature you as Iranian of the Day just like this one.......for the time being, please remain anonymous!

Happy 2011!

Shifteh Ansari

Thank you,

by Shifteh Ansari on

I wish you a happy New Year in 2011.

Jonny Dollar

Thanks Yolanda jaan! I am there too!!

by Jonny Dollar on

Thank you for the link (how do you search so easly? what's the trick? told you you're good!). Did you notice that I have a posting in the old article with a photo as well (gol-dust)? Actually, the photo has my blood 6'-2", 98 KG (that's as far as i can go).

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by yolanda on

Hi! Mr. $$$$,

    You might be the fan of IC with the longest seniority here.......I have not heard anyone with IC for 10 are like one of the founding fathers here (LOL)...IC should give a virtual medallion for being such a die-hard must be resilient and you find your creative way to come back with a different identity......very interesting experience!....please don't reveal your real name......'cause you don't know if there is a snitch or not......I will never trust IRI.......I read a story that this Iranian guy donated  $$$ to Republican party.....IRI really gave him hard time when he visited Iran....they put him in jail!

here is the story, you read before:


Take care!

Jonny Dollar

Merci Yolanda jaan!

by Jonny Dollar on

No you are not, you are just very nice and expert in research. I spent too much time to look for it hoping he would change his mind. I guess not!  Yeah i did reveal it all, but they either didn't see it or let me continue in the spirit of new year for now. I hate being forced to hide my so called identity. I am sort of liberated now. i wish someday i could reveal my real name, but tcircumstances on both sides of the atlantic won't allow it.Have a wonderful new year.

BTW the only posting that u didn't respond was the camel ride that i said i was on vaction. i was just teasing obviously! Don't worry, be happy!

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by yolanda on

Hi! Mr. $$$,

   LOL! Happy New is the thread:


So I am your virtual secretary, right?

Sometimes, I have pretty good I remember where I read the stuff.....I was able to dig it up....

You are were telling everybody your old cracked me up! LOL! You "act" like you collect usernames and try to break your old record! :O)

It is amazing that you have been with IC for 10! It is a long time.....I believe IC has evolved a lot....I am sure it is getting better and better......

I like news a lot...if I don't read, my brain feels lonely and hungry........Shifteh posts news all the time, so I have to thank her!

I hope your username can you don't need to buy another computer!

Good luck! Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year Yolanda and everyone else! question

by Jonny Dollar on

Yolanda, do you know if Tabris_balasi will ever come back? I wrote last night to him encouraging him not to quit, but i cannot find where exactly i wrote and whether he responded. Rhanks pal!

BTW are you now working for IC? oh, since you were thanking.....

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by yolanda on

A tough year ahead for Iran......

I read an article on Payvand claiming that the opposition leaders wanted to be they will become "heroes".......


Happy new year!

Thank you for posting news articles for IC and thank you for all the  live news bloggings!