Hossein Shariatmadari

Kayhan publisher says Mousavi and other "traitors" must be prosecuted


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I wish you could use

by Arthimis on

I wish you could use serious profanities on this man and the rest of them...

I pray for the day this man and the rest of them are arrested, sitting with their prison uniforms in front of a Free Democratic Iranian Court of Law ON TRAIL !!! FOR ALL THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!


پيامگير تلفني حسین شریعتمداری

Hooshang Tarreh-Gol

حسین شریعتمداری: شما با روزنامه کیهان تماس گرفته‌اید. ما می‌دونیم کی هستی؟
چه کاره‌ای؟ به کجاها وابسته هستی؟ از کجا پول می‌گیری؟ قبل از انقلاب با کی
رفیق بودی؟ توی محافل خصوصی چه حرف‌هایی می‌زنی؟ پسرخاله پدربزرگت با رضاخان چه
روابطی داشته و الان چی
می‌خواهی بگی؟ پس گوشی را بگذار.


I thought gold

by onlyinamrica on

is haraam for men. haaj agha is wearing a gold ring in his right finger.

Jonny Dollar

Re: IRI R ugly revealing their inside. they are arabs anyway!

by Jonny Dollar on

KHODA KOFRESHOON KARDEH!  No decent iranian with an ounce of iranian blood would be so Najas va kessafat va zesht! this way they cannot hide behind a good looking face.

"God is love!"


Why are they so ugly?

by shahabshahab on

Without exception, it seems all pro IRI people are ugly, men and women. Does anyone know why?

I am not kidding.

Jonny Dollar

Tabriz Ghardaashi, don't be a quiter! That's what they want

by Jonny Dollar on

so the zionists such as fred, 555 and so on can continue dominating and disrupting anyone who is against Israel! I for one was very happy to see an iranian man who stands his ground against all the enemies whether israelis, AIPAC, etc..

The reason you shoudn't quit is simple. I did not quit despite being kicked out of this site many times this year. I have been writing on this site when it was not a live blog (more than 10 years), so i would get responses directly to my home email as well. I had to wait for a few days to see my posting was posted. Was so gld to see the live format.

This year due to increase in AIPAC, Israel, and may be US funding for some anti IRI media, I had been kicked out anytime I said anything against Israel. That's why you see me more mellow!

I used different names using different emails and computers. I finally ran out of that, till a few weeks ago i bought a new apple so i used it to come back since I couldn't see how some of the israeli-americans had taken over our site (very disturbing), and there was (is) this lady from NY who even wrote: "Are there any iranians on this site?...." So I had to come back to reclaim and respond to some of these guys. I am totally anti IRI, but I love and would die for Iran. Israelis are controlling US media and now want to control this little thing that we have.  I can see they have to be careful for not being labled as an anti US site so they don't shut them don. zionists may flag me now, and if i am lucky they only remove the comment!

Don't give up so easily! Stand up and fight for Iran. I know JJ loves Iran and he fought for Iran and democracy. I lost my brother in the revolution and I am not leting bunch of sisis who have no love for Iran only for israel to kick us out of our own site! Damn it, this is supposed to be the Iranian.com, not israeli.com!

So you know I am real, I would reveal to you my former names by taking a big risk of being kicked out again. If that happens you would know why I cannot write again. I hope there is enough decency by the operators who are saying they are fighting against tyrany and for freedom of press and thoughts, by practicing it here! Otherwise we have no right to criticize IRI.

yes, I am; Gol-dust, Obama, Bijan Douli, AIPAC, etc..

"God is love!"



by Fatollah on

bi-khiyaal, that happens to me from time to time, but most seldom ... I don't think is deliberate, there might be a  glitch ... :) 


Don't leave

by Escape on

If you want Democracy for Iran don't leave.Democracy is always on the fight everywhere because it means putting up with everybody.Stay and give them something to think about.


my last post at iranian.com

by tabriz_balasi on

my post was deleted twice today even though there was nothing wrong with it. i put so much effort into composing that message and writing does not come naturaly to me. i had the best of intentions for iran in my posts.   i will not post here again and not even come back to look at the material. i feel i'm not contributing to anything good here and i hate to waste my time.  bye everyone and i thank those who read my posts whether they agreed with me or not.  

~be an act of the knowing love~

Nader Vanaki

قابل توجه آقای حسین شریعتمداری-سردبیر محترم روزنامه کیهان

Nader Vanaki

بفرمایید اطلاعات خودتان رو از حمام زنانه یا آرایشگاه زنانه می گیرید؟ و در ضمن بفرمایید که این جفنگیات رو با چه چیز دیگه ای می توان استعمال نمود؟ یه کفش دزد در ایران به من نشون بده که بعد از اینکه مچشو گرفتن ارتقاء نگرفت.   به آقاتون سلام برسونید.


To lie costs nothing,

by aynak on


If Shariat-Madari and his boss are not affraid, allow for a peaceful rally, and yes, don't bring tank and armed Sepah to kill people.

Very simple.


kafsh dozd, peesh namaz nemeshavad

by mahmoudg on

so how come, all the akhonds are at the helm of things.  This guy is so contradicting himself it is funny.  All the statements he made, are the one will be used against him when he is put on trial.


Shariatmadari is right to a certain extent

by Simorgh5555 on

Another year has gone by and the fire in the opposition movement in Iran has almost been extinguished. The protesters did not come out on the streets through being terrorised by the IR thugs. What we need is anoher impetus and Mousavi's arrest might just do the trick.


You have an extra "A"

by ali_aaa on

Fussygorilla you should take the "A" out of your name, then it fits you right


go on diet

by fussygorilla on

Ali,  you are probably too fat and eat too much so your stomach cannot handle it.

Mousavi and karroubi and other riot leaders must be tried and punished. They were fed by U.S. agents and thus should pay back.


Sudden Urge

by ali_aaa on

All of a sudden I have an urge to throw up, I wonder why.