"Iran-US Relations At a New Cross Roads"
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07-May-2009 (24 comments)

Let me begin by saying that a good university where one can study in peace and freedom may seem common place to you. But not so for many thousands of students in my homeland whose eager young minds remain constrained and constantly shackled by a closed and dogmatic atmosphere that has been ruthlessly imposed on them by an unpopular dictatorship.

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anonymous fish

ok... thanks

by anonymous fish on

i just can't get a grip on what his deal is.  i sure hope he ain't american...:-)

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

It's the same character who has posted similar junk under these names: John Carpenter, Richard Tehrani, James NIavarani, Jacob Cohen, James Smith, Luigi Milani and a couple more that I don't recall this early in the day.

anonymous fish

regarding davood...

by anonymous fish on

can anyone tell me anything about him?  what's his story?  is he iranian or american or what!!!  i truly can't figure him out and he refuses to respond to my questions.  i am totally confused about his agenda!

without knowing much about reza, i admit, does he himself have any real aspirations of power in iran?  or are people just projecting their opinions? 

Kaveh Nouraee

A Stupid Post by "Davood Banayan"

by Kaveh Nouraee on

As usual, your garbage serves no purpose.

It can't even be called crap, because crap acts as a fertilizer.

You, on the other hand, are just some tool with a computer and a desire for attention.

Why don't you do the world a favor and make like all of the money government spends and get lost, OK?


"I wonder"

by 1L (not verified) on

No Khamenei isnt royalty either. But does that somehow make Reza Pahlavi royalty? They are equal shits. RP is just the lesser of the two evils, but certainly mo more "royal". I would support a constitutional monarchy but this guy is a joke. Its not worth having a constitutional monarchy if Reza Pahlavi is the monarch. For all i care the Qajars have a better claim to the throne.


Kadivar - A dying generation

by 1L (not verified) on

Wait how is anything i said related to being Palestinian? So if I dont accept Reza Pahlavi i am Palestinian? explain ur argument here



by capt_ayhab on

Is that the best you could do? Try harder, I am sure you might be able to come up with an WITTY remark, can you?



P/S If you like I can post his record right here right now? what do you say?

PP/S Love you too


To Haj Agha Capt-Ayhab

by Dastboos e akhoond finder (not verified) on

why didn't you attend the meeting yourself to videotape him so that we can all see the proof of his handkissing and stop speculating and BSing all the time on this Website?


I Wonder

by capt_ayhab on

I wonder if Reza jun paid homage[dast boosi] to visiting Peres and attended AIPAC meeting?

Any footage, clip or transcript on that? Just wondering ;-)


Darius Kadivar

1L - And YOU are a CRYING PLO Generation ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Sitting on Your Anonymous ASS and Complaining ...

So Why don't you go up and run for IRan's Presidential Elections instead of complaining for lack of democracy and the rule of mullahs.

LEAVE AMERICA OR EUROPE But Don't Come and CRY on yourselves and your Palestinian Brotherhood under the pretext that no one cares for you ...

Your Palestinian Passport is Available at the closest HAMAS embassy near you !


To Darius and To Irandokht

by My two cents (not verified) on

To Darius: This Davood guy is a joke! never mind him!

He wants FREE oil to flow from Iran to the United States as it was in Qajar (???) and Pahlavi dynasties! I thought Pahlavis were "traitors" and selling Iran short just for that?!!!!!!!! Oh boy!!!

Irandokht khanoom you said:

"Maybe it's time to expect leadership from a different source."

like who? who is as widely recognized inside and outside Iran as RP other than those brutes in the Islamic Republic?? When and where did he say he wants America or Britain to install him as king?!

Who else? Khatami, Karrubi or Mousavi? they are all for maintaining the status quo in Iran. You disagree?!

Those inside Iran who are not part of the power circle of mullahs like Mohandes Amir Entezaam wouldn't dare lift a finger; even if they do, they are immediately thrown into prison and forced to shut up like Ayatollah Montazeri or Boroojerdi who is openly for separation of mosque from state.

Besides, we Iranians are used to putting down, ridiculing, digging graves for and destroying whoever who might be a head and shoulder above us and be able to do something we can't or we won't, specially and I say specially if that whoever is Iranian!! we are horrible at teamwork and only do something together if there is an immediate personal gain in it for us. AZ MAAST KEH BAR MAAST!


Is Khameneii royalty?

by I wonder (not verified) on

What is his background? Is he blue blooded? does he come from a long line of aristocrats?
He sure acts like royalty and is and will remain the absolute king of the Islamic Republic of Iran for God Knows how long.

you "highly educated" so called désinfectés "an"-tellectuels "Iranian" nobodys who go visit Iran once or twice a year to take pictures of shirin polo and ghormeh sabzi, Masooleh and mountains to bring back and post on Iranian.com to gloat are all aware of it yet you still have the gall to come here and advertise for his stooges like Karrubi, Mousavi or that fool Ahmadi!


Kadivar - A dying generation

by 1L (not verified) on

Darius Kadivar, it is sad to see people still holding on to hope for the return of the monarchy! The monarchy dies with you, Reza Pahlavi, and your generation.

Besides, do you really think this guy is "royalty"? seriously? his grandfather was a dahati foot soldier!


US is fully after "back to the future!" US pupet like father!

by gol-dust on

Dumb move by the US! His supporters are only outside Iran! I guess, US told him that he has been sleeping in bed for too many years and now is the time to come out and help them as his dad did!

Aren't they so stupid to believe that he could have any real impact?


LOL Darius

by IRANdokht on

I just had this image of you and me pacing up and down wilshire blvd carrying signs that read "Javid JahanShah" with an American flag and a green-white-red flag...

I guess I have a vivid imagination LOL


Darius Kadivar

Davood_Banayan When Was the Last TIme YOU visited Iran ?

by Darius Kadivar on

For An American ...

I suggest you change your Party's Name then because as an American You Have NO Say Over the desire of the Iranian People.

"Americans for a Democratic Republic in Iran ..."

What a Silly name if at least you called yourself : "Iranian-Americans for a Democratic Republic in Iran ..." It would be understandable.

What do you know what IRanians think about the Monarchy today ? Did you conduct an Openly Supervised Poll  Be it In Iran or in the US To Speak with such arrogant authority ?

You Sound more Like an immature and Spoiled  Kid !  


A stupid Speech by an idiot

by Davood_Banayan on

Americans for a Democratic Republic in Iran.

This grandson of an uneducated Mazandarani villager is just plain stupid.

He has absolutely no direct personal contact within Iranian borders to the Iranian citizens.

Last time he was in Iran was the late 1970s.

It is now 2009.  He is old.  He is too far distant from the Iranian masses.

Iranians in Iran don't want a monarch.

It is high time that he give up all homes and call it a day.

His 15 minutes of fame were over back on January 16, 1979.

And why does this idiot still have an Arab first name?

Isn't he fed up with the theocracy?

He should really change his name to Fred Marylander.  He is from Maryland.  And he also has a green card.  He has absolutely no valid  Iranian documents.  He is not Iranian.  He may be Egyptian or from Monoco.  Who knows?  He should come out of the closet and tell everyone what his citizenship is.  What type of valid passport does he travel with? 

He has permanent residency in the U.S. (This is a fact) 

Does he know that if there was an Iran-US war he could be drafted to fight his so called countrymen? 

Reza Pahlavi is a fraud that uses too much powder cocaine.  (a fact).

Darius Kadivar

IRANdokht How About JJ as leader ? He is Far more Rich now ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

With his concert revenues he should be able to gather masses and be paid for it. Besides Now that Schwarzy considers Legalizing Marijuana Use, I'm sure JJ will come across as a "Clean" Candidate in California at least ... LOL

Too bad he ain't a Monarchist, otherwise I could find him some pure stuff to make him see the light ...  ;0))



Darius jan that's very realistic of you

by IRANdokht on

That was also a very sad comment... I am so sorry to hear that RP can't even spend the little money he has left to win back the "crown",  that he doesn't have the people to back him up and that the monarchists are not as organized or efficient as even MKO...

but as you said it yourself, it seems like a fantasy for some people who at this stage "expect more from him than he can truly deliver "

Maybe it's time to expect leadership from a different source.


Darius Kadivar

I agree with you in Principle but With What Money or People ?

by Darius Kadivar on

If he had a Party of dedicated people and followers ready to rally him and support him by organizing regular demonstrations like in the early 1990's it would certainly make a difference.


But the monarchists are not as organized or efficient as lets say the MKO who have managed to find financers through all kinds of donations and even help from foreign powers. The LA TV's have squandered much money and delivered more damage to the monarchist cause in general because most are Old frustrated supporters who are not at phase with neither Reza Pahlavi nor our generation. Reza has at least one quality is that he is a pragmatist, openminded and flexible, unlike his father or most die hard monarchists.

If the money and staff were at hand one could do efficient propaganda like for any Political party both towards Iranians inside as well as in the Diaspora. Unfortunately that is not the case or at least no attempt is being made as long as there is no real sign of wide support.

The minute RP wants to do such a thing like with the Congress Help of 75 million dollars which was promised to them, NIAC and others start bad mouthing the monarchists of trying to attempt regime change in Iran.  

And even if Reza is not poor, they lost most of their fortune in bad investments and crooks ( a cousin who joined the IRI) who cheated them.

So basically at this stage he is his own man trying to convince international opinion and journalists on the reality of the situation in Iran.

If people would accept to bring him their full support lets say on public demonstations in Paris and London and Washington or New York even a few thousand it would be a much more effective message of support and boost his international status as a serious alternative to the current regime.

But alas at this stage most people expect more from him than he can truly deliver ...

To paraphrase Kennedy he is trying to say in his own words:

"Ask Not what the Crown can do for You but Ask what You can do for the Crown ... The Crown being the People's property not his"




I don't like Reza the warmonger

by IranLover (not verified) on

Reza is moving more and more into the camp of the right-wing Israel asking for war on Iran. he only does it indirectly. He is becoming a little disgusting. He seems to be desperate for attention. He seems unable to understand why he is not being widely supported and is slowing falling into the abyss of asking foreign powers to please make these people understand and put him in power in Iran. All very disgusting, don't you think?


That was January and early February!

by Inquiring minds (not verified) on

He has to be visible and present every day, every week and every month.

LOOK at the IR lobbyists and how active they are day in day out promoting their agenda. No wonder they have the ears of Obama, Biden and Kerry now. Reza is taking the whole thing leisurely.

Darius Kadivar

What do You Mean ? He can't be in Europe & US Simultaneously

by Darius Kadivar on

He do you expect someone to be in Europe & the US Simultaneously ?

You are the one who hasn't been following his activities.

He has been all over Europe in recent months and giving interviews to the French, German and British Press and Television to promote his new book: A Time of Choice.

French Talk Show: Bibliothèque Medicis With Reza Pahlavi

Reza Pahlavi New Book (A TIME OF CHOICE) Q&A With French Media

L’Iran demain : et si c’était Reza Pahlavi?

You people sit on YOUR ASSES and Complain All the Time ...

What have you got to say be it constructive or in terms of suggestions ?

He has never claimed to be able to do EVERYTHING on his Own.





To Dariush: Cheh ajab!

by Inquiring minds (not verified) on

He disappears for a few months (as they say in Farsi, goes under water) and then resurfaces. Why doesn't he stay on the surface all the time?