Reza Pahlavi New Book (A TIME OF CHOICE) Q&A With French Media


Reza Pahlavi New Book (A TIME OF CHOICE) Q&A With French Media
by Darius Kadivar

The Former Crown Prince of Iran is currently in France for the Promotion of his book of Interviews entitled "L'Heure Du Choix". Here are various recent interviews given with the French and International Press which has made some constructive impact here in Europe.

About the Book:

Reza Pahlavi's L'Heure Du Choix is available on in French ( an english translation should be out soon).Contrary to his other book Winds of Change, this book is actually a lengthy interview with French Journalist Michel Taubmann which is not just a blue print for change but also a direct oppurtunity to answer tough questions regarding his father's reign and political and historical legacy. Many Readers may be surprised by the Former Crown Prince's genuinely sincere answers often at odds with his staunch Royalist Constituencies. Nothing is left unanswered in regard to crucial and painful questions regarding Human Rights violations or his fathers responsability in his own downfall. But it is also a Book about National Reconciliation and commitment to Democratic and Human Rights Values. Up to the Readers to Decide on the pertinence or not of his arguments and chances.  

Short Summary of Highlights:

Reza Pahlavi insists on his firm Opposition to Any Military Escalation in the region and considers quote: "An Attack on Iran would prove a Tragic Disaster and naive calculation that would only hurt the Iranian People and their Civil Rights Movement". In Addition he calls for a moral support for Human Rights Activists like Mrs. Shirine Ebadi and particularly members of the Iranian Civil Society so as to help channel a Velvet Revolution. He believes that Time is Running and that if the world refuses to help the Iranian Civil Society on time and with stamina and determination, an Iran under the current leadership doted with a nuclear bomb will put an end to all hopes of seeing a Democratic Iran in a near future. Speaking of his intentions to create a branch of political coordination of the democratic opposition in France and Canada. He also reminds the Jewish People of its Historical Ties of Friendship with Iran since the ancient Times and Cyrus the Great of Persia who liberated them from Babylon. He also refered to his will to cooperate with ALL Democratic Opposition Parties be them secular republicans or Constitutional Monarchists, Left or Right Wing parties in order to find and define a common platform for concrete actions. He expresses doubts as to Khatami's capability of bringing radical change  but expressed that he did not seek any type of revenge against Iran's clerics if a Velvet Revolution was to bring them down. He believes in amnesty and the abolishing of capital punishment for all. Finally he expressed his commitment to the idea of a Referandum ( Only After the Fall of the Regime) to allow the ultimate choice of the Iranian People as to the nature of the future Secular and Democratic government. If the People choose a Republic instead of a Constitutional Monarchy he will not oppose it he will not accept the role of President if such a scenario becomes a reality but would applaud any given candidate for the job who would prove capable of assuming such a role with the approval of the majority of the people. If however the People choose a Constitutional Monarchy, his role will have to be defined clearly and in full transparency by the new drafted constitution. This would imply the creation of a constitutional assembly like the Supreme Court in America or the Constitutional Assembly in Great Britian which would guarantee the respect of the constitution and the seperation of powers ( Legislative and executive, Role of the Military etc ...). The Q&A at the Cape France Conference below allowed journalists from the international press to ask questions as to his chances, support and also on the predicament of religious minorities in Iran including the Baha'is and Jews and finally the economic and geo strategic questions regarding the current nuclear crisis and his message to the Western Leaders ( And Obama Administration) as to how to deal with Iran. He insisted that he equally opposes Military Intervention and Sanctions against Iran both of which would hurt the people more than the regime. But he does call for the West to encourage Civil Dissobedience in Iran in the same way they did with their support for Khomeiny against his father's regime.


1) CAPE FRANCE: Centre d'Acceuil de la Press Etrangère à Paris:

Audio File ( Complete Conference with Q&A ) Copy and Paste link in your browser:


2) F.O.G Franz Olivier Gisbert Talk Show with Reza Pahlavi in Presence of France's Minister in Charge of Human Rights Rama YADE:

Video available online Top Right Corner of following page:


3) France Info with Bernard Thomasson (PodCast):

Audio File Here: ( Interesting cause RP say's he does not believe that the Mullah's intend to use an Atomic Bomb but enforce their geo strategic position in the middle east)

L’interview de Reza Pahlavi par Bernard Thomasson  (8'23")





4) Europe 1 With Jean Pierre Elcabache:





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Darius Kadivar

FYI: Paris MATCH Interview with RP and Filmmaker's Support for R

by Darius Kadivar on

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Mr. Darius: thanks for the post - my favorite:

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

"An Attack on Iran would prove a Tragic Disaster and naive calculation that would only hurt the Iranian People and their Civil Rights Movement"

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Farrokh here's why what you say is important: CIA character

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You know what I hate about myself? I'm too cynical. I like to think "This guy Reza LOVES Iran." and leave it at that. But then ask yourself: Which Iranian doesn't? Which Iranian doesn't feel bad for what has happened to our country politically? 

Not only is the pattern obvious, it's convenient. LOOK AT THIS BOOK COVER!! IRAN and CHOICE and REZA's chubby wubby face. Fascinating to no end. English Translation? WHY BOTHER? Save your $$$$$$$$. The Cover is all you need to read. Choose: Reza or IRI. BTW Americans are fed up with regime changing.

But consider that Iranians inside and outside Iran are desperate for change. Almost as desperate as Reza is for some glory I'm sure. Do you think he ever imagined he'd have to work to support his family? Or have to face criticism about his dad? Not even in his worst nightmare.

A lot of non-islamic minded people participated in the revolution. Some of them were very dumb because they didn't imagine how they were being exploited. Iranian people are hungry. They were hungry back then too. If Reza IS getting any kind of help from CIA, I hope he isn't foolish to think he can outsmart them or ever be free of them. If his dad couldn't manage, neither can he. God knows he's less qualified than his dad, who was a giant failure.

CIA and Englees have always done a great job of sending "change" by way of France. I feel sorry for Reza if he is feeling an ego boost by CIA. I'm sure he is. He gets invited from time to time to "conferences". Can you imagine those dinner conversations? the phone conservations afterward? "Hi Reza, it's me Ben Netanyahoooo. How are you? Let's talk about Iran. I think we can collaborate."

It's sad. Iran and Iranians are badbakht to no end. Just laugh at Reza. Laughter is all that we have as a weapon anymore. 


Vaghe'an ke che adamaye nafahmi hastim ma Irani ha

by Kavosh (not verified) on

I feel sorry for all who wrote those stupid comments. You compare Reza Shah with Agha Mohammad Khan??? And you compare Reza Pahlavi with Ahmad Shah??? How foolish you are!!! You deserve the molla's regime and the uneducated, dogmatic president. Khalayegh harche layegh.

By the way, for your information I should say that Reza Pahlavi II is dead for idiots like you. There are many Iranians both in Iran and outside of Iran for whom Reza pahlavi II is not only dead, but is a the best and qualified political leader. Dar zemn ishon in ketab o naneveshtan ke adamayi mesle shoma bekhoonan. Shoma na savade khoondane in joor ketab ha ro darin va na aslan liyaghat darin ke hamchin ketabi o dashte bashin. Shoma bayad hamoon halol-masa'el o mafatih o bekhoonin.


Good questions

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Do i live in Iran, No, I am not going to be their leader either
Do I know all the groups in Iran, No, but like Khomeini, there would be coverage if he had ANY following in Iran. Nowadays everyone has a camera on their cell phone, yet we have NOT seen a single protest for Mohammad Reza. The situation inside Iran is much worst than it has ever been, prostitution, drugs, inflation is outrageous, yet our Mohammad Reza is in his Virginia Mansion, writing French. Its a joke, he is not the joke the joke are the people who think there is a single guy in Iran who will protest in the university for him.

Finally why you should accept my beliefs, you should not, in fact you go and do your own search, if you do not find the Iranian leader (wanna be ) at this time, has no followers (except outside Iran), thats Gorbachev
syndrome. Now thats a free diagnosis, go thank Obama for free medical benefit.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Ok let's be honest about Reza Pahlavi aka Mr. Sexy Iran

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

He should get the Nobel Prize. Forget Shirin Ebadi. This guy KNOWS what he's talkin about. Democracy, human rights.... wow. He's a serious scholar with real experience. Bravo Reza. Stop criticizing and start recognizing this genius people. CIA? Yea ok whatever. Because you know, if the CIA talks to people we would know about it. Duh. Secrets and CIA are not common. Jamesh kon ba in conspiracy theoryet. Reza is the REAL deal. He loves Iran and do you really need to know more? Look at that face. I just want to kiss it. What a breath of fresh air after Mahmoud's hairy face.


To Alborzi

by I wonder (not verified) on

Your reasoning is AABAKI at best:

You want him to speak Farsi to those obnoxious very proud snobbish French who do not speak any language other than their own even if they do know other languages. Besides, he usually posts the Farsi translation of his speeches or whatever immediately on his own site for those who care to know.

no average Taghi and Fatemeh knew or had heard of the bugger Khomeini up until the very last couple of months prior to the revolution's success!! you are denying that?

do you live in Iran? do you mingle with all groups of people? how do you know so much? why should we unquestionably accept your personal beliefs as facts here?! why? just because you say so? what are you? Khameneii's side-kick?


How do I know

by Alborzi (not verified) on

I am not sure which part is the question, so I answer both, hopefully you guys get educated.

1- Why the audience is CIA and Europeans, this is simple, its published in French, if Iranians were the audience, he would write it in Persian and distribute it free, same way Khomeini sent his opinions to Iran.

2- He is dead like his daddy in Iran, this is also simple, the regime is not popular, they are facing hard economic situation. In fact the prostitution and drug usage is higher than any time in Iranian history. There is some opposition, in universities despite heavy filtering, there is some protests. But not a single one for Mohammad Reza or his clans. Essentially he is looking at a 1953 style of coup, but IRI is not like Mossadegh.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Brilliant Cover!! IRAN in big letters next to his chubby :) face

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Congratulations Mr. Reza Pahlavi. PR can do wonders for anyone.


After 30 years, talk shifts

by alef (not verified) on

After 30 years, talk shifts from revolution to democracy

"We were well fed before the revolution," he says. "The revolution didn't do anything for us. It didn't give us land."

It's true no one gives us anything," Rezaie says. "But no one was supposed to give us anything. We helped ourselves up."

"You see the fancy houses?" Gol-Mohammad says. "They belong to the capitalists. If you're a capitalist you can buy a piece of land and build the nicest house ever. It's the young who are suffering."

Younger farmer Hussein interjects. His friends are mixing everything up. "The debate about freedom is one thing," he says. "The debate about loans to buy houses is another thing."

"It's the same. It's all about justice," Gol-Mohammad says.

"The revolution gave us bravery," Hussein says. "Under the shah, people would see a soldier and they would pee in their pants. Now the people will put their heads into the lion's mouth. Imam Khomeini gave the people the bravery to stand up to authority."

Gol-Mohammad, who says he's been locked up 10 times for speaking out against the government, says the mayor's security forces once tore up a man's house, beating him and arresting him over a property dispute. Later, the man was charged with insulting current Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and also Khomeini.

Such abuses of power, he says, "are what people are upset about." Thirty years after the revolution, the rich and powerful still lord over the weak, he says.

The friends fall silent, until Rezaie speaks up.

"We tolerated hardship and sanctions, but our education and economy have gone up," he says. "This revolution changed all of Iran."

"I disagree with you," Gol-Mohammad retorts. "I totally disagree with you."

"Yes, but I still respect you. I still look up to you," Rezaie says

"There are even people who long for the return of the shah, and that's fine," he says, displaying tolerance for sharply contrasting views.

"Did you see that Iranian rocket with a satellite going into space?" he says, smiling broadly. "That's our pride. Maybe we'll go hungry. But it won't be a problem. We will grow."



the truth about history

by pasbaan (not verified) on

the truth about history cannot be changed.
I can compare this reza to Ahmad shah. so he is history too.
Hid grandfather was like aghmamad khane ghajar but he? he is like ahmad shah a kid and gone with the wind
so who cares if he wrote a book.
i will not buy one and i cannot afford one.


Merci Monsieur Kadivar pour les infos!

by Quebeqi on

J'attendrai impatiemment l'arrivée du second livre de R2 sur les tablettes des librairies Renau-Bray de Montréal. Et comme R2 révèle qu'il y a des opposants au régime ici même au Canada, ce serait intéressant qu'il puisse passer au Canada et à Montréal, bien sûr pour promouvoir son dernier ouvrage. Il y a pas que nos amis iraniens qui seraient intéressés (j'en connais quelques uns) de l'entendre en conférence mais aussi beaucoup de québécois. On nous raconte pas tout ce qui se passe à propos de l'Iran par ici.

Allez Sire, qu'attendez-vous? Montréal n'est qu'à quelques heures de vol de la région de Washington. Venez donc nous rendre visite car les québécois adorent, mais alors là adoorent, qu'on leur parle de référendum. Mais n'oubliez pas de bien vous couvrir. Montréal en cette saison, il ne fait pas froid mais c'est pas mal "frette en mautadit"! ;)


To Alborzi

by I wonder (not verified) on

How do you know all that? please provide verifiable facts.

We cannot just take your word for it because you loathe the guy.



by Alborzi (not verified) on

His audience is CIA and Eurozone not Iranians and Iranians and he know it. He is more dead in Iran than his dady.