Mending A Heart: Iranian Boy In Minn. For Surgery
WCCO / John Lauritsen
23-Oct-2008 (7 comments)

Ali is newest patient has been approved for treatment and has arrived in the United States.  6-year old Ali suffers from a complex congenital heart condition which requires critical diagnosis and treatment that is not available in his home country of Iran, but readily available in Minnesota.Meshkati said her group's motto is that "Even though countries may quarrel, people are tied together through humanity." The Foundation helps about two Iranian children a year.

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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Reza Pahlavi calling for referendum is like George W. Bush

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Calling for a recount. Their ideas are best suited for a place called Jokestan.

Darius Kadivar

Thanks David

by Darius Kadivar on

Same for me.

In the meantime though OUR Patriotism is being Highjacked by IRI Lobbyists ...


But that is another debate ...



David ET

Always a pleasure

by David ET on

Dear Dariush

It is always a pleasure to have an exchange of thoughts with you regardless of if we agree or not . I have always known that we both agree on the basic same principals and goals. How to get there is only achieved by civilized exchanges in a democratic setting .

As for a referedum (when the time comes) , I am not much for it  and I will post my reasons in an article soon I hope :-)



Darius Kadivar

I fully agree with you

by Darius Kadivar on

All I can say is that I fully agree with most your points. Except that he never Claimed The Crown or will to impose the Monarchy since he suggests a referandum on the the choice of system of government. For the rest you are right. I have nothing to add or retrieve. Your demands are legitimate.

Your lips to God ... er ... The Prince's ears ...

Have a nice weekend my friend

David ET

Public officials (or monarchs) = Public Accountability

by David ET on

Dear Dariush

Like I said I am happy that at least one of them spent a little of money for the people they took it from.

I have much to say about Reza and the family as to what they or at least he should have done (or still can do) but thats an article by itself.

I fully agree with you that public officials from Islamic to monarchs to Democrats, etc  must have clarity of their finances and its source just as it is customary in civilized countries. (eg: you can see the tax returns of Obama, Clinton, etc on line right now....)

Reza can not CLAIM that he wants a secular or CONSTITUTIONAL democracy for future of Iran but consider himself and family above that in action today when it comes common democratic practice of disclosures and accountability including openly being honest, upfront critic of the flaws, shortcoming and mistakes of his father in detail as well as progresses that his father made .

Western politicians when they scew up they fess up and even go beyond that to REGAIN lost trust. Reza hesitates to do so even when it comes to his father.

Until then he will be exactly where he has been for 30 years.

As for IR or any government , the same rules apply.

Anyway its great two lives were saved. Thats a start! But we must compare how the rich here donates and how Pahlavi's have !! records do not compare !! 

Especially after the history of corruption, Savak etc, Reza can not ask for trust of Iranians only in words, he must earn it and not just by talking. Talk is cheap and everyone says nice things even Ahmadinejad does when he is in front of the cameras in UN , US etc...

Iranian people are now smarter than just following the next guy who shouts Javid Shah or Rohe mani khoemeini

Darius Kadivar

David ET I'd Knew you'd come up with that Comment ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

As for "Stolen" Money I guess its a question of perspective. I disagree with your interpretation but I understand your point of view. As a Constitutionalist I don't mind because I believe that The Crown in Accountable to the People be it in "good" times and or "bad" times, "On" or "Off" the Throne.

Would like to simply see the same accountability from those running our country right now with probably much more money in their Anonymous Swiss Accounts and Lobby Parties in the US.

I am sure David that you agree with me on this even if we may differ on the "form" rather than the "principle".

In the meantime at least two lives are saved a year is better than nothing even if cynics will say it is tax deductible.



David ET

2 surgeries a year

by David ET on

It's time that at least one of the so many Pahlavi's spend itzy bit of their undisclosed stolen wealth for Iran and Iranians.