Children of Hamas

by Zion

Hamas Palestinian child abuse has different facets. One is total brainwashing from an early age to raise suicide bombers out of innocent children. The other is the way they are used as human shields for Hamas terrorists so that Hamas and their mouthpieces can use their death as a propaganda tool in their dirty wars:


When will the United Nations finally wake up and break its disgusting silence on such a travesty? When will the public opinion in the world be allowed to fully understand this, to raise its voice and take away this tool from the hands of murderers of Hamas?


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Gol-dust,would't you like to see Iran.................

by Anonymous 12 (not verified) on

Wouldn't you like to see for example Iran control US Media and USA government and Muslims rule the world If it was the case Muslims probably would do the same of even worst to Jews and why should we as Iranian care so much about what is going on in Palestine and we are not even Arabs.Instead of spending our money on Lebanon and on Palestinians we should spend it in Iran where it is needed the most.

Mola Nasredeen

10 similarities between Israel and Al Qaeda

by Mola Nasredeen on

1. They both seek world domination.

2. They are fanatic followers of their Ideologies.

3. They both kill civilians indiscriminately.

4. They enter other countries illegally and blow up the people.

5. They both believe they are "God's Chosen People".

6. They terrorize people by their actions.

7. They wouldn't survive without other countries' financial backing.

8. They don't care about public opinion or the United Nations.

9. They both use religion as an excuse for committing crimes against humanity.

10.  They are both hated universally.

Kaveh Nouraee

Shavat Mirza

by Kaveh Nouraee on

You trying to be funny?

If you looked carefully, you would see that a comment being attributed to me is from some mental midget who can't spell my last name correctly.

Oh, and neither can you.

I don't use an anonymous goldfish avatar.


Zion Leave this site&go to MOSSAD,com! Even better,GO TO HELL!

by gol-dust on

Hell, why you zionists want to control all the world's media trying to control the public opinions, if you are morally right and have nothing to be ashamed of? Because, you are guilty and filthy!

99% control of US media and 100% of congress and president is not enough? You have the nerves to speak in favor of your country Israel in the middle of Palestinian holocust by israelis? You are not even a human! Animal has more integrity than you and all those like you who support the israeli actions!

GO TO HELL you piece of dirt! you are the propeganda machine for the doomed israel!



Palestinian children= future terrorists

by humanist (not verified) on

What Israel is probably thinking is that these children when they are grown are going to become future terrorist.So why not get rid of them when they are young.


Kaveh Nourai

by Shavat Mirza (not verified) on

agrees with everyone and everything. Such a coexistancialist! Yeah you really explained world's problem! arvah ammat.


Gaza must not become 'Iran satellite'

by Hamas can go to hell (not verified) on

Gaza must not become 'Iran satellite'
AFP - World News
Jan 8, 2009

ROME – Israeli President Shimon Peres said Gaza must not become a "satellite of Iran," in an interview published Thursday by an Italian daily.

"Our goals are clear: we do not want to make Gaza a satellite of Iran, and we don't want a ceasefire but the end of the terror," Peres told La Repubblica. "Hamas must stop firing."

He added: "We do not want to prolong the war, and we have no territorial ambitions for Gaza. With this operation, there is a chance for peace."

Israel is currently in the 13th day of a massive offensive in the Gaza Strip, launched in response to consistent rocket fire from the Palestinian enclave.

The war has killed more than 700 Palestinians, including some 220 children, and wounded more than 3,100 people.

Tehran does not recognise Israel and is a staunch supporter of Hamas but rejects allegations that it supplies arms to the movement, saying it provides moral backing only.

Angry protests against the Israeli offensive have been staged across Iran, and some Islamist students have been pressing the authorities to allow them to go to Gaza to fight against Israel.

Peres said a ceasefire plan proposed by Egypt that calls for a resumption of talks between Israel and the Palestinians and dialogue between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas was "a general idea" with the details to be hammered out.

The process "could take several days," he said.

"It's an unprecedented situation," Peres said. "We are facing a terrorist group that controls territory that it appropriated illegally. They care little about saving the lives of their children and women, and they fire rockets on our schools.

"Israel has told the UN secretary general that several United Nations buildings are used as protection for terrorist activities, and asked him to resolve this problem. That hasn't been done," the Israeli president said when asked about an Israeli attack on a UN-run school in Gaza that claimed 30 or 43 lives, according to different sources.

"Hamas is using children as shields, they hide terrorists in hospitals and weapons in mosques. They have fired on us from these schools. It's Hamas who has no limits, they stop at nothing," Peres said.

Iran's revolutionary guards chief on Sunday ruled out providing military support to Hamas, saying "Gazan resistance does not need other countries' military help."

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei last week urged Muslims to punish Israel and said that anyone who died in the defence of Gaza would be deemed a martyr.


The only problem that I have is the images of dead and injured

by Vince (not verified) on

children. Seriously, this has to stop or nobody will listen to jews' plight when the time comes. Even better, Israel should open the borders and let goods and people to move through Gaza's border. Israelies don't want to be called War criminals. That's all.


What Israel is doing is crime against humanity as anounced by

by Kaveh Nooraee (not verified) on

the United Nations. The ones who are defending this criminal act also criminal and should be tried for enabling mass murders. They are blinded by hatred and ignorance.


The point

by Zion on

The point of this blog is to clarify the reality on the ground and what lies behind the death of civilian and children in Gaza. Despite what the mob here and elsewhere are doing to cover for the real culprits, this situation has two separate parts:
One is Israel's air strikes on militants of Hamas who reside in residential areas. Is this is really the first time a country had air raided another country in a war? Didn't the allies have air raids over Berlin or Dresden? Didn't Iran have rockets and air raids over Iraqi cities even though civilians lived there? Didn't the Russians engage in air raids on Georgian cities last summer in the midst of the joy and all sorts of justifications of the same crowd who are now shouting massacre and genocide? The only difference is Israel is actually responding to thousands of rockets hurled to her cities and towns unlike say Russia who wanted to politically terrorize a peaceful state on its borders.

The other is the way Hamas is systematically using human beings, innocent civilians, men, women and children as human shields, forcing them to stay in precisely such places that are targeted, even to hord people into sites that israel has already announce would be hit so that people can avoid those places:
The bloodshed you see is Hamas' strategy to increase civilian deaths to win propaganda points.

Unfortunately, there is no way yet to have air strike missiles that only kill terrorists or destroy their military infrastructure without hurting civilians. Civilians who are in many cases even forced to reside among such identified targets by Hamas thugs to have them deliberately killed. If Israel had been engaged in indiscriminate bombing of ordinary civilians, the death toll would have been ten times this if not hundred times given the population density there. Israel is trying her best to identify military or terrorist targets and to surgically remove them in oder to eliminate Hamas' capability for launching rockets into Israel. What else can any state do to protect her citizens from constant rocket attacks?
If you witness a human tragedy that is because of what Hamas is doing, and how it is deliberately and systematically using palestinian civilians as human shields give food for the likes of gangs you see here to shed crocodile tears and wage their ideological propaganda war. These are the hands that are red with blood.


Vatican has no business to meddle in this situation

by MRX1 (not verified) on

So what if Gaza looks like a German concentration camp? Jews are not German and Palestinians are not Jews. Do you get it? Israel should leave Palestinians alone and let them have their freedom so we may have less problems in the world. I also do not approve Israel's manipulation of American political system. It has to stop for Americans sake.


Zion thanks

by Vince (not verified) on

I'm glad someone else thought of this too. Where were the complaints when Hamas was airing a childrens program teaching hate and the glory of dying for Allah?

Kaveh Nouraee

This is 100% correct

by Kaveh Nouraee on

No one wants to see these innocent people killed and maimed.

But for anyone to deny that Hamas and Hezbollah uses these people by brainwashing them, preaching and teaching hate, using their homes and business as covers for their criminal activities and using the people themselves as human shields is plain wrong.

You have gripes with Israel, fine. There are indeed legitimate issues. But Hamas and Hezbollah's crimes against Palestinian civilians cannot be ignored, excused, justified, or otherwise explained away.

If Iraq were to invade Iran on the ground again, or to fire rockets into Iran again, one would expect and want Iran to retaliate, no? And even if Iran were to have a major military advantage, with more weapons, more sophisticated weapons, one would want Iran to retaliate in a manner so that Iraq would never even dare consider taking an offensive posture against Iran or any other country for that matter ever again. And in such a hypothetical process, if anyone believes there will no civilian casualties, they're not being realistic.

War is indeed ugly, and no matter what, it can't be sanitized or made to look pretty.


To Zion

by Anonymous243 (not verified) on

I'm not sure which is worst:
A) Arabs training thier kids to become soldiers at a very young age or
B) Israelis killing them at a very young age (along with thier parents).


It's a good tactic

by MRX1 (not verified) on

It's a good tactic. it will make Isreal look super bad which in turn gives an excuse to unempoyed, gays, wacky liberals and leftist to demonstrate in major cities in U.S and Europe for Hamas! If these idiots lived under hamas they will be killed instantly but they worship the enemy!

A better question is, how come these brave men of Hamas who seek martydom always hide themself among the masses?


Zion, what color are your hands?

by Jaleho on

And, I don't mean to make you feel bad by cheap rhetoric, I mean to make you THINK. There are times that there is a space for arguments, and times that there is none.

Watch this video and remind yourself that some-collective-ONE has made this possible, then look in mirror and read your own message aloud. Then look at your hands in good conscience.


I don't mean to be facetious, and please don't consider the effort "chezzy," do this for your own sake.

Then read this article that Ebi has given in another blog, written by a Jew, who like many great jews are giving THE BEST form of fight against this atrocity (as seen by this article which I consider one of the best written), and ask yourself what is the difference between you and these other Jews.




Also, Israel has to be more careful when bombing the civilians

by Arash Kamangir (not verified) on

so we don't get all these IRI supporters a reason to criticize her. Children are dying and their images on the world media is not good for Israel. Fewer bombs and more diplomacy, that's what I meant.


Thanks Isreal!

by ghalam-doon on

For setting the "children of Hamas" free by your bombs!

I'm pretty sure their mothers appreciate it.


Now back to the bombing...


B.T.W. even if we accept this twisted logic, who's at the other end of the gun?





Vatican: "Gaza is a concentration camp"

by Observer (not verified) on

Israeli zionist are the children of Hitler, not by race but by their crimes against humanity. It's a fact.


Zion: do you think the

by sickofiri (not verified) on

Zion: do you think the answer to Israel's legitimate existential problem is killing more palestinians even if they are exploited by thugs like Hamas?


The brainwashing of Zion

by Niki on

Zion, again, nice try in trying to distract from the core issues, which is the massive war crimes committed by Israel in the slaying of countless children every single day. I wonder what kind of brainwashing you went through to so heartessly try and justify the murder of children.


Hamas childrens abused like Iranian children by mullahs

by Arash Kamangir (not verified) on

I gree fully with Zion.

I think some of us are old enough to remember the horrible times during unholly war between Iran and Iraq as the Mullahs brainwashed thousands of young Iranian children and sent them to mine fields. poor parents sent thousands of their innocent children abroad to strange countries so they could rescue them from Zahak- devil Khomeini.
Now Hamas thugs are showing to the world what they have learned from their paymaster mullahs.


نوشتید که

امیر کبیر تصمیم گرفت برای چند روزی به فین برود (not verified)

که در تهران به طرف سفارت انگلیس بمب آتشزا پرتاب شد!

باورتان نشود. در تمام تاریخ دویست سال گذشته ما، انگلیس برای آنکه تظاهر کند که ایران مستعمره انگلیس نیست، گه گاه به لات و لوطهایی که صد در صدشان بچه های فاسد آخوندها هستند پول نقد میدهد که بروند و جلوی سفارت انگلیس تظاهرات کنند.

آنروزی که ایرانیان واقعی برای نجات ایران در آن خانه فساد را ببندند از طریق بمب آتشزا نخواهد بود، بلکه با پس گردنی و تیپا زدن درکونشان خواهد بود و با ذلت درون هواپیما انداختنشان تا بروند و برگدند پیش اون ملکه شان و شرشان کم شود.

ما دوستی با اعراب و اسرائیل را ترجیح میدهیم و بنده همین را به خبرنگار ملعون بی بی سی در دانشگاه تهران گفتم ولی کو کسی که گوش فرا دهد.


Headlines from Iran:

by sickofiri (not verified) on

IRANIANS ATTACK Jordanian Embassy & Firebomb Saudi Airline Offices

British Embassy Firebombed in Tehran-- Iranians Storm Building & Raise Palestinian Flag!

Iranian Hardliner Students (Basijii) Beg Regime to Become Suicide Bombers
Iranian Hardliners Threaten Egypt-- Give 48 Hour Deadline
Hardliners Torch Benetton Store In Iran



I don't know how to feel sorry for Pals when I hear ...

by An observer (not verified) on

some smart and highly educated Palestinian people that I know of, living their lives of luxury and affluence in America and Europe, some even driving Rolls Royce and Bentley, all with their families safely next to them, ENCOURAGE all this bloodshed and infighting over there, claiming that the only way to stop it all is for Palestinians to drive six million Jewish Israeli residents into the sea.

The insanity is doubled when they say that the reason they reproduce and have so many offsprings is because they want to have an advantage over Israeli Jews in numbers so that they have plenty of people to fight Isrealis if some of them are killed.

What can one expect if this is the insane illogical mentality of the cream of the crop of the Palestinian society?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nahoul the Bee, star of a

by divideandconquer (not verified) on

Nahoul the Bee, star of a children's show on Hamas-run TV in Gaza, calls for the liberation of Al-Aqsa from the criminal Jews and Zionists by means of "prayers, blood, sacrifice, and pain."


fueling hate

by sickofiri (not verified) on

Iranian TV Uses Gaza Conflict to Teach Children About Martyrdom (Video)


Zion here are Israeli children.

by Children (not verified) on

Zion here are Israeli children. I am sure you've seen these pictures before but just to refresh your memory.



Arab terrorism built support

by yadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (not verified) on

Arab terrorism built support for right-wing Israeli politicians, who took harsh actions against Palestinians, who responded with more terrorism, and so on. Extremists on each side sustain the other, and the excessive Israeli ground assault in Gaza is likely to create more terrorists in the long run.

If this pattern continues, we may eventually see Hamas-style Palestinians facing off against hard-line Israelis, with each side making the others’ lives wretched — and political moderates in the Middle East politically eviscerated.


Children Of Israel

by Zion2 (not verified) on

Zion if public opinion in the world or United Nations was going to side with Israel don't you think it would have done so in the past? This isn't the first war. This goes on and on and we have a war just about every year or every other year. In ALL cases Israel was condemned.

In ALL cases where UN voted against Israel, US vetoed it.

So your question should be addressed to Israel and not UN and Public Opinion. When is Israel going to change it's attitude? You seriously think that Israel with all her might can not find a resolution? Where is the creative thinking? Where is the "better" solution? If war was the solution don't you think it'd have been resolved by now? How many times is Israel going to go in and out of Palestinian territories (refugee camps really)? In, out, in, out, in, out.