US Marines to Deploy to Israel

by Yachov

Contrary to my recommendation that he achieve a four year college education at an Ivy League institution, my son decided to go the way of hard knocks and achieve his education in the United States Marine Corp.  My biggest fear has been that he would be deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan or Israel.  Today I received confirmation of my greatest concern when we were told that he has received a "high security clearance" and will be deployed to Israel. 

My question for the forum is, "What precisely will the US Marines be doing in Israel?"


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To echo Rosie's link.  This

by desi on

To echo Rosie's link.  This is a permanent US military presence and done so to deter a would-be Iranian attack and light the fire under a lagging UN security counsel.  In other words not a pipe dream.

Yakhov, my heart goes out to you and your family but remember the boy's a marine.  Tough as nails. 



I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

War Games

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

They have been going on and on for a few years now. I suspect it's nothing (as in sexy time for some of the people here who are itching for bleeding Iranians).


Don't worry

by Alborzi (not verified) on

If it was a real thing, your son would not have been there so you would know and tell the world. Have you heard of ethnic profiling. Its one of the imbecile Dubaya tricks, his aircraft carrier thing did not work, he is doing now these juvenile tricks, just sleep good and call the doctor in the morning.


Reply to XerXes

by Yachov on

No, I am not a Zionist. I don't know that there is anyway he can stop it.  They didn't offer him options.  They just said that is where he will be going.


Dear Yakov

by XerXes (not verified) on

I feel your pain. You are giving a son to a loss cause along with billions of US money. Don't allow it!
Zionism is terrorism, are you a Zionist?

rosie is roxy is roshan

Well you see

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

the perplexing thing is that the c. 100 are being deployed from the American troops based in Europe.

However, given the obviously high educational background of your son, it would make sense that he could be screened to go with such a selective top priority mission.

This one could fit the bill.

On the other hand Qumars is right. We have to be realistic. There is weapons trafficking back and forth forth and back every day of the week and Sundays too.

Either way, no, no combat duty. 

Keeo the faith,



PS In future, how to find out these things. Just google: US Marines deployment Israe Jan. 2009 . And so on.




by Yachov on

It is nice to know that you take people's concerns so seriously.  Having a high security clearance does not mean the clearance cannot be disclosed.  You don't see his identity dislcosed here do you?  

Actually, I thought somebody might know what is going on because we have no information other than this though I have heard that this in the plans.    

Thanks Rosie.  I don't have any details yet but he was told that there probably won't be combat duty. 


Thanks Rosie for the clarification

by Q on

There is also sea shipment of weapns that may invovle US military or US Merchant Marines.

Mazloom: When are you going to stop making a fool of yourself?

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on



It is for a radar system to protect against IRAN. But the Marines from EUROPEAN command. And there are only a HUNDRED of them. Thus sayeth the Defense Department.


Mehdi Mazloom


by Mehdi Mazloom on

Go ahead Yakoob, post your 1000 night bed time stories.

I am an Israeli, and do follow the news in Hebrew and English (occasional I also listen to Iranian webcasts in farsi). I never heard, nor read anything close to what you had written.

If yous assertion is true, send him to me, and I will refer him to places in Israel where he could sit and have coffee with local Israelis. Hear the truth from the horses mouth, how they feel about the whole situation in the ME.


(To all. I suspect this guy is yet another one of those who roam the blogosphere, do their dropping (mostly only once) and move on to otehr blogs.

Let see if he comes back to respond. - I DOUBT IT )



by ممدلی خان آشتی بقائی (not verified) on

Mr or Mrs Yachov,
Is this your own hallucination or did the Russian Embassy ask you to write such blog with no solid validity?

If your son had such a high security clearance would he come and tell you and then let you disclose that in

Considering this is your very first blog, we give you credit for a laughter, or else we suspect you are merely working for the Russo-British alliance against Iran.

By the way I had a good college friend who was Jewish with the same last name as yours. It's a very common name among Jewish families.


I feel for your concern

by javaneh29 on

As a parent it must be a worrying prospect. I hope and pray your son will be safe. Keep us informed about him.

Given what the US ( and UK in US shadow) is capable of, I hope that the intention will be only a peace keeping mission / presence. NOTE both the US and UK have done absolutly nothing for 2 weeks and have stood back and allowed the slaughter of civilians to continue. The decision to deploy comes after the anouncements of ceasefire next week, 

Anyway I hope also that this brings some protection to the ppl of Gazza, albeit very late in the day. TOO late for those dead and wounded innocent children. I think it unlikely that the US will engage in any action becaause of their 'relationship' with Isreal. No doubt the UK will soon follow in US footsteps.

God knows something has to happen there.