Coldplay, I Used to Rule the World

by Yachov

They burst onto music scene like a flash of lightening then took the US by storm causing great speculation as to the meaning of the song.  Was it about the French Revolution, a Masonic Messiah, or perhaps, GW Bush. 


While the world was speculating about the meaning of the song, enter stage left guitarist Joe Satriani who says, "Hey that's my song."   He says the melody is stolen from a guitar lick in an instrumental he wrote called "If I Could Fly."  Hey, the melodies sound the same and both titles start with the word "if."   Hmm, I wonder. . .

In the link below we have the instrumental written by Joe Satriani superimposed on Coldplay's tune.  What do you think? 


1.  What is "I Used to Rule the World" about?

2.  Did they steal the melody from Satriani? 

If you had to decide the case against Coldplay how would you decide?


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Speaking of Which--Song of the Year

by Yachov on



by George (not verified) on

Nobody cool ever goes by the name of George anymore. That is like Ralph. George Harrison was the last. George Michels has too many toilet issues and GWB isn't even in the running. There is always of course, Georgie Girl:

I actually was dating a girl named Georgie when this song came out. She is the only girl named Georgie I have heard of. I decided it was a drug thing. I think everyone agrees. Hear all those people applauding to what I just said. :)



I'd say sue George...

by faryarm on

I'd say sue George...


This was on NPR a few weeks

by desi on

This was on NPR a few weeks ago.  The similarities are uncanny.  I for one am not a fan of Coldplay.  I think they should pay up.  This wasn't a popular song for Satriani and I think that Coldplay may have thought they could pass it under the radar.  My jury vote would be for Joe.