Why there is not a Iranian.com TV ?

by Troneg


Since last week , I'm visiting my wife's cousine in London for Christmas hollidays and as they watch every time Iranian TV, I'm completly fed up by VOA, Tapesh, PCM,....

Last night, I had a dream. JJ won a huge amount of money in Las Vegas and using this money he has created Iranian TV where he broadcasts Kiosk, Abjeez and Namjoo and during Roundtable subjects are poetry, Art and Women rights !

Unfortunately I woke up in front of TV, hearing some unknowm singer repeating Mobarakeh, Mobararake with a "decoration" nice girl who was looking at him with a "loos" smile!

Hey JJ, come on go to Las Vegas, if you win avoid Seema ;-)



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TV Opium of people

by Troneg on

Nader Jan,

I hope you are wrong and personaly I dont think GOD could forbid anything. If he can, he should forbid killing childern at first.

Unfortunatly there are many people abroad watching these TV and they are not aware about another Iranian culture which is borning.

I saw many young people who live in US or in Europe and they live as they live in Tehran in 70s! 

Internet is not yet accessible to every one and I hope other TVs like BebineTV goes to satelite and we start to gain benefice of being in free countries to evolve our culture to a better way.

Happy New Year.



Nader Vanaki


by Nader Vanaki on

God forbid IranianTV since most of the material presented in this website is not suitable for public consumption.  Also, to all below who are complaining about the trashiness of Iranian satellite TV, it was never meant for your consumption.  It is meant for Iranian people LIVING IN IRAN.  So the same standards you enjoy here need not apply.  If it keeps them happy and entertained then me or you who have cable TV and can choose from 300 channels need not pass judgement.

For the very same comments below it is just best Iranian-Americans do not prescribe enterainment values for folks in Iran.

Darius Kadivar

Watch Bebin TV then ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Best Online TV created in LA  that could be the best substitute to all the bad Iranian TV you see in California. They will soon be going on Satellite so keep an eye open. They are a young and dynamic crew that have combined American Professionalism with Persian Taste. An Explosive combination to please the young and old.





They suck

by Abarmard on

Because they are scam for advertisements. Programs are just fillers between the real programs, ads.

Would have been great if they could generate some sort of series, films and stuff with content. Their only good stuff is the copy from IRIB channels.


So are the ones in Iran!

by White wine (not verified) on

The same can be said about government contolled and sponsored TVs in Iran no wonder satellite antennas have popped up everywhere like mushrooms on rooftops in iran.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

all of the IRANIAN TVs ,Made In U.S.A are trash and i am very sorry for the ppl which are watching them !!!