Zeitgeist- a documentary everyone should see!

Tina Ehrami
by Tina Ehrami

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace" - Jimi Hendrix

I am not the kind of person who would be too eager to believe in conspiracy theories, the thought that we- simple civilians- are puppets of world leaders who take decisions that result in the death of millions of people just to ensure their financial welbeing and power. I always thought that these kind of conspiracy theories were reserved for the socialist, anti-globalist radicals who see a threat in every form of power. Even though I like to consider myself a liberal who believes in the power of the individual, I simply cannot close my eyes to events that occur in certain ways that makes one wonder about its meaning and intention.

After seeing this documentary called "Zeitgeist" it all made sense. There are moments in the documentary I think to myself that some correlations are rather far fetched, but even then I must confront myself with evidence that has been presenting itself all the time and which I never questioned, because of my trust in government and the common sense of mankind. Even implanting RFID chips in ones body, that at first seemed like a sci-fi movie to me, is not that strange when we hear that in the UK these chips already are being implanted on prisoners!

I recommend this documentary to everyone who cares about the future of mankind and values of liberty and human rights.


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Food for Thought

Tina is right - watch "Zeitgeist"

by Food for Thought on

There is a lot of truth in the programme, according to all my own reading around such subjects and it is one of the most clearly presented on this subject matter.

RFID chips are coming unless the public wakes up in time and realises what your governenments are prepared to do. Read this on how California wants to make human micro-chipping against the law. If they're talking about it, it must be real. You decide - a must read: