It ain't over 'til the fat mollah sings!

Tina Ehrami
by Tina Ehrami

Iran's judiciary has decided to scrap stoning and amputations from its penal bill. They submitted this draft legislation to parliament for approval. However hopeful this piece of information is, it doesn't mean much yet. It only gives a signal that Iran's judiciary has become bold enough to question the need and use of such middle aged penal measures.

The new bill is under discussion by parliament's legal commission to prepare a final version for Members of Parliament to vote on. The sad part of this hopeful signal is that it still has to pass the filter of the Guardians Council, which can veto bills adopted by parliament! What a system! As it seems, the nightmare of stoning and amputations isn't over until the fat mollah sings!


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Kaveh V

Long way to go.....

by Kaveh V on


Well, if they have removed only 2 articles of this barbaric law that they imposed 27 years ago. How long would it take to wipe out the rest, will they ever ?

Below is some of the articles (relating to women) of the Islamic Bill of Retribution (Layeheh Ghasas) imposed by these savages in 1981.


From: Third World Women and the Politics of Feminism


Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Ann Russo and Lourdes Torres

The Islamic Bill of Retribution

The following is a selection of the articles from the Bill of Retribution (Qasas) which affects women. This bill was developed and passed by the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Article 5: If a Muslim man willfully murders a Muslim woman, he will be sentenced to Qasas (retaliation), but the woman's guardian must pay the murderer one-half of a man's blood-money before he receives Qasas.

Article 6: If a Muslim woman willfully murders a Muslim man, she will be sentenced only to Qasas and will not have to pay anything to the guardian of the blood.

Article 23: Murder requires Qasas provided the victim does not religiously deserve to be killed -- e.g., someone who swears at the Great Prophet (may Praise be Upon Him), the Chaste Imams (may Peace be Upon Them), or Saint Zahra (may Peace be Upon Her); or someone who violates one's harim (bounds) and could not be repulsed but by murder; or that the husband should see someone committing adultery with his wife, in which case it is only permissible for the husband to kill both of them. In all of the above cases it is not admissible to carry out qasas on the murderer.

Article 33: Testimony: (a) A case of willful murder is proved only on the bases of two righteous men's testimony; (b) A case of semiwillful or unintentional murder is proved on the basis of the testimony of two righteous men, or of one righteous man and two righteous women, or the testimony of one righteous man and the plaintiff's oath.

Article 46: If a man murders a woman, the guardian of the blood has the choice of carrying out the qasas and paying the murderer one-half of the full amount of the blood-money, or demanding the woman's blood-money from the murderer.

Article 50: A pregnant woman who is sentenced to qasas must not receive the qasas before she has given birth. After the delivery, if qasas could lead to child's death, then it must be postponed until the danger of death is over.

Article 60: Men and women are equal in qasas pertaining to limbs, and the criminal man inflicting a woman with the loss if a limb will be sentenced to qasas on a similar limb. So long as the blood-money for the damaged limb does not exceed one-third of the full blood-money, nothing shall be paid to the man. If the blood-money for the damaged limb exceeds one-third of the full blood-money, e.g., the blood-money for a hand, the criminal man shall receive qasas on the similar limb provided he is paid one-half of the blood-money for that limb.

Mort Gilani

I Guess Trees Can Walk As Well

by Mort Gilani on

I wonder how many more decades would take the Iranians and their leaders to scrap the rest of savage and nonsensical Islamic laws.

Nazy Kaviani

Dear Tina

by Nazy Kaviani on

It's good to see you back!

Yes, we all know how conditional all of this is, but I think it is a great start for putting an end to something that even some clergy such as Shahroodi himself don't believe in anymore. Stoning has got to stop.

Thank you for provoking thought.


Thanks Tina

by IRANdokht on

I am not sure what the branches of IRI government and their functions are, it's always sounded too complicated...  but I hope it passes and proves that these mullahs are getting scared of the public opinion. That's a big step forward, after 30 years of moving full speed in the wrong direction.