Iranian students did not volunteer for martyrdom against Israel!


Tina Ehrami
by Tina Ehrami

This is a message of the  Iranian Student Movement for Freedom and  Sazman SAMAN 1360

The Iranian regime recently claimed that over 70,000 students signed up for martyrdom operations against Israel. We believe that Israel has as much right to exist as Iran does, that the United States does, that any other nation in the world does, and that is our final answer as a people and as students in Iran.
This weak and disgraceful attempt by the Iranian regime to stain the reputation of Iranian students and honor, claiming that the Iranian students are signing up to become martyrs, is yet another attempt by the Iranian regime to force the world into believing that the Iranian people support the Islamic regime’s global terror.
Iranian students, as the rest of the Iranian population, are a hostage of this regime. We are fighting for our rights and freedom from within a harsh and brutal prison. The regime controls our newspapers, our day to day life, our votes, and our unviersities. But they can not silence our voice or our desire to be free.
Those which the Iranian regime refers to as "Iranian students signing up for martyrdom" are no more than trained anti-Persian terrorists who have been purposely inflitrated and planted during the years in Iranian schools and universities across Iran to oversee student activities and to stop Iranian university students from their constant demand and call for freedom and justice through various ongoing demonstrations held by our university students across Iran.

Furthermore, there have been a number of these thugs whom we do not recognize as being university students. Those well- paid thugs which the Iranian regime claims have signed up for martyrdom against Israel are no more “Iranian students” than Hamas and Hizbollah terrorist thugs are "freedom fighters".
A regime which fabricates political events in Iran in order to select an anti-Persian thug like Ahmadinejad as the speaker of the Iranian people and sells him to the world as the "democratically elected" speaker of the Iranian people is very well capable of producing a list of 70,000 or 700,000 for that matter of martyrs in the name of “Iranian students”.
These so- called disputed 70,000 martyrs are among those who were entered in Iranian universities by the Iranian government itself without any proper educational background merit. Most- if not all- are with little education except for the one they received in Islamic madrassa (schools) or terror training camps.
These thugs are trained to specifically disrupt the education process in Iran and Iranian universities. They are trained to infiltrate student movement organizations, and to observe, spy, report and harass the Iranian students. They are trained to specifically abuse female students and discourage the Iranian female student population across Iran from attending universities due to lack of security and concern for safety for their life. These trained terrorists placed in universities across Iran by the Iranian regime have the task of disgracing the name of “student and education” with the goal of putting an end to all student demands and calls for individual rights, along with student rights,  justice, democracy, and calls for better education, safety, and conditions in the Iranian universities.
The ultimate goal of the Iranian regime is to terminate higher education in Iran and turn every University in Iran into a "graveyard" or an Islamic Madrassa with the mentality of the dark ages.
The Iranian regime has an elaborate and ambitious policy to one day turn Iran into a big jihadist nation against the entire non-muslim world. This is a systematic elimination of conscience, empathy, and of clear reasoning. It is being implemented by the Iranian regime across the nation through various tactics, from the use of force, fear and the introduction of the most dangerous addictive drugs known to mankind.
Their policy are the same tactics which Hitler’s SS and the Nazis used to advance their vision of a new Germany and the world. That same strategy is used by the Iranian regime and what Iranian students are faced with and are fighting against on a daily basis without any moral support from the rest of the world.
One must ask oneself  why it is that the Iranian regime goes to such extend to distant the people of Iran further from the rest of the world? Maybe it is because the Iranian regime knows once the people of Iran connect to the rest of the world it is all over for this regime.
A real academic student in Iran will never involve herself/himself in anything having to do with terror or death. And a real education seeking student in Iran will never side with policies of hate promoted by the Iranian regime. No conspiracy of any kind can defeat this rising Persian spirit: Long live freedom and life!
Sazman SAMAN 1360 / Iranian Student Movement for Freedom
Wednesday, January 07, 2009


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Tina Ehrami

@Darius: it's so silly to

by Tina Ehrami on

@Darius: it's so silly to want to change history :-) Thanks for the link, I'll read it today.



Darius Kadivar

FYI/Iranian Diaspora Intelligentsia against Holocaust Revisionis

by Darius Kadivar on

An Article I wrote long time ago. I hope it is still valid today: 

Iranian Diaspora Intelligentsia Unite Against Islamic Republic's Holocaust Revisionism


Tina Ehrami

@ sickofiri: I received

by Tina Ehrami on

@ sickofiri: I received this message through an e-mail group. It had the following additional text before the actual message:

"We, (Parchamdaran) have been given the honor by "Iranian Student Movement for Freedom" " active across Iran and also our head contact in Iran (Sazman SAMAN 1360) to bring this message to you on their behalf."

It didn't include names of individuals, contact info (except for the e-mail address it was sent by) or website address. But it's my opinion that even if there isn't any such organization as an "Iranian Student Movement for Freedom"  and this would be a single person action, it would still be a message worth reading. 





Dear Tina: would you please

by sickofiri (not verified) on

Dear Tina: would you please provide a link or give us more info. on this group? Thanks.


Poorly-documented text

by maghshoosh (not verified) on

Your presentation of this "statement" leaves much to be desired. You provide no documentation of where this statement has appeared or published. Is there a web link or copy of flier or something of the sort? Where did you find this? Are you the spokesperson for this group, and, hence, the link to them? Also, I couldn't find any references on the web to the 2 groups named "Sazman SAMAN 1360" or "Iranian Student Movement for Freedom" beyond this blog. Any documented info on them? I think it's a poor reflection on the editorship of this site that didn't prompt you for references and documentation.



by MRX1 on

I was hoping they did and they be on their way by now.sooner they become shahid for isalm nab mohammadi, sooner we get rid of them.


Iran rules no matter what

by True Aryan Race (not verified) on

Iran rules no matter what you vatanforoshan are saying here or any other place. Go to hell all enemies of this true Aryan land. Leave this country alone with your fucking bullshit talk.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Iran takes advantage of Gaza crisis (bbc)

by Darius Kadivar on

Not really Responsible Comments from Mr. Larijani ... No Better than France's Racist Jean Marie LE PEN ...

Iran takes advantage of Gaza crisis by Jon Leyne 


Iran's official media paint a picture of a country in ferment, outraged by the Israeli attack on Gaza. The parliamentary speaker, Ali Larijani, said Israel's actions were worse than the Nazis during World War II. The Iranian government does not want to see any deal in Gaza that restricts Iran's ability to send weapons and money to Hamas.

The influential Mr Larijani was in the Syrian capital Damascus on Wednesday, for talks with Iran's allies in Hamas, Hezbollah and the Syrian government.

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

i am for any solution that comes first as long as there is a solution. this is all i am 'shouting' about, and i cannot believe that iranian students have been so far abused by the IRI that they are being dismissive of palestinian human rights, again, if indeed this is happening. 

as for hamas: they are horrendous. i would not live under their rule for a single day. but something has gone so unimaginably and terribly wrong in around 60-90 years of suffering that the people of palestine (in the west bank too) turned to hamas and voted for their rule. in the end, they have a common goal, and they would prefer the rule of their own mullahs to the rule of israel.

for that wish they are being slaughtered. 

and of all people in the world, we should accept the plausibility of gaza's approach. it happened to us with our own hands. we made a mistake, we learned and we will emerge free of superstition, inshallah (!). but we did it and we will change it for ourselves, and we would not have anyone else do it for us.

gazans have made their choice. that does not take away their basic human rights. there is plenty of room for compromise on all sides. israel shows no interest in that despite being the obvious power among the 2.



Live with it

by Fred on

When it comes to sacrificing Iranian blood and treasure, the Islamist, Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies are all for it. But Iranians have never signed up for this Anti-Iranian policy and when they publically announce it they get this sort of response from the lefties:

 “the students are wrong to blame hamas, if indeed that is what they are doing.”

Well, they have said so, repeatedly, on the record and video as well, live with it.


Niloufar Parsi: Do you think

by sickofiri (not verified) on

Niloufar Parsi: Do you think Hamas is the answer to liberate the Palestinians? Do you think a puritanical religious entity like Hamas cares about human rights??

Do you believe in two-state solution or one state per Hamas??

Niloufar Parsi

the mistake

by Niloufar Parsi on

with this approach is linking the conflict so directly to the IRI. Hamas has had several mentors before, including israel. they are using the IRI as much as the IRI is using them. the nature of the conflict does not change. palestine must be freed or we will have greater and greater extremism throughout the region. the fact that the IRI would benefit out of a Palestinian victory does not negate the right of the palestinians to a decent human existence. more precisely, it reflects oppressive and irrational choices made by israel's friends, particularly the EU and US. the most intelligent solution would be for the west to change its approach toward palestine, and thus outmaneuver the IRI. why won't they do that?

NONE of the above affects the basic human rights of the palestinians. that remains a constant no matter who rules Iran or the US.

the students are wrong to blame hamas, if indeed that is what they are doing.


Darius Kadivar

FYI/LE PEN Compares Gaza to Concentration Camp ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Thanks for sharing Tina,

Well it seems all Extremists everywhere are highjacking this tragedy for other purposes. Like France's Far Right and Racist Politician Jean Marie Le PEN. His party lost the elections thanks to Sarkozy and now he wants to capitalize on this tragedy for Revisionist purposes and restore his party's lost credibility and win back parlimentary seats.

Does the "Burning of the Reichtag" in 1933 ring a Bell ?


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

They say it so that the Arabs will never double cross them

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Which is the worst kind of insurance. Angry arab insurance is not sound. 

Merci Tina. You're such a cutie btw. It's weird how you are always writing about these awful people.....a beautiful face next to these terrible subjects.