Breaking taboos: Homosexual Mohammad

Tina Ehrami
by Tina Ehrami

On December 15th the municipal museum of The Hague will become the stage of another media hype, this time unleashed by the Dutch- Iranian photographer Sooreh Hera.

With her provocative photography series called “Adam en Ewald” she focusses the attention on the hypocracy of the Islam towards homosexuality. In a short movie that is a part of the artistic series, two homosexual men are wearing masks of the prophet Mohammad and his son- in- law Ali.


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Try this:

by taylor (not verified) on

Try this:


Try this:

by taylor (not verified) on

Try this:


well i'll add to this

by jj (not verified) on

dude this isnt a very bad website but it did'nt tell me much about Iran i think u guys need to be smarter and grow a brain!


Lesbian girl? possibly and

by Anonymousonline (not verified) on

Lesbian girl?
possibly and likely to be.


So what? You think if yopu

by ManNaManam (not verified) on

So what? You think if yopu break the taboo, 1/2 iranians will become gays? You pathetic minds just do not understand that this is not even a relevant issue inside Iran.


Re: Hagiagha

by Toranj (not verified) on

Besyar kalamat vagheiyat dareh. To jameaye shargi kamtar bimare fekri peida mishe ta in farang. Dalilesh ineh ke inja migand bimarieh va kheili deleshoon be oona misooze.


Goal : You are too kind!

by kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

I suggest one huge Jones Town so muslims can meet their maker in hell.


I live here and i know you are sick people

by hajiagha on


آدم عاقل نیازی به تفکرات دیگران نداد.....در هر حامعه ای آدمهای بیماری هم یافت میشود....درهر زمانی می توان عقل ناقص را تشخیص داد....عقل شخص زیر زبان اوست و رفتارش.....آدم عاقل همیشه با خرد صحبت می کند........زن هرزه را میتوان از رفتار و نحوه سخن گفتنش و پو شش لباسش مشخص کرد.....آد م عاقل کلام و رفتار و لباس و......مناسب دارد......انسان بد پسند تفکر بد و زندگی بدی دارد......بگو خودت چه کرده ای و بوده ای .......ایرد گرفتن آسان تر از ......

من دو تا گوه خوردم که برام به قیمت از دادن آینده و حوانی ام شد ....اول از ایران آمدم بیرون و دوم با آخوندها در گیر شدم ......هروقت هم راه برگشت من باز بشه تا از این کثا فت خونه به ایران برگردم و مثل یک آدم زند گی کنم و ازدواح و.......حتی یک ثانیه هم وقت خودم روتو این خراب شده تلف نمی کنم


Moslems:stand in front of mirror & say: I promise to love others

by Goal (not verified) on

To hajiagha and moslems:

Next time you wash your asshole with your hand and you wash your face next, I want you look at the mirror and say "I have been stupidly brainwashed and followed this dark cult for so long" but now I am not stupid anymore. I want to be free person respecting (Say Your Name) and respecting others. I promise to love others.


Check this site out

by ML (not verified) on


from sicknes place canada

by hajiagha on


چند روزی ود گرفتار نقل و مکان به محل حدید بودم....تا ین آخری واین مطلب و آدم هرزه که هر شب تو بغل یکی میره و تا نیمه شب حشیش مصرف می کنه..مدام مست......و خمار.....من خوشبختانه آمدم و با لا وپا ئین شما هارو دیدم ...کم مانده تا آزاد تر بودین و کون بچه های خودتان را هم می گذاشتید...هر کثا فت کاری هم از همین شما ها به اصطلا ح روشنفکران بیمار شروع میشه....به هر چیزی گیر می دهید وقتی نعشه هستید......وقتی شما خودتان و حامعه تان بیمار تر از مسلما نان است برای چی اول از خودتان شروع نمی کنید


sick people call others sick

by haji from canada (not verified) on

far as I know any sickens problems in new century created by the white people and Christian homosexuality or gay married ...I never live in 1400 years a go are you?
my information are fresh from to days and all true your information came from ? 1400 years a go ? looks to me Jesus Christ also was gay man he never get married,
I do not understand what you are trying to tell us, by all this when I looking in are life out of Iran canada , or USA full of the sh..... t sickens society.


islam is religion of

by islam religion of peace (not verified) on

islam is religion of peace;

AKI and Religion of Peace reported:



Jakarta, 29 Nov. (AKI) - Breaking a long-held taboo, the Indonesian government has decided to promote safe sex by launching its first ever National Condom Week in an effort to curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV/AIDS.

However, the condomn campaign, which will start on 1 December - World AIDS Day - has split Islamic religious leaders, who have differing views on how to fight the killer virus.

Fauzan al-Anshori, spokesperson for the hardline Indonesia Mujahiddin Council (MMI) slammed the initiative and called the strict implementation of strict Islamic (sharia) law as the way to fight the disease

“We strongly feel that condoms can't prevent people from getting AIDS. The pores of the latex are bigger than the virus itself,”he told Adnkronos International (AKI), adding that in his view the campaign was harmful and morally wrong.

“AIDS prevention should start by implementing Islamic laws and punishing rule breakers, infidels and those who engage in pre-marital sex.

"In Islam we normally throw stones at them,” said al-Anshori. The MMI is a Muslim umbrella organisation whose member groups promotes sharia law in Indonesia.

Sudanese Mob Demands Teacher's Execution
Gillian Gibbons, 54, from Liverpool, was jailed for 15 days on Thursday after allowing children in her class to name a teddy bear Muhammad.

Some reports said protesters had called for her to be shot. Her lawyer said she was later moved for her own safety.

Muslim Labour peer Lord Ahmed is on his way to Sudan to push for her release.

Lord Ahmed, who is being accompanied by the Conservatives' Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, expects to meet President Omar al-Bashir and possibly the chief justice. He is travelling at the invitation of the Sudanese government.

'Kill her'

The Foreign Office said Mrs Gibbons had been visited again by consular staff on Friday and that she was "well", but it could not confirm where she was being held.

Angry Sudanese protesters burn a newspaper carrying a photo of British teacher Gillian Gibbons, during a protest in Khartoum, Sudan, after Friday prayers, Friday Nov. 30, 2007, The protestors called for the execution of Gibbons, who was convicted of insulting Islam for letting her students name a teddy bear Muhammad. (AP Photos/Abd Raouf)

The BBC has video of the protest in Khartoum HERE.
The protesters say the teacher has insulted the prophet Mohammad on purpose. They shouted, "No tolerance - execution!"


Mohammad was worst than

by Anonymous½ (not verified) on

Mohammad was worst than homosexual. He was a pedophile and a child molester.


You want to know disrespecting Islam...

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

She did not respect Islam, as there Islam is not respecful to begin with.

But, if you want to know how one can disrespect Islam I can assist.

Reedam be Mohammad bache bazeeh ghatel. I am not sure if that hits the mark. How about Ali kondeh van hossein va kossein jakesh!

Anyway, mossalmonah hayvonan!


Was this post just to inform

by AJ (not verified) on

Was this post just to inform us , or Tina are you enjoying this???!


It's nice to see that

by Anonymous1974 (not verified) on

It's nice to see that is a forum for animals like Tina Ehrami who worship a scumbag nation like the Dutch and kiss the ass of these stinking Germanic barbarians while heaping scorn on the religion of 99% of Iran's population. The vermin who are posting anti-Muslim garbage propaganda on this site are a few of the Chosen People who consider all non-Jews to be "Filthy Goyim".


To Mehdi

by Do-Baareh (not verified) on

Agha Mehdi, Your mother's metaphor about not kicking the donkey back makes sense. As I pointed out, I don't like insulting others (including gay people).


Re: Irrelevant....

by jamshid on

How could ...

"homosexual men wearing masks of the prophet Mohammad and his son- in- law Ali"

.... possibly show the "hypocracy of the Islam towards homosexuality"??? Or be "artistic"?


Yaaawn. Boring. Big deal.


It would have been better to represent Mohamad as an old man holding a 9 years old girl (representing Ayesheh) on his lap and salivating at the prospect of having sex with her and repeating "Thanks god for little children...", Mohamad's own words regarding having sex with children... It's in the Hadis, go look it up!


Then there should be another man wearing Arab clothing with a bloody sword in his hand representing Ali, and a few others wearing Iranian clothing with red stains on their necks representing Iranians that were butchered by the direct command of Ali.



NOW THAT WOULD BE MOHAMAD AND ALI. No hypocracy AND artistic too AND historically accurate too. Don't you think?



Disrespecting a religion

by once (not verified) on

Disrespecting a religion happens when people are killed in the name of that religion. This is not disrespecting Islam. Sooreh is an artist expressing herself in the way she knows best.


Publicity stunt

by MKB (not verified) on

I think Ms Hera read too much into "all publicity is good publicity". Just browsing through some of her work it is mediocre at best so she pulls off something controversial to get noticed.
Whether we like it or not Iran is 95% Muslim, even if by name, and depicting its prophets is just not cool.


To sara z: I like to see a post from you in support

by Islam is poison for Iran (not verified) on

To sara z: I have not seen a post from you supporting Iranians to be free from Islamists in Iran, their own country.

I like to see a post from you in support of stopping genecide of Iranians and Iranian culture by Islamists.


Enough is enough! . I'm not

by sara z (not verified) on

Enough is enough!
I'm not a devout Muslim, but I am Muslim.
I've never been to a mosque, but I've prayed to God when alone and on my own terms...
This is no taboo breaking.
To each his own. Anyone who is gay is gay be it, let them be.
This format is only to demean, degrade and humiliate all Muslims, and is show of pure Hatred.


Slogan Throwers

by Mehdi on

I am not trying to save any religion. I am saying one must respect the religious beliefs of others, no matter what they are. I wonder if you can understand that.


To Mehdi: Islam is a nasty cult.

by Islam is poison for Iran (not verified) on

Islam is a nasty cult. You will be drowning yourself trying to help Islamists from drowning. It is a virus that has to be eliminated before eliminates you.


hypocrisy in Islam?

by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on


while I have no respect to you and your country, let me remind you that by disrespecting the Prophet in such a manner,gay people will never have a place in the Muslim world.

The video is a further proof that Iranian liberal fascists have no place in Iran or among Iranians.


To Do-baareh

by Mehdi on

So your solution is to do what was done to you? So in effect, you are saying what was done to you and your family was the right thing to do for those who did it? Do you mean that you now realize that they were right and you are now following their example? I believe that if you play the same game, there is no difference between you and them - only that they did it first. My mother, in her less than educated ways used to say, "If a donkey kicks you, the answer is not to kick the donkey. There must be a difference between a donkey and a human."


Here we go again

by Do-baareh (not verified) on

Like you, I don't like insults to people's beliefs and values. But I can't help feeling a bit revenged for all the filthy, hurtful insults and threats the so called devoted Shia-yaan hurled at me, my family, and our beliefs--ranging from an Aajor crashing through our window one winter night, all the way to my 4th grade very "religious" teacher who would not allow me to hang my "Najess" coat next to others' on rainy days.
So go ahead and have a little taste of your own medicine, though far less potent than the one I and the likes of me experienced!


Oh... this is becoming so

by klb (not verified) on

Oh... this is becoming so sickening!
This Islam bashing at full force is just way
too much and too stupid(to put it mildly).
I was born a moslem, have never practiced it much,
but there were certain things which i did not and do not advocate.
it is so fashionable and getting more so by the day to denounce God and religion(s) and especially Islam.
--every tom dick and harry is jumping on this band wagon so that they can be thought of as intelligent!



by Vattan on

What Israel got to do with this now?????