I Ran from IRAN and Kept RUNNING


by TehranSoParvaz

Trust is an extremely important part of anyrelationship. In my continuingobservations of Iranian culture as an “outsider looking in and an insiderlooking out” I have noticed a noticeable lack of trust amongst Iranians.

Disagree? Thinkabout the number of times you’ve heard “conspiracy” theories about wealthy Iranians. How so & so Iranian “stole” themoney from Iran back in the day. How so & so Iranian is “in bed” with the current regime. How so & so “lied and cheated”their way to the top. How “mommyand daddy” gave so & so money, money THEY “stole” from Iran back in theday.

Still disagree? Think about the number of times you’ve heard “Not” to work withIranians. That so & so Iranian“wants a lot work” for “a little amount of money.” That so & so Iranian“wants a lot of money” for a “little amount of work.” So & so Iranian owesso & so money and will never pay you. So & so money owes so & so Iranian and will still NEVER payyou.

STILL disagree? Think about the number of times you’ve heard so & so Iranian TVpersonality is a fraud. So &so Iranian radio personality is a fraud. So & so Iranian political figure is a fraud. So & so Iranian entertainer is afraud. Basically so & soIranian is a fraud.

It brings back the old bad joke. If you believe that Michael Jackson’s death was faked tosquash the Green Movement: YOUMIGHT BE IRANIAN.

Yes indeed Iranians have trust issues. Maybe even for good reason.

Today’s headline in the New York Times, Washington Post, LAWeekly, and Chicago Tribune read SEC Halts Iranian Fraudulent Scheme TargetingIranian-American Community in Los Angeles. Long story short an Iranian run firm in Los Angeles thateven had a weekly show on 670am KIRN (Iranian radio) went after other Iranianswith promises of amazing investment returns. Ends up that the 3 Iranians (whose names I will not mention)in charge were only investing in their own bank accounts conning the trustingIranians into giving up their life savings. Unfortunately this shameful account of scamming and abuse oftrust is all too familiar.

A couple of years back the largest insurance fraud ring inthe history of the United States was uncovered by the FBI in an investigationbased out of Beverly Hills ran by Iranian paralegals, lawyers, doctors, andinsurance claims handlers. Thescam was to “stage” accidents with blame based on the other driver by usingimmigrant drivers with nothing to lose. The scam was so flawless that it took the death of 5 drivers in orderfor it to be recognized by any lawenforcement agency.

In New York, an Iranian man was arrested with over 16million dollars in his bank account. Money made from a simple scam, so simple that it went unnoticed for 3years. The Iranian man dressed asa bicycle carrier would enter large firms under the pretense of delivering apackage. Once inside, he wouldfind a reason to use one of the companies phone to call “his company.” While firm employees assumed the callswere made to his delivery company the calls were actually made to a 1-800number that accrued money per minute. He would leave the phone off the hook and let the minutes and thedollars add up. If it wasn’t for abankruptcy lawyer going over firm’s filings in a case, the man would have notbeen found out.

A year ago a big time Iranian business man in the UnitedStates with a company holdings valued at over 300million dollars attempted toabuse and misuse his friendship with another high placed Iranian who serves asthe Vice-Chairman of a large banking organization attempting to receive afraudulent loan without the Vice-Chairman’s knowledge. He attempted to receive a loan of over100million dollars by misrepresenting his company. Luckily the number crunchers figured out what was going onbefore the loan went through and he is currently on trial.

In my research I found 28 cases of Iranian doctorspracticing medicine without a license, 16 lawyers practicing without their bar,4 dentists accused of criminal misconduct, and the 3rd largest scamof government funds perpetrated by an Iranian who defrauded the government notonce but on 4 separate occasions. Cases of Iranian-Americans erroneous tax deductions are infamous at theIRS as are use of retirement and social benefits.

Compared to the list of successful honest Iranians, doctors,lawyers, writers, artists and CEOs, who we should ALL be proud of, the list ofscam artists is relatively short however as the saying goes: One bad applespoils the bunch. Well in thiscase a bunch of bad apples ruin an entire races reputation.

From 20/20 exposes on crooked USED car dealers to constantly GOING OUT OF BUSINESS rug stores, Iranians have received a bad rep. A reputation made worse by the factthat some Iranians are even able to con other Iranians. To me this is the worse crime ofall. How can some Iranians takeadvantage of other Iranians. In Farsi the word “raast” means “truth” but italso means “right.” Thisunderstand that truth is right is a classic Iranian ideal. Farsi is the language of Good coiningthe timeless phrase “good deeds, good words, good thoughts.” Iranian is the culture of Greatness,kind hearts, warm actions, truth, and honesty.

It is up to us, the New Generation to bring back the oldvalues. To reconsider each otheras more than just fellow countrymen but as family members. We all have a moral obligation andresponsibility to uphold these traditional values for each other and for otherswho look on. To be the best we canbe. Iranians are in the spotlightnow more than ever. We can nolonger hide in the shadows of misdeeds. We must show ourselves, prove ourselves, be ourselves and disprove thenegativity that surrounds us as a people so that we may survive as a culture.

An old Persian story goes “A father and son were crossing abridge. The father noticing theson getting scared tells his son to hold his hand. The son says no “pedar jaan” you hold my hand. What’s the difference asks theFather. The son explains if I holdyour hand I might get scared and let go…but if you hold my hand I know that nomatter what happens you will never let go.” The essence of trust is not in its bind, but in itsbond. So treat all Iranians as youwould your own family and hold their hand rather than expecting them to holdyours.

Many of us may have run from Iran but we can never run frombeing Iranian.

Not a lecture, just a thought.


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Making a mountain out of a mole

by mannya2001 on

You only cared to read and look into those cases, obviously because they had Iranian names.  Otherwise, they aren't that many Iranian fraudsters.

It's one thing to actually want to stamp out fraud and corruption, it's another thing to rail against corruption because someone else got away with millions while you weren't able to do the same