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by TehranSoParvaz

Growing up we would PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE to the flag of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

i remember believing in that pledge.  Believing the United States.

Where did that United States go?

Bigotry and ignorance is nothing new to the USA.  150 years ago the slavery of blacks was a prominent part of the country.  100 years ago Italian and Irish immigrants were pelted by stones and given only menial jobs.  50 years ago Blacks were not allowed to go to certain places or attend certain schools.  20 years ago a prominent member of the KKK ran for President.  But TODAY a black President is in the White House.

The United States has shown, as a country we can overcome.

However we cannot hide the fact that today bigotry and racism exists towards people of Middle Eastern decent.  The latest root cause of it being the tragic events of 9/11.  If we ignore this we will allow it to grow.  One Extremist caused the tragic events of 9/11.  The opposite Extreme will cause tragic events in the future. 

The one good thing that came out of 9/11 was that America came together.  For a short time there were no hyphens.  There were no African-Americans, Iranian-Americans, Latino-Americans, Arab-Americans, Asian-Americans...  For a short time there were only AMERICANS.  

For a short time the Pledge of Allegiance rang true again.  One Nation.  Indivisible.  With Liberty and Justice for all.  

Today we are several nations divided.  The hyphens are back more than ever.  Where is the liberty? Where is the justice?  Qurans are being threatened to be burned.  Muslims are being stabbed in cabs.  

First you burn a Quran.  Then you burn a Mosque.  Then why not just burn a Muslim.  

This sounds very silly.  What kind of person would do this?  Certainly no American?  

The same kind of person that would lynch blacks in front of their children and hang them on trees just for being black.  The same kind of person that spray paints a swastika on a Synagogue.  

From one Extreme to another.  All part of the same problem.  All with the same symptoms.  Hate is a disease.  It infects all those around it. The difference is this hate is close to home.  Its the same hate that allowed the government of the United States to round up people of Asian decent in the 40s and place them in camps.  

Hate is just a symptom.  The actual disease is called fear.  Fear in people is the most powerful of all motivations.  It causes the most illogical of reactions.  It causes us to fight when we should be still.  it causes us to jump when we should stand our ground.  it causes us to run back when we should run forward.  

Today "Americans" are afraid of Muslims.  They blame Muslims for the attack on the World Trade Centers.  Muslims did not attack the World Trade Center.  Fanatics did.  The same way that Christians did not have Holocaust Camps; Nazis did.  Catholics did not try to blow up the Parliament in the UK; IRA (Irish Terrorists) did.  

So did the Terrorists win afterall?

Is America not the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?

Well actually with everything in the news maybe they did bring down the land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE. 

How FREE can we be when a GROUND ZERO MOSQUE is the number one news item and biggest political issue facing this country. A country whos major cornerstone is religious freedom. 

How BRAVE can we be if burning QURANS is actually a possibility. Only cowards could do that. BRAVE MEN would actually take the time to learn about others.  To overcome their fears with knowledge and not succumb to their fear through ignorance.  

FREE & BRAVE men stand up for whats right. ONLY slaves and cowards follow whats wrong. The UNITED States of AMERICA is not so UNITED right now. 

INDIVISIBLE.  With Liberty and  Justice for all? How IRONIC does that statement sound when you watch the news today? 

If we allow this to continue then YES the terrorists have one.  The point of a terrorist is to cause terror.  To cause fear.  The same fear that inspires hate.  The same hate that seems to be prevalent today.

If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.  if we ignore these problems then we are pretending that nothing is wrong.  If you ignore cancer it doesnt go away.  You just die.  The only way to beat cancer is to fight it.   

This is NOT a Muslim issue.  As Martin Luther King Jr. said "An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."  America stands for the land of hope.  if hope fails then what is left?  Its not about what America actually is...its about what America represents.   

If you ignore this now then one day there will be no one to help you.  We must stand up together.   

I know this is a rant.  Not like my usual blogs at all.  But I am afraid.  I am in fear.  I am scared that the United States that I grew up believing in will no longer exist.   

So write your congressman.  Be involved.  This is how the system works.  Show your support.  There is strength in numbers.  We cannot remain divided.  We must come together as a people.  The concept of community is two things.  Communication and Unity.  

Let Freedom Ring.


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