Part of Khosrow Golsorkhi defense in military court in 1973

by Tapesh

The famous Khosrow Golsorkhi who openly declare his attachment to Marxism , defend himself in the military court in 1973 .


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

He was nuts

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am sorry but he had no idea what he was doing. Forcing his ideas on people. I never asked to be "defended". Why didn't he go get a decent job and stop whining.

If you were in his shoes you'd pee in your pants!

I would never be in his shoes. Because I was studying to be something. Not writing naive poems about 1 = 1! I had a mind that told me people are different. And I did no whine all day.

The first time I saw him I admit to being impressed. I thought he was brave and dedicated. Now I realize my mistake; what I thought bravery was stupidity; dedication; a rigid mind and ideas; total naivete.


Mash Ghasem

Gunga Din old waterboy for Brits, just obey your masters

by Mash Ghasem on

and carry water for them, you know the rest,... 

You really shouldn't put your nose in matters that are way beyond your ken. Not to mention that your type are ethically and morally challenged and disqualified to judge anyone like Golsorkhi.

Your type are only good for kissing up to the powers that be, and not much else. Pretty much like your "ideal" type of "intellectual" like Daryoush Homayon. First he messed up the entire country: Chairman of Rastakhiz Party, Shah's Minister of Information (the person responsible for publishing that article on Khomenin , turning him to an overn night national star), then blaming everyone else for the all the mess created by his own hand.

Doesn't Homayon remind you of yourself?

Thoroughly corrupted, morally and ethically challenged, and never having the balls to admit to his mistakes?

Now go fetch some water for the Gents, carry on.



Time to unfreez old boy

by anglophile on

Some are still frozen in the pre '79 era. Sorry old boy, the world can't wait for you to unfreeze :)) (I promised AO not to use LOL anymore)


Yup! old enough not to buy the

by Disenchanted on

mythical glory of shahanshah days and remember the brutality of Savak and ubiquitous corruption of those days! To bring up IRI comparison is an old hat trick! ;-0 Time to break from history & back to threads of the day :-)


" Our Che"

by jasonrobardas on

" Let me say that a true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love" ....Che Guevera


Never mind old boy, you must be a little tired.

by anglophile on

Let me give you a hint: who is more courageous? a terrorist whose plans were botched but had the luxury of choice between life and death or another terrorist whose plot went to plan and to a certain death? Comprende?


قاسم چائی چی‌ شد؟





به جای این حرفا پاشو برو سید ابوالقاسم واعظ رو خبر کن امشب روضه خونی داریم!




I still don't see the 9/11 analogy!

by Disenchanted on

     Since more than a decade has passed I have to refresh your memeory that it was a terror attack on scales not seen before. Perhaps you have some points but the analogy you used (9/11) was so off the wall that undermined it!        I think Nader vankai had some good points in his post. check it out! 


Thank God I didn't become Nader Vanaki at thirty:)))

by anglophile on

By the way, Vanaki, I didn't say he was no "pokhi", his brother in law, Iraj Gorgin said it (read the comment carefully). 

Oon Yaroo

Amperialit, Borjowa Comperado, Feodalist, Mostazaf, Khordeh Male

by Oon Yaroo on

Amperialit, Borjowa Comperado, Feodalist, Mostazaf, Khordeh Malek, Khalgh, and a bunch of other random words put together by Emam Golesorkhi!

This was supposed to be the best an-tellectual  Iran had to offer!

No wonder Iranians are so badbakht!


Not surprised you don't get it enchant ...

by anglophile on

You obviously have NO idea what the term terror means. You must have been totally detached from the realities of life under terror. Ask those inmates of Evin and other dungeons of the IRI and they tell you what terror means. Had a similar plot that Golsorkhi and Co. had hatched, happened in todays climate of terror, the plotters would have been raped before being reaped into pieces. All these self-appointed defenders of the masses from Maryam Etehadieh (a rich spoiled brat who needed some andventure in her otherwise boring life) through to Teyfour Bathaei to Mansour Farhang and his former wife Shokouh Farhang (Mirzadegi- Nouri-Ala's girl friend) and down to Daneshian and Golsorkhi were offered to ask for the royal pardon. With the excpetion of the last two egotists who were solely in love with their own image, or as you put it, epic seekers,  the rest of them were sensible enough to ask for and receive the commuted sentences. The luxury of such pardons is not open to the present day dissident, let alone the plotters. You can continue denying the obvious but the truth does not go away.

Nader Vanaki

اَنگَل او فیل و مش قاسم

Nader Vanaki

با مش قاسم موافقم که بسترگاه تمامی این انقلاب را میتوان در خَرّیَت شاه و اعوان و انصارش یافت.  با اَنگَل او فیل مخالفم چون حال که نزدیک به سی و هفت سال از اون ماجرا میگذره خیلی راحته که بگیم خسرو گلسرخی پُخی نبود.  لابد شکوه میرزادگی که توی همون ردیف اوّل پشت سر گلسرخی نشسته و گُه خوردم نامه را هم فوری امضاء کرد، قهرمان این داستانه.  بعد هم خودت بگو در سن سی سالگی چه گُلی به تاج این ملّت زدی که اینقدر به چُست مینازی؟  بعد هم این دادگاه زنده پخش شد و خودم پای تلویزیون دیدم، حالا چی می گی؟


sorry I miss the analogy...

by Disenchanted on

Here is a man concerned with the pain of his people in front of bunch of cowards. He declines to defend himself. I am not sure if hollywood were to make an epic it would beat this. His views are cliches and proven to be wrong but his courage is commendable! Had he lived may be he would become a monster like many others. Will never know and we donn't need to know! You've got to commend that courage. Those who criticize him have no idea what was the atmospher of terror and fear those days. They have no idea what are they talking aout!

Mash Ghasem

Those wolves, pigs and thugs that worked with Hojatieh

by Mash Ghasem on

and had established a  "friendly' relationship between SAVAK and Hojatieh were the ones that gave birth to Islamic Republic.

And who was it that published that article in Kayhan, making an over night national star out of Khomeini? Daryosh Homayon? Shah's Ministry of Information? Fardost?

Monarchy was the incubator of IR. If you don't get this simple fact by now  32 after the fact, you shall never get it in your most obtuse minds. Cheers

Golsorkhi was a populist Leftist, and had the wrong take on Shia Islam . But one strand of his hair was, is, and will be worth hundreds of sell out "intellectuals" like Daryoush Homayon and others like him that had only one and one thing in mind: their own personal gain, and staying in power.


By your standards Disenchanted ...

by anglophile on

9/11 suicide bombers must have been superhumans!! Besides, those wolves, pigs and thugs were angels of mercy compared to their present counterparts. 


It was NOT broadcast " live" Prof. Ala unless ...

by anglophile on

you were sitting in that court . If so, I wonder why? Your disappointment in "our" people, however, is well placed. :))



by afshinazad on

This man just like thousands of like him was confused and had no idea what he wants? Was it Stalin democracy? If these people only knew what would happen to their masters?



Some folks just don't get it!

by Disenchanted on

        He is standing in front of bunch of wolves (pigs too)! Savak thugs are watching him to reap him apart. If you were in his shoes you'd pee in your pants!        His ideas sounds ridiculous now but his courage will live forever! 

Siamack Baniameri

"I am defending my people!!"

by Siamack Baniameri on

Really?! Assigning yourself as public defender without having the courtesy of asking first is not very cool!

Mohammad Ala

Listened to it live

by Mohammad Ala on

Listened to it live and several times after that.  Iran was not and will not be a democratic society unless people respect each other, place national interest(s) ahead of personal interest(s), and care for Iran's heritage and environment.  I do not see these features in our people.


به عقیده شوهر خواهرشون ایشون پخی نبودند





من نمیگم، مرحوم ایرج خان گفت! 




The brutal theocracy owes these people

by Cost-of-Progress on

for paving the way for creating the environment that put us in the mess we've been for the past 32 friggin' years.