Iranians, are we a peace loving people?


by Souri

Actually I am confused now, since what I see at, is a complete wilde land of non-sene ! Are we really for peace and freedom? Or we are just here for the sake of arguing and putting down the other people?

I am very sick now and just come back from the hospital. When I turned on the PC and came to the site, I got frightened.

So much absurdities! So much hysteria, over what?

It seems that some of the bloggers here, need really to make their head get examined. At least, take your pills before coming to the site and writing your non-sense.

Enough is enough!

Either try to understand how to debate with the people, or stay out of the kitchen.

Let see what is going on.

Some people are here only for a political agenda.

Some others are here to talk and learn about politics , only.

Some people, are interested only to art and litterature, and stay away from other topics.

Some others, have an idea about almost everything, without being too passionate about politics, but want also to exchange their ideas in that matter.

The thing is, the ones who are engaged only in political debates, believe falsely, that they are "expert" in that domain!

If they hear an oppositing view, they resort to : insult, propaganda, lies, accusation, humiliation.......etc , etc. Hence the "hysteria" mount!

People, get reall:

1) You are nothing but the pure observants, residents of the west! You are not the opposition force against Iran. Because you are here 24/7 writing for a bunch of readers who are like yourself. You have plenty of time, but you use it in this site instead of doing something more substential. Nobody blame you! You are free to spend your time, as you wish. Like I do. But don't take yourself so seriously!

2) You are against the regime? Fine.

Some people are "for" this regime, like it or not. Some others, are only against some aspects of the regime. This, belongs to every person. Hence : democracy! I bet it doesn't sound nice to you! Does it? You can't say to someone : Now I know your true color, because you say that you do agree with the regime, but then you had said at that time that you were against the regime! This shows only the depth of your ignorance!

Open your eyes! There exist people who are different than you, who think differet than you, who have the same right to express their views, as much as you do! Here it's me:

1) I personally, am for the enrichment of uranium! Yes, I am.

2) I personally, am against terror, of any kind, by any group, against anyone!

3) I personally, condemn the military attack of Iraq by the Americans

4) I personally, condemn the military attack of Afghanistan by the Americans

5) I personally, condemn the attack of 9/11 by the Islamists

6) I peronally, condemn the atrocities of Israel against the Palestinians

7) I personally, condemn the arrest and torture and execution of our freedom fighters in Iran, by the IRI

And the list goes on!

See? in my list, there are both "For" and "Against" votes for the IRI, there are "For" and "Against" votes for the Islamists. But, nothing "FOR" the American military attack to no-where, and nothing "FOR" the Israeli government.

You don't like it? You think I am hypocrite? Deal with it!

There are plenty of people in Iran, who think exactly like myself in this regard.

Go call them the "opportunists" the "hypocrites" the "paid agents" the "enemies "...attack them, kill them, do whatever you want to them! But face the truth:

This, is your country!

This, is your people!

You can't stay here, writing hysteria, and believing in yourself, for an eternity!

You are not even a professional, a mature activist.

When you get irritated, you resort to name calling, moking the age and physical conditions of your opponent! What a low level partisan of democracy! Shame!

You get so much excited about the killing of a human being, you blame others for not participating in your party, accusing them of being for the regime!
It is so simple for you to launch accusation, because it makes your life easier! This way you don't have to face the truth! You don't loose face in front of your fans!

Terror and killing for political reason, is condemned in democracy! Deal with it!

The same way you judge the people, with a "black or white" sword, the same way they do this you : Are you really for democracy or not?

You can't justify the terror of a scientist (which you always call only a Bassiji, just to legalize his murder ) by saying that in Nuremberg, they didn't accept the defence like : He was doing his job!


But Nuremberg was a real court!

For your records, there were people, accused of "crime against the humanity" who were STILL heard and given a chance to defend themselves!

Learn the history! Understand it!

Don't cut and paste it to your own interest!

You can't kill someone on the street, just like this ,  only because you  SUSPECT that he is doing something against the humanity (which he has not done yet). Just because you THINK, that he MIGHT be plotting something against the humanity, doesn't justify his terror.

You never believe in the IRI newspapers and information, but in this particular case, you take everything that is mentioned about him, by the IRI Media, just because it serves your purpose?

This is not a court! This is a kangaroo court!

And you call yourself the freedom fighters?

And you accuse and humiliate people who condamn such inhuman act?
And you call yourself the millitant for democracy?

I have a valuable a piece of advice for you : Take it easy!


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salman farsi

Sister Souri

by salman farsi on



Iranians are passive warmongers and hesitant peace seekers. They have not enough courage to admit that they want to have a war against the Islamic regime and at the same time they don't want to make peace with the Islamic regime. Same is true with the Islamic regime. It does not want to have a peaceful relation with America and Israel and at the same time the regime is not brave enough to seek war against these two states.


Vassalamo Alaikom va Rahmatolahe va Barakto. 

For an Islamic democracy


Thank you Souri

by amirkabear4u on

Yes I agree and below is a link for it.

But remember unlike what some may think we never had the opportunity to practice democracy and free speech to its full extend. That is why there are people like you say.




Souri's on a roll! Much needed sanity!

by Disenchanted on

  Many golden nuggets to choose from. Here is one:

"So much absurdities! So much hysteria, over what?It seems that some of the bloggers here, need really to make their head examined. At least, take your pills before coming to the site and writing you non-sense. Enough is enough!"

      May be she had republicans presidential debate in mind! ;-) 



Souri Khanom: Thanks for writing this blog

by Bavafa on

There are many excellent points raised here which many of us have been thinking and feel about. It is truly sad to see that so many of us who have lived in a democratic oriented environment with a great deal of tolerance for the opposing view, yet cannot apply those principals to our community of IC.


'Hambastegi is one of main key to victory '



MPD jon

by Souri on

I did so many mistakes in English that after a few reads, I prefered to change a few words. Sorry, I didn't know you liked the first title better.

But I can say, I loved your new blog, the seperation of the dolat and melat. I will post a comment there, very soon.


Mr Rahmanian

by Souri on

Thanks for your time.

The blog (especially that part which you have posted here) was addressed to  some particular users, who are taking themselves for the real fighters. They take themselves so seriously, that they think they are in the head of a very big organization and know every thing about the politics, while when you read their argument, sometimes you can't help it but shaking your head, at the degree of their ignorance.

The point is that, many of us (like Ari and myself) may know much more about politics and history and economics, than this little uninformed propagandist , but we don't take ourselves as seriously as them, and we don't want to show off like we know everything. But, at the very little remark we do, they come and "shouneh shaakh mikonand" like they have all the facts and if we resist to them, immidiately they resort to the name calling and absurdities.

All the point of this blog, was to mention that, this site is created for us (the resident of the West) to EXCHANGE ideas. We are/can not here to physically change the politics of our country. The one who are trying to promote a military attack against Iran, should be able to face and to take the opposing views and ideas. If they can't, then too bad for them! They will stay the same arrogant ignorant forever, but they can't expect any attention or respect to themselvs.

Did I answer your question?  

Multiple Personality Disorder

What happened to the original title of this blog?

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I liked the other one more.


Dear friends

by Souri on

Abarmard, Shifteh Ansari, Dr Ala, Rea, MM

Thanks for your attention and contribution.

Dear Abarmard:
I remember 4 years ago, when I posted my first blog "Azadi" a poem of Saayeh, you were the only one who understood the meaning of that poem and why I had posted that, at that time! Yes, I think we have a lots in commun.

Dear Shifteh Ansari : I was delighted by your great comment. This was so intesnse and important. I wish you would post it as a blog, so everybody will read it. It really worth it.  I agree with all you said there. Especially, it is interesting what you said  here:

"We have people now who don't even sound like they used to just a few months ago! "

I was just talking about a particular person with a friend, last week. I said, this person was mostly shy and inquisitive, when he first came to the site as a pro Kurdish activist. Now, he has forgotten all this, he is here 24/7 spreading propagand and promoting a military attack to Iran, all he writes are the pro-Israeli subjects! I don't believe he is a paid agent, either. But I can't believe in such a transformation in such a short time!I conclude that, the true motivation of that person was really hide for a long time.

Anyway, I insist again, please do blog your post for everybody can benefit from your vital analysis. Thanks.

Dear Dr Ala, I agree with you that IC is not a fair game to expect to have a fair debate. I know how many times you (especially) have been attacked by the aliens :) But still, we do have to stay here and stand up for our goal. For our Iran. If we want the best for our country, we have to stay and counter attack those trolls. There's no other way to denounce these anti-Iranians who think they can fool the people by their lies and propagandas. I thank you for being here and invite you to stay and resist these trolls.

Dear MM, I don't understand the English language in this video, but I guess it must be very funny, as I know Mell Brook. Thanks for your participtation.

Dear Rea:
I don't think the revolution lost us. Yes, the result was very disappointing, but all is not lost. As I said before, the road to democracy is very long and very hard, sometimes. Democracy, is not a pre-made item which is well wrapped and wait for you over the shelves in a store, which you can buy it with the price of one revolution.

Each nation has its particularity and we can not compare one revolution to the other. I think, we the iranians, came a long way forward, since 33 years ago. The young Iranians of today are much more aware of their rights and they know better the whole political games, internationally. This is the fruit of the effort and persistance of a nation who never give up! I am very proud of my people and I hope their road to democracy will be shortened by a collective understanding and interests.

Thank again to all of you. 

G. Rahmanian

Souri Khaanoom?

by G. Rahmanian on

Your statement below is a self-defeating assertion that utterly undermines the intended objective of your whole blog, rendering it into a long-winded and wearisomely verbose argument that is devoid of real substance! 

If as you have stated, you indeed believe in the irrelevancy of the activities of the(chosen few?)contributors on this site to the struggle of Iranians against the regime back home, then it is fair to say you have only misspent your time and, perhaps inadvertently, wasted that of your readers'! 

If--in the context of your blog--all that is done on this site should not be taken seriously, then why would you take the trouble to chastise the contributors (some of them?) for expressing their opinions or observations, no matter how wrong such opinions or observations may appear to you? How seriously do you expect many readers to take your efforts in reminding them of the futility of such opinions when you categorically claim they are not influential in the struggle against the tyranny in Iran?

Your observations expressed in this blog are only subjective and will remain as such as long as you cannot rid yourself of the effects of the propaganda produced and disseminated by the regime among members of the diaspora in the west!

I wish you a quick recovery from your illness!

"You are nothing but the pure observants,resident of the west! You are not the opposition force against Iran. Because you are here 24/7 writing for a bunch of readers who are like yourself. You have plenty of time, but you use it in this site instead of doing something more substential. Nobody blame you! You are free to spend your time, as you wish. Like I do. But don't take yourself so seriously!"

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Souri has made it clear where she stands. It's in her blog; She has even numbered some of her positions.


PS. so much for the flower children

by Rea on

...  myself included.

Revolution has failed us. Or we have failed the revolution.  Either way, didn't work, aj, aj ;o) 



Souri - I want peace too, as well as Mel Brooks

by MM on

Hope you feel better.

Admin, thanks for not removing the video


Flower children are long gone, Souri

by Rea on

You can't please evrebody. You ought to know where you stand, otherwise you stand nowhere.  

Personally, I'd like to know if these are peace loving Iranians, the ones I cheer for:



Mohammad Ala

Get Well + Excellent points in this blog

by Mohammad Ala on

Souri jan, thanks for your time and efforts.  You are one of the few who really cares about people in general and about her roots to be specific.  You have raised excellent points.

IMHO, our people are “peace loving” individuals.  We have many shortcomings which IC has shown those to us.  I am bothered by cowards who hide their identity and question others or attack them personally.  The low life members even attack the pictures of those who disagree with them.  Can it get lower than this, I would say YES.  Several IC members have proven that.

It is my personal view that those who hide and attack or question others personally are troublemakers who are also cowards.   

There are expert naggers on IC.  They wait someone posts something and out of no where they show up to criticize. 

IC is not a fair game to expect to have fair debates.  However I come to express my views thinking it is a free place to exchange ideas.  As long as our people nag, put their personal interests ahead of national interests, Iran is not going to change for better.

Thanks again for taking time to address the naggers and so-called experts who hide to attack others.

In summary: The experiences of past 30-40 years have proven to me that Iran will not change for better unless Iranians learn to respect each other, be accountable for their actions, respect the work of others, and place their national interests ahead of their personal interests.  What we say about each other defines who we are. We must not let the broad freedom of speech which is advocated in the Western countries mislead us into language which could cause civil and/or criminal liability and which at the least undermines our ability to communicate with and to trust each other. We should seek to support one another and our organizations which are seeking to protect our rights and our identity as Iranians not undermine these organizations or each other.

Shifteh Ansari

Souri Khanom

by Shifteh Ansari on

I appreciate your passion.

My personal observation is that we have a lot of people here who are not very familiar with today's Iran. I don't mean "familiar" as in having lived there during recent years, obviously, because almost all of us are now Iranians in diaspora.

By "unfamiliar" I mean that I don't get the feeling that they follow the politics closely, know the names of key players, understand the subtleties of the political landscape, know or understand the new generation of Iranians who have emerged during the past 33 years, understand the language, or follow the cultural transformations happening amongst Iranians. In a way, this is very natural, because there are only so few hours in a day, and if people go to work, commute, watch television, and pay attention to their families and their (new) country's politics, there is no time left to follow another whole country's daily politics and nuances, even if it is your "mother land," unless the interest is so immense that the individual makes other sacrifices for obtaining this information. is a place many people come for such information, for that learning. It is unfortunate, therefore, that sometimes individuals who are not very well informed are commenting on posts or engaging in debates, because amidst all the "noise," not much substance can be found. This is also precisely why a lot of people are paranoid about "hired keyboards" on; because where there is lack of information, it is easier to push agendas or to drop propaganda.

These are extremely important times for Iran and Iranians. On the one hand the proud and peaceful Iranian nation has assured all of us that it  is awake, that it is aware, and that it is determined to defy the ideological dictatorship that has been ruling it for more than three decades.  Who can deny having seen that awareness and energy after what happened in 2009?  On the other hand, Iranians are far ahead of other nations in the region who are only just now flexing their muscles and gearing up for change--change that may or may not be for the better, as iranians know all too well.  I am convinced that at this point Iranians know what it is they don't want, and I know that they don't want the Islamic Republic of Iran anymore. When and how their desired change will come about emains to be seen. I believe Iranians want to change things for the better and they are looking for the right time and place to do it.

Many times I follow the discussions by reading threads that are of interest to me, and I am sometimes shocked at the irresponsible and ignorant things some grown people say on I also see others trying to explain things to them peacefully and politely, but there are more fails in this area than successes.

It is as though the more trying things become and the more sensitive Iran's situation turns, the less reasonable some people become. We have people now who don't even sound like they used to just a few months ago!  Many are going "takhteh gaaz" toward war and destruction of the very country and nation they say they are trying to protect and help. Like I said, strange times.

I'm afraid things will get worse before they get any better on this site. I believe people should make a conscious effort to remain cool, vigilant, and careful to do what they can to add to the dialogue and to walk away from futile discussions which take up their energy but do not give anything back.

If we truly love Iran and the people of Iran, we will pay close attention to what they are saying and what they want and support them. You don't have to listen very hard to know that they do not want a war. In case any of you missed this, this is what "35 leading and influential Iranian civil society activists, lawyers, intellectuals and artistic and cultural figures, all of whom live in Iran," had to say about the "military option." Let me summarize it for you if you don't have time:  "No."


I must be also in your group

by Abarmard on

I agree with all that you say here, I wish more people use this site to practice democratic thinking, as thinking as such is learned. Even in more advance societies today many people lack techniques to argue and debate their ideas without using force or anger.

Hope that you are doing fine and have a healthy year Souri.


A nice story to share......

by Souri on


در عصر یخبندان بسیاری از حیوانات یخ زدند و مردند.
خارپشتها وخامت اوضاع رادریافتند تصمیم گرفتند دورهم جمع شوند و بدین ترتیب همدیگررا حفظ کنند.
وقتی نزدیکتر بودند گرمتر میشدند ولی خارهایشان یکدیگررا زخمی میکرد بخاطر همین تصمیم گرفتند ازهم دور شوند ولی بهمین دلیل از سرما یخ زده, میمردند.. ازاینرو مجبور بودند یا خارها ی دوستان را تحمل کنند، یا نسلشان از روی زمین بر کنده شوددریافتند که باز گردند و گردهم آیند
آموختند که، با زخم های کوچکی که همزیستی باکسی بسیار نزدیک بوجود می آورد، زندگی کنند چون گرمای وجود دیگری مهمتراست.

و این چنین توانستند زنده بمانند.


Anahid jon

by Souri on

It is nice of you,

I will be fine. I am sick, but not dying yet :)

Anahid Hojjati

Souri jan,

by Anahid Hojjati on

You mentioned that you are sick these days, I hope you feel better soon.


Yolanda, Faramarz, Ari

by Souri on

Dear friends, thanks for your time.

Faramrz: you are still very much liked here. As long as you  are not being insulting or offensive towards the other members, I will treat you as a lovely green-peas lover. Your political ideas belong to yourself.

Ari jon: You are a gem to this site. If only these idiots could understand the value of your wisdom!


There are again some typo mistakes

by Souri on

Sorry I am sick these days, please forgive me for the mistakes I do in writing. The blog is now featured and I can't change the words.

Here are some corrections:

It is the Kangaroo court, not Kangourou court


 The same way you judge the people, with a "black or white" sword, the
same way they do this to you : Are you really for democracy or not?

thanks for the attention.

Ari Siletz

Makes sense to me, Souri!

by Ari Siletz on

War and terror supporters among the anti-regime voices have not been pro-democracy on our site. The upside to their crude behavior is that it lets us know that removing the IRI with foreign forces will land Iran in another reign of terror. There's a tendency to ignore their breaking the democratic rules of civilized discourse because we are angry with the regime and feel like we need to recruit our own Baseej, so to speak. But there's no controlling them once they are in power.  Bit by bit the replacement regime will become another Stalinist nightmare, tolerating no dissent from anyone including those who short-sightedly helped them come to power. Didn't we make this same mistake with the Shah? Didn't we indulge Khomeini saying "democracy" from one side of his mouth and "kill the enemy" with the other. 

I admire you for your taking up the challenge of confronting this issue. Thanks!


I Love Green Peas!

by Faramarz on

As one those regular suspects, I am ready to be rounded up!



by yolanda on

I am here for fun and for enriching my knowledge!


Thank you MPD jon

by Souri on

For having read my points.

Although this blog was addressed to the usual suspects of IC, not to you :)

None of them dared to come and say a word, yet!

They know that this time I will deal with them the way they deserve it.

My patience has reached to its limit now.

I am tired of this stupid goon, hiding behind the fake avatrs and taking themselves for the Zapata of the 21st Century!

Their reaction to the terror of a scientist disgusted me as much as the reaciton of the Palestinians to the 9/11 attck !

They better stop their stupidity or they will have to deal with me for real!

Multiple Personality Disorder

I am here for the entertainment

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

,,, and your blog is very entertaining, my dear Souri.

P.S. I also love peace.