Iranians, are we a peace loving people?


by Souri

Actually I am confused now, since what I see at, is a complete wilde land of non-sene ! Are we really for peace and freedom? Or we are just here for the sake of arguing and putting down the other people?

I am very sick now and just come back from the hospital. When I turned on the PC and came to the site, I got frightened.

So much absurdities! So much hysteria, over what?

It seems that some of the bloggers here, need really to make their head get examined. At least, take your pills before coming to the site and writing your non-sense.

Enough is enough!

Either try to understand how to debate with the people, or stay out of the kitchen.

Let see what is going on.

Some people are here only for a political agenda.

Some others are here to talk and learn about politics , only.

Some people, are interested only to art and litterature, and stay away from other topics.

Some others, have an idea about almost everything, without being too passionate about politics, but want also to exchange their ideas in that matter.

The thing is, the ones who are engaged only in political debates, believe falsely, that they are "expert" in that domain!

If they hear an oppositing view, they resort to : insult, propaganda, lies, accusation, humiliation.......etc , etc. Hence the "hysteria" mount!

People, get reall:

1) You are nothing but the pure observants, residents of the west! You are not the opposition force against Iran. Because you are here 24/7 writing for a bunch of readers who are like yourself. You have plenty of time, but you use it in this site instead of doing something more substential. Nobody blame you! You are free to spend your time, as you wish. Like I do. But don't take yourself so seriously!

2) You are against the regime? Fine.

Some people are "for" this regime, like it or not. Some others, are only against some aspects of the regime. This, belongs to every person. Hence : democracy! I bet it doesn't sound nice to you! Does it? You can't say to someone : Now I know your true color, because you say that you do agree with the regime, but then you had said at that time that you were against the regime! This shows only the depth of your ignorance!

Open your eyes! There exist people who are different than you, who think differet than you, who have the same right to express their views, as much as you do! Here it's me:

1) I personally, am for the enrichment of uranium! Yes, I am.

2) I personally, am against terror, of any kind, by any group, against anyone!

3) I personally, condemn the military attack of Iraq by the Americans

4) I personally, condemn the military attack of Afghanistan by the Americans

5) I personally, condemn the attack of 9/11 by the Islamists

6) I peronally, condemn the atrocities of Israel against the Palestinians

7) I personally, condemn the arrest and torture and execution of our freedom fighters in Iran, by the IRI

And the list goes on!

See? in my list, there are both "For" and "Against" votes for the IRI, there are "For" and "Against" votes for the Islamists. But, nothing "FOR" the American military attack to no-where, and nothing "FOR" the Israeli government.

You don't like it? You think I am hypocrite? Deal with it!

There are plenty of people in Iran, who think exactly like myself in this regard.

Go call them the "opportunists" the "hypocrites" the "paid agents" the "enemies "...attack them, kill them, do whatever you want to them! But face the truth:

This, is your country!

This, is your people!

You can't stay here, writing hysteria, and believing in yourself, for an eternity!

You are not even a professional, a mature activist.

When you get irritated, you resort to name calling, moking the age and physical conditions of your opponent! What a low level partisan of democracy! Shame!

You get so much excited about the killing of a human being, you blame others for not participating in your party, accusing them of being for the regime!
It is so simple for you to launch accusation, because it makes your life easier! This way you don't have to face the truth! You don't loose face in front of your fans!

Terror and killing for political reason, is condemned in democracy! Deal with it!

The same way you judge the people, with a "black or white" sword, the same way they do this you : Are you really for democracy or not?

You can't justify the terror of a scientist (which you always call only a Bassiji, just to legalize his murder ) by saying that in Nuremberg, they didn't accept the defence like : He was doing his job!


But Nuremberg was a real court!

For your records, there were people, accused of "crime against the humanity" who were STILL heard and given a chance to defend themselves!

Learn the history! Understand it!

Don't cut and paste it to your own interest!

You can't kill someone on the street, just like this ,  only because you  SUSPECT that he is doing something against the humanity (which he has not done yet). Just because you THINK, that he MIGHT be plotting something against the humanity, doesn't justify his terror.

You never believe in the IRI newspapers and information, but in this particular case, you take everything that is mentioned about him, by the IRI Media, just because it serves your purpose?

This is not a court! This is a kangaroo court!

And you call yourself the freedom fighters?

And you accuse and humiliate people who condamn such inhuman act?
And you call yourself the millitant for democracy?

I have a valuable a piece of advice for you : Take it easy!


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Tiger Lily

Souri, thank you very much. But you see,

by Tiger Lily on

I'm perfect. There's nothing I can do about it.LOL!!!

And don't worry, but I'm sure we'll be at each others' opinions  very soon.

Character assassinations on this site are dominant. A lot of people simply don't understand the difference between attacking an opinion or belief and the person and to add to the pot, a lot of us are posting from different parts of the world and perfectly innocent expressions in one land may seem offensive elsewhere.

JJ should put a stop to those constant accusations of being a paid this or other. 

P.S. Iraj khan, just ignore them. We all know that it just takes some obsessive crackpot to repeatedly flag comments in order to get an account deleted. 

Vildemose, insinuating that Ari is working for the IRI is just too ridiculous. Where is your evidence?


Artifitial Intelligence

by Souri on

I've just posted a comment about the "irrelevant comments" and the slogans and propagandas. Your comment(in this form) has no sense. You didn't give the link nor the context of that post.

Anyway dear, please stop bringing other posts here. We are talking in general. This blog addresses everybody who looses controle during the debates, whether pro or anti-IRi, pro or anti-Golshifteh, pro or anti-plastic, pro or anti-ecologiste.....whatever.

If you don't agree with the content, just say you don't agree.  I am not the bayb sitter here to make sure everybody is treated equaly good.

Still, thank you for the effort and contribution.


I flagged all the irrelevant comments

by Souri on

Ari's comment wasn't flagged by me, of course. It was relevant :)
Please do stick to the content of this thread. No slogan, no propagnada. I believe you do enough in other threads.
Good luck.

Artificial Intelligence

A perfect example of a "PEACE LOVING IRANIAN" on this site

by Artificial Intelligence on

 See below comment from someone who always complains about personal attacks. He has been calling every anti IRI person a "coward" this week. He calls every anti IRI person a "corward" if they don't list their full name. But a person like Iraj Kahn (ex shotor khan) gets a free pass with all his PRO IRI propaganda. This is how IRI apologist and their supporters argue. They are politically corrupt as evidenced below and as evidenced by this blog. The IRI is under full pressure and they don't like it. The IRI is virtually on the losing side of every argument and they don't like it. The IRI is not made of "peace loving people" 



by Mohammad Ala on

According to several regular AIPAC-zadeha who post on daily basis, these people are friendly people.  LOL.

NWMD (Not Without My Daughter) also was filmed by these people.

G. Rahmanian

Faramarz Jaan:

by G. Rahmanian on

I saw you get thrown out, but I was too drunk to stand up on my feet and come to your help. Sorry, my friend. Maybe next time!


Agha Faramarz

by Souri on

Dear, I thought you could take more than this, really :)

Believe it or not (but I am very honest) if this wasn't for you, I would take another tone to talk to the person who wrote such a poem. It really hurt me.

But as I like you and I know you can take jokes, I tried to answer your poem with a poem. The only thing which came to my mind was that poem  of Hafez. Knowing your satiric taste of bragging about the girls and flirtation, I thought this was the best answer, so to tease you this way.

How could I know that you are old or not? Also, reading all your stories from the very beginning, give us  a hint of your age (not your condition, of course)

Still I can't believe this could hurt you at that point! Come on! Really?

You insult the toudey in genral (while you know I respect them) and if I say you are too old to learn about their history, you get hurt?

Nazok narenji :-(

G. Rahmanian

Dear Vildemose: Exactly!

by G. Rahmanian on

"If you are not supporter of IRI, then you have nothing to worry about."



by Souri on

MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan: Regarding your Golshifteh's comment: As I already mentioned in my blog, people come to this site for all kind of reasons. Some subjects could be more interesting to them than others. Not a problem to me.

Maryam Hojjat:
Very nice of you. Thanks for the encouragement. Regards

Vildemos: I might be narcisstic, but in no way this can justify your abusive behavior toward the members of the site, nor your dictatorial way of blocking the voice of the IRI's supporters (or the people that you accuse of being for the IRI). May I ask you to what title you allow yourself to do this? Who are you? Are you the owner of this site? What did you do so far for the people of Iran? Sorry, but just speaking your mind in a free country doesn't qualify you for this position.What does gives you the rights to decide who can or can not speak here?

Do I have to set your records straight also about the UN who allows even Ahmadi-Nejad himself, to participate at the international conferences and give his own speech?

Are you more catholic than the Pope?


"Iraj Khan"

by Onlyiran on

Since you are so outraged by abuse and attacks, do you mind telling us why and how your "Mola Nasreddin" username was blocked?  Was it because you were abusing someone?  

I just want to put your "holier than thou" sermons in context. 


Souri - what about this one?

by Onlyiran on

"Maybe if you were to move your nose out of its current placement you'd hear more too, lol."

This one was in the same comment.  His first one directed at me when I wasn't even addressing him or talking to him.  And this is not his first time.  He has attacked me before when another one of these so-called "females" was attacking me.  I think it was Soosan Khanoom who was calling me names when this character chimed in to "loos" himself for her, and started with his "LOL's.". The strange thing is that I don't recall ever reading one of his blogs or engaging him in a conversation or even directing a comment at him before his attacks. 


on "supporters of IRI"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Dear Vildmose, first thanks for your candid remarks. To be honest I have not read the rather badly written blog itself, just a glance was sufficient. I did see your comment and as usual decided to come in, check your comments and Faramarz's , whilst holding my breath (a reference to the blog of course!)and then get out.. 

 Since you mentioned the IRI supporters, I'd say that I'd be rather surprised if DHS and European law enforcement agencies would not have more than a passing interest in a site named Now when it comes to those who overtly or covertly support islamic regime on line, I'd say they are either law enforcement agents posing as "bloggers", or simply very gullible west residing IRI supporters falling into the trap. Now as for the usual suspects, you take your pick which catagoury they belong to:)

With that said, I am getting out of this blog for some fresh air and would not be back to read or make any further comments . My suggestion to you my friend is to do just that.  


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Wow :)

by Souri on

Just a couple of hours away and now see this "Ahofteh bazar"? LOL

Allow me to answer you one by one, in order of your presence in the thread:

Onlyiranian: thanks for your both comments. I think we don't share the same opinion in what could be considered as a "personal attack". In your comment you mentioned that the statements like : "Only religious fundamentalists for iran,
only suppression for iran, only oppression for iran, only corruption for
iran, only regression for iran, only deceit for iran, only manipulation
for iran?

Made you angry at the point that you had to insult them. Why? I mean, these names which they called you, have nothing to do with you personally. I don't take this as an insult or abuse. In my personal book, these kind of name calling are not as offensive as the ones we target, right now. I have been called many names much worse than this, but hey.......let them shot their anger in a way. In my opinion (again) if you do call them the name at this level, it won't be a big deal.  You said :

" I have learned to ignore abusers.  I don't read their comments or blogs
to begin with, and when they attack me I just let them know what they're
about and move on. That's how everyone else should respond to these
abusers as well.    "

This is good! I agree with you.



@maybokhor:If you are not

by vildemose on

@maybokhor:If you are not supporter of IRI, then you have nothing to worry about..Yes, I do not want supporters of IRI roaming around the US killing the likes of Gelareh anymore.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


@Vildemose: A full circle!

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Well, well, well!

If it isn't the teachings of IRI that have made you gone a full circle and now standing on the same point where IRI stands:

If someone residing in Iran defends and takes the side of the U.S., he is designated "anti-regime" and "mofsede fel'arz" and is duely treated according to IRI laws.

What a bright future is awaiting Iran....



Let me remind you again:

by vildemose on

Let me remind you again:

According to Country Reports on Terrorism 2010: August 18, 2011:[3]

IRAN: State Sponsor of terrorism

"Overview: Designated as a State Sponsor of Terrorism in 1984, Iran remained the most active state sponsor of terrorism in 2010. Iran’s financial, material, and logistic support for terrorist and militant groups throughout the Middle East and Central Asia had a direct impact on international efforts to promote peace, threatened economic stability in the Gulf, and undermined the growth of democracy."

Anyone who supports IRI by defintion supports terrorism.

"State Sponsors of Terrorism" is a designation applied by the United States Department of State to nations which are designated by the Secretary of State "to have repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism."[1] Inclusion on the list imposes strict sanctions. Iran is on that list.


A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Name Calling is not Good!

by Faramarz on

I whole-heartedly agree that name-calling, stereotyping not debating and following people around is not a nice thing.

As an example last week here on this very site, a person (I forgot his name and avatar) wrote a poem about Tudeh Party and their followers. Then another person (I forgot her name and avatar) came back and told him to be quiet, not say anything because he was old like Hafez and should leave the Pub!

He has also been criticized about his looks and other things, although the "callers" don't have any ideas about what he looks like! All I can say is that I have seen the guy and he looks alright!

And when asked for reason and dialogue, he was told that it was too complicated for him to grasp, notwithstanding the fact that the guy has a reasonable IQ and a decent knowledge of our culture and recent history.

Here is the link and the episode.



 Dear Souri: You remind me

by vildemose on

 Dear Souri: You remind me of a narcissitic prom queen....I will not sink to your level....

No, I don't think pro-IRI people should have a right to speak especially in the US if the government that they are supporting does not allow the same freedom.

I will not reply to anymoer of your ego trips...

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Maryam Hojjat

Souri, thanks for this blog which

by Maryam Hojjat on

Brought most IC members together.  I have been reading the comments and your responses and learning.  I realized one important factor in you which is your skill for communication with others.  Majarity of Iranians have lack in this skill.  Debating on IC is directly related to have a good skill in communication.


Dear Souri

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

After the kind of reaction IC members showed to Golshifte F's nude picture, I am of the opinion that they are mostly interested in discussing Golshifteh's piece than the peace you talk about.


My dear Tiger Lili

by Souri on

You are great!

It is a great sign of self-respect when someone aknowledge his/her own mistake (and apologize for it) but still I think the the aknowledgment is even more important than apologizing.

You showed a very great sign of civility, I bow to you. Thank you.

Not many people among us, has the force and courage to publicly  apologize for something they did. I must add also, that most of the time it is easier to apologize for something which we did unintentially, than when we do it with the intention of hurting someone.

You have set a great example for all of us, today. The first step toward the built of a constructive community. Thanks again.

I take the chance to talk of the other point (in your second comment about Onlyiran) too:

Personally, I believe that when we say :What you did or What you said (was a threat or what a complete BS, ......etc.etc) this is not as insulting, although it is better to be avoided (makrouh ast , na haraam :))

But what we have to avoid to do at any price, is the accusation like : How much you get paid for saying this?

Or, I know who you are and I know who paid you for that

Or, calling at the univesity when someone works to destroy his reputation

Or, calling their mother and sisters names and.....etc etc

Just becasue we don't agree with what they say and it makes us angry!

In fact, most of the time we don't even mean what we say, but in the heat of the moment, we say things which are really hurtful to the other person's ego, who like ourselves, he/she too, has taken his freedom of speech as a right to come and speak here.



If AmirParviz hadn't engaged in an unprovoked attack

by Onlyiran on

he wouldn't have heard a response.  In fact, he kept on attacking long after I let go.  To every action there's a reaction.  You can't attack people and call them this stuff, and not expect a response:

 "Only religious fundamentalists for iran, only suppression for iran, only oppression for iran, only corruption for iran, only regression for iran, only deceit for iran, only manipulation for iran?" 

and this:

"Maybe if you were to move your nose out of its current placement you'd hear more too, lol."

Also unprovoked, when I wasn't even addressing him.  And for you to cheer him on and call me "stupid" among other things.  I'm glad I responded to both of you abusers. 

You know, TL, there's a reason why you have been blocked at least twice on IC.  It's called abusive behavior.  Now keep "rolling on the floor laughing" until you pass out. "LOL" right back at you and your friend Amir. Keep this in mind next time you want to attack me: come and get some!

Good night and good riddance. 


Tiger Lily

Here we go

by Tiger Lily on

What I had posted to a poster called OnlyIran was something like: that I find his or her posts 'tedious propaganda'.


Viscious personal attack, Tiger lily. ROFLM!


Here's the link and some poster's should really read their own posts. Have a look at the very personal attacks to Amirparviz



P.S. If I started to list the amount of personal attacks and continues harrassment on  IC , we'd all be here till Emam Zaman's day!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Iraj Khan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I have read several people saying if US attacks Iran they will act. That sounds like a threat to me. Freedom of speech does not include threats. I am just making a point. If someone makes a thread authorities may act. 


Dear Anglophile

by Souri on

(God knows I am really in a rush now, I have to get ready for an important business meeting, but can't stop reading and writing to our very dear members, so much I feel concerned by this matter)

You don't need to address Mammad, as he said he won't be back here to read from us.

I just want to talk some of my concerns with you.

My very dear Madame, if someone comes here and writes always under the name  of "Mammad" why should we  insist on mentioning his real name, repeatedly?

I mean, in this site, many people know what is the real name of Mammad, since a long long while ago. But why not to respect his will and privacy, to call him by the ID which he has choosed for himself?

This, is  a first attempt of attacking a person's privacy. I know, I know many people have done this, before you, here. But why you?

Staying civilised, starts by ourselves, here and now.

As for the second point, now that we are talking about Mammad's identity and title, I have always heard his name as Doctor. Knowing that his branch is not Medical, but purely Sciences, it is obvious that he could be called a Scientist (daneshmand) not an Engineer.

So, if you know him that well (which obviously you do) it is normal to question your motivation of calling him an Engineer, while it is evidant that he is not.

Although, it is nothing of utter importance, but I believe this could be translated as a sign as you were trying to lowering the importance of his knowledge and degrees.

All in all, may I ask everyone, to just trying :) more civility and respect toward each other?

Thanks and lots of love to all of you.

Payandeh IRAN

PS_ Wouldn't be for her, non of us would gather here at the price of missing an important meeting :)


Grow a thick skin

by Onlyiran on

I don't mean this in a disrespectful way, but seriosuly, that's the only solution.  VPK is right.  You see these types of attacks, etc. on virtually every political site, and some even non-political sites.  I was reading an article about a cell phone on a technical site and you should have seen the comments there.  These people were ripping each other's heads off!  This is what internet anonymity causes.  People lose their inhibitions and say whatever is on their minds, Iranian and non-Iranian.  You know how many times I have been attacked on this site?  I have had whole blogs written attacking me, which JJ has featured on the main page!!  

Some of the people commenting here on this thread have attacked me viciously in the past, like Tiger Lily and "Iraj Khan" who used to call himself "Mola Masreddin" before that username of his was blocked.  Every once a while though we get one of these "let's get a long" blogs written by someone.  While you and VPK seem sincere, others who have written thse blogs and / or complain about incivility are some of the worst offenders.  Soosan Khanoom has always cried about this issue and has even written a blog about it.  At least I think he/ she has written a blog about it, as I really don't read his/ her blogs.  At the same time, she has attacked me and accused me of all kinds of things, such as being "OnlYIsrael" and using muliple usernames, etc.  Same thing with Mammad.  He always compalins about these things when he's on Fred's blogs calling him a turncoat, calling others traitors, etc.  He's one of the worst offenders also.

I have learned to ignore abusers.  I don't read their comments or blogs to begin with, and when they attack me I just let them know what they're about and move on. That's how everyone else should respond to these abusers as well.    

This is the internet.  Anything pretty much goes.  If you think that you don't have the stomach to handle it, your should honestly not get involved in online debates.   

iraj khan

Freedom of Speech

by iraj khan on

is inclued in U.S. constitution.

Which means everybody is able to express himself/herself as long it is not hate speech or threatening the security of U.S.

Have you listened to Ron Paul's speeches? He is running as a Republican candidate for President and says it as he sees it.

Is he anti-U.S.?

No, but he's using his freedom of speech to express his views about U.S. foreign policy.

Most of us are U.S. citizens who are raising a family here and we care for the well-being of our host country.

VPK: I have not read any comments by anybody here talking about 'revenge' etc. If they do it means they're misguided.

We as IC visitors should be free to express our opinions without being labled as 'IRI supporters', 'agents', 'VIVAK', 'terrorist', 'Anti-American', etc or to be threatened to have our account blocked here.

Ms vildemose knows well how she and a few others always have threatened to block other members accounts here and in some case have been successful to intimidate others.

Souri khanoom, remember what they did to 'Q'?

They're trying to do the same to Mommad and others. Thier actions are not fair or democratic.

Tiger Lily

My apologies to Mammad

by Tiger Lily on

I'm sorry if my posts have sounded insulting. I really didn't mean them to be and it's true, I shouldn't start "helping" when not asked for in this case and will definitely, in future bear this in mind. Remind me, when I forget! ;)

To add to that I did something really stupid: expecting more of someone I don't even know. Very estooopidzzz, Tiger Lily, estoooopppidzzz.

Now that VPK mentions it: I'm used to really heated, hard-hitting political discussions with nothing personal entering at all. Which is why I actually was wondering that perhaps this is a cultural Iranian thing, which should be avoided at all costs. Without the clarity of at least some political theory, Iran, as I've mentioned before, a country in turmoil, will remain in turmoil and its citizens will continue to be deprived of their rights and responsibilities.

The savage thuggery of "you're a basiji, Islamist, IRI agent and I'm going to execute you" is neither a definition nor an argument! lol


P.S. I don't blame Mammad for wanting to leave IC, as many others, notably the most reasonable and obviously educated posters have done already or make only guest appearances.


P.P.S. Truth in the blog: we don't all visit this site for the same reasons.



چرا قهر؟





متاسفانه اغلب افرادی که با نام و هویت آشکار به این سایت پا می‌‌نهند انتظار دارند که از نوعی مصونیت در برابر مخالفان خود برخوردار شده و گرنه قهر کرده و به نوعی  بمخالفان خود احساس گناه میدهند. و هرگونه نظر مخالفی را "بی‌ ربط" به نظرات خود می‌‌پندارند. آقای سهیمی چه کسی اول بار اسم از "تجربیات" خاص خودش در امور سیاسی برد، من یا شما؟ چه کسی اول بار اسم از "دانش" خودش در باره تشکیلات نظام اسلامی برد،من یا شما؟ چه کسی‌ اسم از "دانشمند" بودنش برد من یا شما؟ و غیره و غیره. ادعا کردن اشکالی ندارد ولی اگر کسی بجای دانشمند شما را مهندس بخواند باید از شما عذر بخواهد؟!! معلوم شد روی نقطهٔ حساسی انگشت گذاشتم. در مرام شما از فروتنی اسمی هست؟  یا اینکه واقعا این اوهام برای شما به حقیقت تجسم یافته که به قولی گفتنی "علی‌ آباد" هم دهی‌ هست. به احترام سوری خانم من مقوله را در این جا با این دو بیت خاتمه میدهم:


یا مکن‌ با پیل بانان دوستی‌



 یا بنا کن خانه‌ای در حد پیل. 





Dear Irajkhan

by Souri on

Thanks again for your comment. I think I have partially answered some of your concern in my below comment.

Just to add, in general, the ones who resort to name calling, acussation and threat, are the ones who either do not have a solid  base for their belief, or they do not have learned the tact of debating.

In both cases, it is nothing which can't be improved. We will hope for everyone of us works on our capability of taking the opposing views (myself included, who am also guilty of charge, when it comes to getting too emotional :))

On the other note, the ones who threat your work  or business or  wants to deport you (wow!!) are the real cowards.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


  • Dear Souri: Glad you agree I do not propose verbal attacks. The one thing I do is to ask people to stop not demand. I do not have the mandate to make demands. Besides asking generally works better.
  • Iraj Khan: I do not want anyone shut. But I have a question about deportation. Assume  we got a person in US who is very anti-American and boasts about taking revenge on America.. What do you think US should do?