Members of the Islamic Republic that must be condemned and sentenced to death


by Simorgh5555

On the eve of the US led coalition invasion of Iraq US troops were issued with  a set of playing cards which identified the most wanted men in Saddam Hussain's regime.

As the noose tightens around the neck of the regime and the prospect of military action draws nearer I have compiled a list of my favourite Islamist criminals in the terrorist hierarchy whose heads quite literally need to be given the chop after they have been put on trial - although why wait for a trial when you can kill them using precision guided missiles by an effective targeted assassination policy.

Here is my top ten list. Please feel free to sugget your own most wanted criminal list in the Terorist regime of Iran.

Please lobby your MP/Congressman and petition for the removal and trial of the following people:

  1.  Syed Ali Khamenei. Criminal Profile: Maimed dope smoker and
    so-called spiritual leader of the terrorist regime. Crimes range from
    ordering the brutal clampdown of student protesters, killing and
    jailing of opponents of the regime through security forces and
    pro-government militia. Murder of academics and opponents of the regime
    both inside and outside Iran; Has final right of veto over all policy matters. 
  2. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - Criminal profile: Irrational and delusional
    sociopath.; ugly and poorly groomed and  attired;Responsble of election
    rigging and blackmailing election canidates; Responsible for killing of
    opponents of the regime; Siphoning public money and transferring them
    to terrorist entities in Palestine and Lebanon; endangering the
    security of the country through un-necessary provocation of
    neighbouring countries which have no reason to be hostile to Iran;
    denies the murder of Neda Soltani by government Militia; denies the
    Holocaust; denial of personal liberties and enforcing strict Islamic
    dress codes for men and women; captruring of innocent US citizens in
    Kurdistan province and indefinite detention; 
  3. Ali Larijani - Criminal Profile: Head of Supreme National Security Council and
    chief nuclear negotiator for Iran. Favourite protoge of Syed Ali
    Khemeni; corruption in public office; advocated fierce crackdown of
    future protests which threaten the regime
  4. Sadeeq Larijani - Criminal Profile: Chief Prosecturor (or
    persecutor) of the Islamic Sharia Judicial system. Next to Khamenei he
    is the most powerful man in the Islamic judicial system.
  5. Ahmad Khatami- Criminal profile: Responsible for ludicrous and
    provocative Friday sermons advocating the killing of all protesters
    without trial; advocates the subjugation and repression of women;
    advocates abolishing all personal freedoms which are not comaptible
    with Islam (meaning just about anything)
  6. Ayhatollah Jayanetti- - Criminal profile: Identical viewpoints as
    that of  Khatami (see above) and head of the Shoraye Negahban (Council
    of Guardians) who are a committee of petty criminals in religious
    outfits exerting huge influence over appointment of ministers, judicial
    and policy matters. 
  7. Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjnai- Criminal profile: Amassed a personal
    fortune in the tune of millions of dollars through nefarious activities
    and business monopolicies. Once served as president between 1989- 1997
    and name linked to he killing of opponents abroad such as the Mykonos
    murders, the killing of Shaphur Bakhtiar and Fereydoun Farrokhzad; the
    killing and attempted killings of translators of the Satanic Verses in
  8. Atoaleh Salehi - Criminal Profile: The current head of the armed
    forces of the terrorist regime. Swore an oath of allegiance to the Syed
    Ali Khameneiand betrayed the former Shah  and rightful ruler of Iran
    Mohammed Reza Pahlavi 
  9. Mostafa Mohammad Najar - Criminal Profile: The current interior
    minister of Iran; controls both the police, the revolutionary guards
    and the Basij
  10. Maounchehr Mottaki - Criminal Profile: Ahmadinejad's current foreign affairs minister. 

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maziar 58

labor camps

by maziar 58 on

yeah that's what I say too LABOR WORK let them built a connection from Bandar abbas to bandar pahlavi  wide enough to navigate a cruis ship .

enough of killings.     Maziar


You can add

by MRX1 on

hundreds if not thousends to this list, names like  Nayeri, rishahri, mortazavi, ghodusi, opium fested mousavi,karoubi, sazgara and many many others. I say this though, killing these cockroaches will not bring back  life of tens of thousends who have died from their action, so instead put them in a labor camp and force them to work 20 hours a day rebuilding Iran! You see the biggest punishement you can do this kind of people is having them doing a labor work! That's worse then Hundred death sentense for them.




by Bavafa on

Taghseer khodet neest, fahm ke neest joon dar azabe



Bavafa ak.a.Mr Mehrdad 'I own'

by Simorgh5555 on

Firstly, you do not own so please do not dictate what I should or should not put in it. If you do not like my blogs then do not leave messages in it and go read the music and art columns.

You have misprepresented my view points again. I have said that Iran should be liberated by a national army which would almost inevitably  need the support of the US or even Israel. And, no, I am not ashamed on it. Are you ashamed ofstanding back like a coward and be content for the Iranians to spend the rest of their lives in a living hell? 

This is by no means wishful thinking. These are the exact same "wishful thinking" that brought members of Saddam's government to trial and punishment. Anything can happen.





Capital punishment is easy way out, try this...

by shaw on

Capital punishment is for those who are serial murderers and so dangerous that they can't ever be reformed or released into society. That qualification applies to these criminals as well, but the difference is, these bastards believe in an eye-for-an-eye. I don't, but that's their paradigm, hence their justice.

But the question is, how do you propose getting them? if we forego the importance of being noble, as they despised, we could do as they did: trap their families in a Cinema, and burn it. Then take the British embassy and Swiss embassy workers hostage, as leverage for their international assets, and their heads.

When finally in custody, throw them in dark cold cells without sewage and nothing but Qoran's & crude oil to use as food, fire, and toilet paper, or any other needs they have. That's been their solution to all. Let them live as long as they can on nothing but the Qorans & oil. 

Leave them with a pistol with one shot to end their misery. But the pistol can only work after they screw their mother, or daughter, like they did Iran, and have either shove a pepper-based replica of the Cyrus Cylinder up their ass. That way, even if they were closet Christian, Jew, Bahai, agnostic or athiest, the possibility of heaven will be out of reach, and if they come back in another life, they might give a shit about human rights.

For that matter, I suggest we mass produce the replicas of Cyrus Cylinders and administer them ourselves to Obama, Elizabeth, and other douche-bags who quietly keep these criminals in power.



Excellent blog

by Arthimis on

Excellent blog Simorgh5555,

May God be with you in preparing the names of more I.R. Criminals to your main list!!

PS. Loved your sense of humour in introducing their "Criminal Profile" !


MM jan,

by Bavafa on

Although he has not advocated military action in this specific blog, but he is on the record far too many times (within a short period that he has been on IC) to have advocated exactly such and not shy about it either.

But, this is regardless of how IRI is removed from power in Iran. Blogs such as this, as childish and wishful thinking it maybe, it must not be endorsed in any way as it will set up the feature of Iran for another dictatorial/monstrous rulers to be.

Is this what we are wishing for? To remove IRI, only to replace it yet with another blood thirsty, revengeful regime that IC is the courts for those to be hang and shot to death.




by MM on

Sorry I missed the part of Simorgh5555's blog on military action, although he is not advocating a foreign military invasion.  Even an internal struggle to rid Iran of this cancer will require the support of the real Iranian military against the Islamists; a military action, and that is the way I guess I interpreted it.  But, you are right.

The major part of the blog that caught my eyes is about what to do when rounding up the enablers of this regime; especially those who have done atrocities in the name of religion.

I am also adding the names of torturers of the prisons and the chomagh-bedasts who were shooting/stabbing protestors last year to the list. 

Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on

“as soon as men decide that all means are permitted to
fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil
which they set out to destroy"



by Simorgh5555 on

Get a life and go get some Marvin Gaye feeling

Sargord Pirouz

haha, charade you are

by Sargord Pirouz on

Ah, the desperate fantasies of wretched exiles...


Maryam etc all

by Simorgh5555 on

Please provide more names. I know there are more criminals in this regime than I can possibly count. Can you please also describe their criminal profile so I can extend my list.

Maryam Hojjat

Sorry for bad spelling!

by Maryam Hojjat on

He is most  & tormented.

Maryam Hojjat

Did you forget Mesbah Yazdi?

by Maryam Hojjat on

He most criminal backwarded in the world who is living in IRAN and prescribing AN his prescription for tomenting IRANIANs.


10 + 100000 criminals

by afshinazad on

Before we serve the justice we need to change the criminal Regime.

our nation 99.9% are hostage from last 31 years and awaking of our nation showed itself last year and with lack of leadership freedom movement is now underground and we hope for miracles and I hope that our nation could be able to have a leader that would respect all political groups and most important Iran and Iranian before their agenda for power and political asperiation and if we have no assambly or the leader who could unite the nation for one goal nothing else but free Iran.  


how wonderful it will be

by Bavafa on

Our Seemorghe aziz, not only have decided for Iran to be bombed and occupied by a foreign force, but has already passed the sentence on two hand full of top IRI "officials" as well.

Why bother to put them on trail for their crimes, lets just hang em high. After all, this is what they did to the Shah's "nocheh" . We shouldn't be better then them!!!!!

What a great nation we will have after Americans and Israelis get rid of IRI for us. We can already see what to expect, folks from here (on IC) can be judge, jury and I am sure they would not mind pulling the trigger, so the executioner as well.

I am not surprised a bit for Mahamoud and MRX to have join his mob lynch group.. But I am surprised to see MM here



In Iraq, 1 deck of cards. In Iran, we need a few decks of cards

by MM on



I apologise!

by Simorgh5555 on

Please suggest more names to add to this list. The more the merrier!


You have been toogenerous

by MRX1 on

The real list should be much much longer than this, you have been very generous to these cock roaches.



by Simorgh5555 on

Spot on! Capital punishment must be abolished in Iran but there should be no clemency for these criminals. There should be no 'truth and reconciliation' committee like in South Africa. There can be no reproachment and no reconcilation with these terrorirsts. Justice should be swift. The criminals must also be denied a burial in Iran as their foul existance will contaminate Iranian soil.

As Iranians we venerate the four elements. Please do not let these criminals foul our sacred soil either  in life or in death. 

Do what Israel did with Eichman. Put them on trial, condemn them to death, incinerate them and scatter their ashes so no one can mourn for them. 

Free Iran. 


capital punishment should be abolished

by mahmoudg on

but i agree that these 10 charlatans and perhps another 3000 of the highest officials must be put on trial and brought to justice, just like the Nuremberg trials.  With the difference that capital pubishment will be abolished and these guys will get life in prison with no possibility of parole.