Radio College Park

Sima Asgari
by Sima Asgari

College Park is a small town in the state of Maryland in the eastern part of the United States. Radio College Park is a weekly Persian (Farsi) radio program so called Podcast produced every Friday by a group of Iranian students and alumni of the University of Maryland as well as its audience.

كالج پارك شهری كوچك در ايالت مريلند در شرق آمريكاست. برنامه هفتگی راديو كالج پارك هر جمعه توسط گروهی از دانشجويان و فارغ التحصيلان ايرانی دانشگاه مريلند و همچنين شنوندگان آن تهيه ميشود //

As one of the contributors to this radio, I am so proud that we have been able to keep the radio alive for more than 3 years and producing 165 programs just through contribution by volunteers.


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Sima Asgari

We appreciate your support

by Sima Asgari on

Dear Ali,

Thanks for your support. Your encouragements will definitely empover us to stay active.



Admirable Sustainability

by Ali Mostashari (not verified) on

Of course I am also a Radio College Park fan. What I like a lot about Radio College Park is its sustainability. Unfortunately most initiatives by young Iranians in the U.S. are person-centric and once the person (or persons) leave the organization the quality of the activities starts to decline and sometimes the initiative is lost. Kudos to RCP for keeping up the good work.

Sima Asgari

Thank you so much Amir

by Sima Asgari on

Thank you so much Amir !

I am glad you are one of our listeners.

Please keep listening

Sima Asgari

Thanks Q

by Sima Asgari on

Thanks a lot for the encouragement.

Actually we love the fact that we are all volunteers. It means that nobody makes programs with any finiancial goals in mind. All we have is a laptop, a microphone, some ideas and it has worked fine so far.

All we hope for is to expand the circle of our listeners.

AmirAshkan Pishroo

great radio

by AmirAshkan Pishroo on

I have been listening, now and then, to this great radio from day one.

keep keeping on, Sima


Sima, CP is a wonderful town

by Q on

I have been there several times. It's a lovely community. Thanks for your part in keeping the Persian programming going. You should not be shy to ask for donations, if your station can accept them electronically.