The volunteer!

Siamack Baniameri
by Siamack Baniameri

An activist friend told me that he is spending just about all his free time volunteering to work for NIAC and to bring public awareness to execution of juveniles in Iran and he still can’t get laid. I told him he should try Hybrid car clubs.


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Majid...I think I am in love

by Anonymous on

Majid...I think I am in love with you. So witty.


Iranian girls get laid chapo

by Anonymous on

Iranian girls get laid chapo rast and you men have no clue how much fun we are having with or without you! hasud hasud hargez nayasud INDEED!!!!!


that be awsome

by Anonymous on

it will be funny as hell seeing that lunetic driving hybrid car and cursing at every girl he sees in broken english.!


Speaking of HajiAgha, NIAC and hybrid cars

by farrad02 on

I can't help but day dream...seeing Haji Agha as an active member of NIAC, driving around a hybrid car. No connection, just thinking!  Imagine Haji Agha shouting his profanity from a Hybrid car! :D


Choob va gorbeh dozdeh!

by sh8tune on

I only lifted the stick, but can always count on gorbeh dozdeh to run!

Sheila K

Delet be soozeh!

by Sheila K on

What's wrong with Iranian women and their memoires? If they get laid with or without a book, then good for them. Why not? Hasood hasood hargez na yah sood.


Tell your friend to write a book!

by sh8tune on

Yes, tell your friend to write about his life in Iran - growning up, family, farar, etc.!  Every other day an Iranian woman comes out with her memoires. I assure you they are getting praised and laid chapo rast az bala az kenar. But, they were doing that before their books.

yassamin healey

the volunteer

by yassamin healey on

Siamack ,

YOu are still very funny. But why are you trying to get your friend laid by a tree- hugger ? I thought Iranian girls like gas-guzzlers!



by Majid on

Did you recently get together with HAJIAGHA??