My bad!

Siamack Baniameri
by Siamack Baniameri

In light of president Ahmadinejad’s statement that we do not have homosexuals in Iran, I would like to personally apologize to all those that I accused of being gay including:

- The next door neighbor’s son, Majid, who was caught masturbating while rolling on the poster of George Michael

- My aunt’s husband Javad who was caught by my aunt, having sex with Baba Mamad the housekeeper

- The math teacher, Mr. Habib, who cornered my brother in the bathroom at school and asked my brother if he wanted to see his jojol-talla

- Soli the hairdresser who loved chasing boys in the parking lot behind his shop

- And especially, all Iranian LA singers that I mistakenly assumed were gay.

I’m sorry.


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As hilarious as usual!

by Lluís (not verified) on

Mack, you're great keep beeing so. I love your writings!


A joke

by YO (not verified) on

Sia, some levity on the subject for someone who has a great sense of humor: - maybe you've heard it, but here it goes:
What did the two condoms say when they walked past the gay bar?Let's go get shit faced!...


Keep'em coming...

by sk on

As usual, very smart and intelligent. Keep'em coming. It's a breath of fresh


Please watch this. Laugh or

by Anonymousee (not verified) on

Please watch this. Laugh or weep:



Please let’s not confuse sickos with homosexuals

by Anonymous on

Please let’s not confuse sickos (the people/mulles/preiset, etc.) who like young boys with homosexuals. That is why I took this write-up a bit seriously. This write-up proofs that we have sickos as well!


Sia, I thought you were

by shab (not verified) on

I thought you were going to apologize for not being funny last time, good thing you didn't!


They're everywhere

by Tugger on

Anonymous, I doubt Iranian boys are sexually abused any more than anyone else. The point was that despite what Ahmadinejad said, it doesn't occur any less. Most guys I know who were allowed out of the house when they were young have at least one story of a creepy advance. I remember when I was 14 in Canada I missed my bus and some guy offered mee a ride home. Before he dropped me off he offered me 20 bucks for a hand job.

The cheap bastard! ;)


sorry if I offended you

by Anonymous on

My dear Zekee (funny nick name)

I was very sincere in my comments – do not know why you call me racist – not that it matters since you are very wrong! (more often than not in "equality debates" I think guys are getting the shorter stick).


"No wonder some of you

by Zekee (not verified) on

"No wonder some of you Iranian guys are strange – some of you have a dark background and have been sexually abused".

And you don't know how much we feel sorry for a twisted racist like you ;)


Poor Iranian Men

by Anonymous on

No wonder some of you Iranian guys are strange – some of you have a dark background and have been sexually abused. I do feel very bad for you (but not bad enough to think that Siamak is funny in this write-up even if I could relate to what he is saying) . I wish you all the guys who have been abused when you were boys the best of luck and I hope that you can get over it – cannot be easy!


Welcome back!

by farrad02 on

Sia jan, welcome back. You are back my friend. You are funny again. Kheili hal kardam. But, you forgot the neighborhood Mullah whoo used to corber boys in the dark alley after leaving tekyeh on Moharram nights. :)