Flashmob and One Voice, what a bunch of Bull Crap…

Siamack Baniameri
by Siamack Baniameri

Like many of you, I have been watching the cyber warriors’ attempts at disbanding Islamic Republic with their keyboards and webcams, and asking myself: what the…?

The so-called Flahsmob and One Voice Campaign not to mention the virtual demonstrations at the Azadi square, cybernetic hunger strikes and internet funerals for decedents… Are you serious?! When did we turn into cyber nutcases!

Now I gotta admit that It’s been entertaining to watch a bunch of well-fed intellectuals with bookshelves in the background (Bookshelves=Intelligence), voicing their support for a group of starving political prisoners who are most likely eating some guy’s Koobideh from the wrong end. “We love you long time. Our webcams shall free you some day! Gotta go now, running late for a dinner party!”

I can hear the political prisoners say, “Holly shit, we are in trouble now…”

The Flashmob, on the other hand, was by far the best of Iranian narcissism. I’m not exactly sure what kind of international effect it had, but I can tell you that Islamic Republic was panicking, seeing Iranian opposition straying from Starbucks to do something that requires physical activity (like flashing their fists).

Here is an idea: just for shits and giggles, how about a leading opposition figure inviting some of the fruity Iranians in Europe to join him/her on an expedition to an Iranian embassy and simply pissing on the embassy walls in bright daylight. That’s right… pull down your pants or skirts and piss on the fucking wall and say, “ I piss on this embassy for embarrassing my country and my people.”


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Anahid Hojjati

Internet is great but Iranian Americans are sometimes isolated

by Anahid Hojjati on

Internet is great for making it easier for Iranian Americans and other Iranians in Diaspora to have discussions amongst themselves. However , I believe Siamack's focus in this article is about measures that can achive results for opposition not merits of discussions among various groups. Regarding that, many Iranian Americans and other Iranians in Diaspora are isolated. They mostly are friends with other Iranian Americans and some even work with other Iranian Americans. Our facebook friends are mostly Iranian American. Relying too much on Internet results in not being able to educate American public about what goes on in Iran. In any country that Iranian Diaspora lives, non-Internet measures have the added advantage that they bring visibility to the cause. 

For instance why not distribute papers near Saturday markets about "etesaabe ghaza" in Iran. This way activists will be able to reach many people who have gathered for a food related activity to let them know that conditions are so extreme that some political prisoners have stopped eating in Iran.

David ET

using internet

by David ET on

We have not had democracy and means to freely express ourselves. Internet provides the means for Iranians to interact in a free medium, something they have not been offered by any of our governments and therefore we have not politically matured. As a result of lack of communication with one another we do not stand opposing views nor are willing to join hands for common goals. Also due to lack of political awareness , we get easily swayed by emotions and false presentations and promises.

Political maturity needs dialogue and for now internet is the primary mean that offers such meium as well as a media to provide news and opinions as opposed the official controlled medias of Islamic Republic and others.

Internet has empowered people who otherwise had no voice or their voices were easily cushed. Internet can not be used as the only means but definitely has an important place in the path to democracy. Internet is also being used as a media to voice the crushed voices of those in Iran.  



by yolanda on

What is the punishment for public urination?

You are arrested for indecent exposure. a sex crime.

You would have to register as a sex offender everywhere you moved for the rest of your life.



urination is uncivilized! Look @ how farmers deal w/ city hall

by MM on

This is how an angry farmer John Deals With the City Hall

Let's give back some of which has been dealt to us.

Any questions?

salman farsi

The best way to anger the Velayatist in embassies is

by salman farsi on


to hold a massive "namaz vahshat" outside their embassies.


 For an Islamic democracy


It's impractical

by divaneh on

Is that the best you can come up with Siamak? Well, let me tell you it's impractical and I can say that from personal experience. I once came out of a night club in the embassy area and wanted to protest on a tree, but had not fully opened my fly yet when a voice from the back said "You can't do it there". I turned back and it was a Police. To this day I don’t know how he knew what I was going to do. He definitely had some sort of psychic power.

Also, you cannot shame a shameless. I loved MM's shoe throwing idea but not at the IRI embassy. We must throw them at Chinese and Russian embassies who are stealing our resources and in return support the dictators. I think that would generate good publicity. We must force/encourage these two countries to change their policies with regards to Iran.


I'm not suggesting we Make Them at the Embassy Work for a Change

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

However I heard...

With only 20 people, each with a sealable plastic bag, some activists are known to go to a dog park with hygenic gloves and collect doggie doo and seal them in bags, so there is no smell, then deliver them all over the embassy, walls, windows etc. again using hygenic gloves during 60 seconds of non stop fun.  The key s for each person to get lots and lots of the preparatory materials, as you'd be surprised how long one minute lasts, when your throwing at an embassy of a country that wants to outlaw dog ownership.

It is important to invite, local media journalists and take anonymous pictures without anyones face showing.  Embassy has CCTV so cover faces please.

God bless your all, for reminding me HOW FUN PROTEST CAN BE against people raping, torturing and imprisoning our friends and family with 100% absolute total impunity from justice. 


I really like it and I think it is a great idea

by Bavafa on

Looks like so far I am in the minority for a mass pissing on the IRI embassy wall but I like it and will do it at the next opportunity I get.




by ComraidsConcubine on

 You need a hose, that can be stationed at different locations,  that can be filled continuously and coloured at different stages to write on the walls.

P.S. After 32 years, loads of us must be wetting our pants in excitement, not to mention the IRI, who must be absolutely frightened off their follies. 

Born yesterday: 6 billion. 


A Great Song About Another Historic Hunger Strike

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

Politicised Folk - Hunger Strike


Christy Moore- No Time For Love (Fast Version)


" Sometimes they fought for the will to survive

Sometimes they just wished they were dead"


The names of prisoners on hunger strike

by Mehrban on

The names of the twelve prisoners on hunger strike are as follows;  

بهمن عمویی، حسین زید آبادی، عماد دین باقی‌، عماد بهاور،قربان بهزادیان نژاد، محمد داوری، امیر خسرو دلیر ثانی‌، فیض الله عرب سرخی، ابوالفضل قربانی، محمد جواد مظفر، محمد رضا مقیسه، عبدالله مومنی


Please advise if the names (Farsi) need spelling corrections. 

Bahman Amooi, Hossein Zaidabadi, Emadodin Baghi, Emaad Behavar, Ghorban Behzadiaan Nejaad, Mohammad Davari, Amirkhosow Delirsani, Fayzallah Arabsorkhi, Abolfazl Ghorbani, Mohammad Javad mozafar, Mohammad reza Moghiseh 

Mash Ghasem

You don't realize so many things, it boggles the mind

by Mash Ghasem on

how obtuse an apologist of IR can be. Now , go along and eat some of  your " Shiite & democracy" and hush.


Hey, what have YOU done lately?

by TheMrs on

Organize your brilliant plan. Then you can come and make fun of the symbolic measures people take.

At the end of the day, we don't live in Iran and it's not our business. That's my conclusion. When the people of Iran want change, they'll work toward it in any way they think is best.

Meanwhile, a little compassion for the prisoners won't kill anyone. It gets the word out. As long as people are aware of the injustices in Iran, it's better than if they were completely ignorant of it.

Haven't you seen the Amnesty International commercial that says it's hard to kill people when someone is watching?




by MM on

Delivering/mailing them medical urine samples in a large package (well publicized in advance) is a little more discrete.  But, another custom that has become synonymous with discontent and disrespect is throwing shoes at the embassy, en mass this time.


Piss on Embassies Flash Mob

by bahmani on

Someone set the date quick! I can't hold it much longer.

Also everyone should plan on eating a pound of Asparagus the night before.

Seriously though, what's up with Asparagus?


The Problem with Hunger Strikes...

by bahmani on

None of the people striking is ever willing to actually go through with it and die for their cause, so the oppressors simply smile and wait it out.

To speed things up in Iran they leave the Evin prison kitchen door open and start cooking khoresht, kabab and ash.

Or at least that's what Akbar Ganji was overheard saying over dinner after he got out. Man! That boy can eat!

salman farsi

Didn't realise we are in a village :)

by salman farsi on

Is it by any chance called Ghiass Abad? No wonder some behave like peasants!

 For an Islamic democracy

Mash Ghasem

Definitely not your brother, the entire nation has a bad taste

by Mash Ghasem on

in our mouth, it's not just personal and individual, it's social and collective. If you weren't such an obtuse apologist, you would admit it too.

But you like the taste so much, you want to give us the same Shitte with a brand new flavour, 'shitte &democracy" brand. A true viliage idiot.

salman farsi

Brother Ghasem

by salman farsi on

I am sure you are speaking based on personally tasting what you are prescribing :))

 For an Islamic democracy

Mash Ghasem

Please folks, could we get a little creative with this please?

by Mash Ghasem on

Mass Pissing doesn't have to be so literal, Plastic bags full of you know what is a good substitute, as long as the liquid, or any other object, rotten tomato, egg, home garbage,.. is on their walls and door steps and doors; that would be considered, mission accomplished. Of course such displays of outrage at IR, and our condemnation of its filthy existence, could be done individually or in groups, collective efforts most often have better results.

Affinity groups are a very good intorduction to such group efforts. Me guess something like this might be called "The Pissed-Off Affinity Group?"

Get pissed-off people, if you already aren't.

You know the rest.

Unleash that liquid, or any other other type, Fury!


For the village idiot: they've been giving us shitte for the past 32 years, this way we give them the  shitte back, and let them know in unequivocal terms:We ain't taking that shitte no more?  Verstehen?

salman farsi

Bother Siamak I have some grim news:

by salman farsi on

They have been doing what you are suggesting over the whole country for the last three decades. Don't you think you are being too forgiving on them :))


 For an Islamic democracy


On a more serious note...

by Parham on

... Really, what a joke. The most people like Behnoud, Dabbashi and Nabavi want is just a washed-out version of the Islamic Republic; in other words, same crap different day.
Can't help but to feel sorry that this should be our fight after 32 years (and the dictatorship from before, of course).
Wake-up, people.


Not Going to Work!

by Faramarz on

First of all, not everyone can piss on-demand. You can't just go to the embasy and assume that you are ready. Unless there is water hose around that you can turn on and get inspired.

Secondly, not everyone can piss in front of others! It will be quite a setback for the opposition if a bunch of people showed up and nothing came.

Thirdly, I have never seen a woman pull her skirt up and piss standing up! The mechanics don't allow that!

How about we bring some in a plastic bottle instead?

Soosan Khanoom

You asked ...

by Soosan Khanoom on

" When did we turn into cyber nutcases!"

well ..... I certainly did once I joined IC ..... I believe some members were nutcases long before me  :) 

you are funny Siamack.... I enjoyed reading this and thanks for the laugh ..

nothing beats this line :

seeing Iranian opposition straying from Starbucks to do something that requires physical activity (like flashing their fists). 


Completely disagree, sorry ...

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Dear Siamack, I understand that you are dissatisfied with the activities of people ouside Iran (both expats as well as people like me who just feel sympathy for the iranian democratic movement), activities that by their very nature can not go far beyond publicity, media awareness and political lobbying. I understand that your anger about the brutality of the IRI regime (which most of us share) calls for more "direct action", like urinating in front of the IRI embassies world-wide.

I can tell you from a little bid own experience that - whenever you are in opposition inside a totalitarian country - nothing is worse than having the feeling that people outside have forgotten you. It will be even worse for people put in prison in IRI. If you heared interviews with them or with their families, there is one recurrent issue: the uncertainty if the outside world (outside the prison or outside the country) knows about their destiny. I can tell you, that this can bring you down much more than experiencing physical pain due to torture. 

Therefore, you wont stop me from doing just like this, helping to circulate  the stories of imprisoned or otherwise oppressed people in Iran and addressing the case of the country suffering from this criminal gouvernment.  In our modern times, when people are too often saturated with other information by the media, flash mobs, internet hunger-strikes and the like might be an efficient way to do this. Of course they can not be the only activity, therefore I would like to encourage you to do the "flooding the IRI embassy with human excrements" action.

But one should not weight one activity against the other, and denounce those who do a great job every day to keep the Iranian case in the media from beeing cowards hiding behind book shelfs.


Children, mad men and Siamack

by ramintork on

You hear the truth from Children, mad men and Siamack.

I still think pissing in public is still less embarrassing than having an occupation regime pissing at the world in our name, but hell, pissing at an Embassy ran by these hijackers is a good protest! Set the date and I'll make sure I drink two pints of lager before the protest.

I understand that the sarcasm, goes with the chauvinistic, anti-hero humour but hell it is still good humour.  

Jahanshah Javid

You first :)

by Jahanshah Javid on

If that's what you want to do, go right ahead Siamack. Don't forget to send in a photo for the Iranian of the Day :)

My preferred weapon is rotten tomatoes.


BBC: The Flashmob Pleaser!

by Demo on

The comment below by MG is a crystal clear example of the Bunch of Bull Crap pointed out nakedly by the blogger! It is about time to Flush the Flashmob, their Septic (i.e. Thinking!) Tanks, their Bunch of Bull Crap along with their newscast BBC (British Bull Crapper!) down the sewer channels!

PS: Take a Pepto Bismal if not liking this comment!

Mash Ghasem

Mass Pissing on IR's Embassies: An Idea Who's Time Has Arrived?

by Mash Ghasem on

All minor reservations aside, HELLS YES. Indeed an idea who's time has arrived.

The headlines might read: " Protestors in response to IR's physical violence, displayed and unleashed a chemical reaction!"

Along that line we could also spit on their walls, wretch,...sky is the limit...