27-year-old virgin

Siamack Baniameri
by Siamack Baniameri

A 27-year-old Iranian Baha’i virgin told me the other day that he has chosen to wait and share a beautiful moment with a woman who will knock him off his pants. He explained that the woman he’s talking about is of course his future wife. He also exclaimed that he has no yearning for cigarettes, alcohol or drugs since he is high on life.

Choosing my words carefully, I told him, “Dude … you’re gay!”


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'joke" aside;

by faryarm on

Not wanting to take away from Siamak's macho moment.....

But in this age, It takes, character, courage and discipline for a 27-year-old to uphold a Standard,not become the AVERAGE as most of us Iranians are...

We care much about our "Namous" I hope we still do anyway..and yet our attitude towards someone else's mother, sister etc, is "free for all" attitude"

what ever his belief, Bahai, Muslim, etc..he is onto something that he believes guarrantees him a healthy Marital and family life...something that I am sure Siamak would want for himeslf and his family.


Kaveh F


by Kaveh F on

I love your postings Sia jan. I am a big fan.



by sk on

That was gold!


Nice JJ

by Majid on

I'm laughing my rear off,very nice!

Jahanshah Javid

Goh khori

by Jahanshah Javid on

Majid's joke reminded me of my favorite Persian saying of all time:

Ageh balad nisiti goh bekhori,
GOH mikhori keh goh mikhori!



That reminded me of this joke!!

by Majid on

This guy was talking to his doctor,asked him,DOC? I don't drink,I don't smoke,I don't chase women,I don't gamble and I don't stay up late at night,do you think if I live 100 years?

DOC said , live 100  years?"ke che gohi bekhori"!!


Not gay...

by sk on

I don't think he is gay. I think he is DEAD!!


A revolt against permissiveness

by jigsaw on



Dr. Just say NO:



A recent Harris poll on sex education programs yielded some provocative news: A majority of young people support abstinence programs. According to the poll, 56% of young people between ages 18 and 24 – and 60% of those 25 to 29 – believe that abstinence programs effectively reduce or prevent the occurrence of HIV/AIDS. Almost half – 49% -- think the programs reduce or prevent unwanted pregnancies, along with 52% of those in the 25-29 age group.