BBC & IRI TV - Hypocrites on BOTH SIDES!


by ShirOjan

When Her Imperial Majesty's government and her BBC helped through broadcasts the Islamists dream of absolute power come true, the Islamists were thankful as any"trump card" (like the 2 Shahs before them) appreciates finally being used and given the "deserved power" on the table and not "burned."

And now, the ZionWest and Her Imperial Majesty's government think that the Islamist's shelf-life (like the Shah's before them) has expired and are planning and executing to usher in Mr. nim-pahlavi along with the Mind Control Master Rajavi and his mind-slave-cult in their time-tested Divide-and-Rule strategy.

So, in recent years we have seen praises and adulation of Pre-Islamic Iran through the productions of series of videos and movies about the Ancient Civilization of PERSIA.

This in contrast with the high level propaganda about Islamic revolution and Islamic culture and ideals (reading Quran in London and Washington) and such, right before and after 1979.

I remember in my only trip to London, a 3-day passing through visit to an elderly relative, in the mid-1990's I set aside a full day to visit the British Museum's famous Ancient Persian/Iranian collection. Even then, to my shock and outrage, was told that the Ancient Persian collections' gallery has been closed for some years now for "a total renovation." Then the guide told me "but we have expanded the Post-Islamic Exhibition of Iran 4-fold into two floors. I just gasped at the Old Fox's audacity and left the museum.

Now, I am sure, and bet anything on it, that a four-fold renovation of the galleries of the Ancient Persian/ Iranian Collection has been completed just in time at the expense of the Post-Islamic Iranian Collection.

Presently, BBC all of sudden is remembering Cyrus the Great, the savior of all the "Oppressed People" including the= entire Judaic population who were the slaves of the Babylonian Kings, through the "secret votes of Iranians."

My question to the British directors of the BBC, the British Museum as well as IRI TV:

Please tell me why NOW and NOT THEN? The true answer is obvious and will ever be given. but I will on their behalf: "But sir, with all due respect, THAT WAS THEN AND THIS IS NOW." And my answer to them: "Now that is THE REAL CHUTZPAH."




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well said

by iamfine on

You hit it on the target. Those SOB British don't give a damn about Iran or Iranians. They damaged our motherland for so long - enough is enough