11-Apr-2012 (4 comments)

The known US/Nato military bases surounding IranZameen! 



Dedicated to the long-suffering Palestinians and Iranians who have been sidelined by the United Nations in favour of the Nuclear Apartheid State of Zionist Israel


To the site monitor:Plesae refrain from deleting  this U-tube video in my blog, thank you!

06-Apr-2012 (one comment)
IRI TV  Attacks BBC Selection Of CYRUS The Great as "Greatest Iranians,">>>
04-Apr-2012 (7 comments)
The ZionWest's Iran nuke issue is, in it's entirety, A RED HERRING, an excuse to deprive Iranians of OUR SOVEREIGNTY, OF OUR DETERENT DEFENSIVE CAPABILITIES and OUR HISTORICAL PREEMINENCE>>>