Who the Hell is Sam Lutfi?!

Sheila K
by Sheila K

Britney Spears' right hand man, Sam Lutfi, is currently inside the law offices of Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Daddy's lawyer, where Lufti is facing a barrage of questions about how he injected himself into Britney's life. Is he Iranian? Cheh Kaarah?



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I just found this!!!!

by hollywood gossip (not verified) on

Sam Lutfi is a close friend of Britney Spears. Some
believe that Sam Lutfi is trying to help Britney Spears get her act together, others believe he is one of many "enablers" contributing to her disastrously negative lifestyle.

Oh, who are we kidding, no one believes he's just a friend and doesn't have ulterior motives. He has a really seedy past, that's for damn sure. His real name is Osama! Really!

No one knows where he came from or how he became Spears' confidant, and the exact nature of his relationship with Britney is not known, but this is for certain: Sam Lutfi (sometimes incorrectly spelled Sam Lufti) is one of many random loons in Brit's life.

What he's up to exactly, we don't know. But lawyers for Kevin Federline are trying to find out as we speak. We have been able to find more and more pictures of Sam after months of searching, at least, so you can peep all the Lutfi you can handle.




by just me (not verified) on

He's from Afghanistan,,,,