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Sheila K
by Sheila K

This is a great interview and so is her book. I'd like to hear from those who've read her book. I am just a bit puzzled on her miraculous escape from death and the interrogator's love affair with her. Anyone who's lived in Iran post revolution knows the horror of Evin. Evin is like no other place on earth. It's a concentration camp, especially in the early 80s. One had to (still do) lie, cheat, beg for mercy, use strong connections, bribe, and so forth to have a remote chance of getting out. Evin interrogators are not merciful unless one works very hard on evoking their sense of humanity. Not to minimize her horrific ordeal, she either experienced an extraordinary case of miracle, or some things were manufactured to save her pride. see video //

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To Sheila K's question below

by Reader of minds (not verified) on

How do we know if the interrogator's love for her was real or or not? Do you think we were there witnessing their love affair or reading the Seegheh Sura so they can get into the act of coupulation?

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Why lie?

by Face it (not verified) on

I don't see any reason for her to lie. She has also said that she included stories from others in her book, and has said that she has witnesses to back her story up. Beyond that, if someone knows it "for fact" that she is lying, then he/she should bring it up with evidence, rather than simply accusing her. Those who know the thugs in the regime, know that they were/are capable of anything, that is anything of any sort. Imagine a 16-year old, light-skin beautiful girl (sorry, but factual, no insult intended), there is no reason to believe that the thugs were not influenced by their lust. See drawings by soudabeh ardavan as parallel description. There are also lots of pieces on youtube on how mullas legitimize anything to satisfy their hunger for wealth, power, and specially their lust and sexual satisfaction. Marina: you will someday be a hero of our country. Hope that comes sooner rather than later.



by A nonymous (not verified) on

it's definitely possible. that time was so chaotic and crowded for Iranian prisons. as she said, the prisons were packed. she was very lucky and it is very good that she has written the book. thank you for sharing this.


Great Job!

by Kamangir on

I admire her for being brave and telling the world about her personal experiences as well as the nature of the Islamo-fascist regime of Iran.  This is just one of the millions of stories Iranians could tell the world, about what the nasty mullahs are doing to us. This one had a happier ending but many didn't.


Sheila K

I am not questioning her imprisonment..I was in Iran then.

by Sheila K on

I was just asking if the marriage and interrogator's love for her was real or was it she who begged for his mercy. I am trying to simplify my point here.

Sheila K


yeah, sure!

by Meu (not verified) on

that bitch is an expert liar!!!


She is quite believable

by Miz-abdol-azim khaneh Ghareeb (not verified) on

I believe she is telling the truth. She made it clear that she was "not" a political activist and simply raised a question out of frustration in the classroom. She was a child a teenager at that time. She had all the rights to be bored with those fanatics.

Khomeini took anyone who would say one word against Islam into jail. You as a prisoners where dealing with bunch of criminals who were fed by the Islamist and the British Embassy to do everything they can against any rise in Nationalism. The grand plan was to destroy Iran at any price.

People were affraid. This lady was one of thousands who went to jail and we never heard from them.

She is telling the truth and I like the fact that she is not making a hero out of herself.