Marriage and Evolution

Sheila K
by Sheila K

Do you believe in Evolution? In Marriage? Just a thought: If everything from species, plants, economy, and socio-political environments go through evolutionary process, then why not marriage?I mean, why must we abide by principles established 5000 years ago? Is marriage a static entity and must not change? Is that even possible? Of course not, that’s why we have plenty of divorce cases, legal fees, and poor gay couples desperately awaiting their turn in the chapel.I say, let’s allow gay couples be married, call it “adaptation”. And let heterosexual couples create metro-families with no respect to the sanctity of marriage. Just call it “genetic flow.” More importantly, remove the ugly terms like “cheating” and “deception” out of our vocabulary and called it something like “natural selection.” And simply be in a relationship free of marital restriction calling it, “free selection.” Through this evolutionary process, we can eradicate filthy divorce lawyers and call it, “genetic purification.” Marital evolution sounds pretty natural to me.


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by Anonymous on

Shila Khanoom
U are born 3999 years too early

The lawlessnes in marriage is the begining of destruction of bonding.... Why don't we all start f... our daughters and call it one of your vocablery; WHat U indicated is sexually motivated and incredibly immature Please please even westerner wo'nt think like you U are an extremeist with homosexuall tendencies

Sheila K

there are no successful marriages,

by Sheila K on

...BUT there are successful relationships (married or not)--cause they are not bound by religious restrictions called the "sanctity of marriage" or the old-school moral values.  They are bound by self enlightenment and education.

Just note, I have a feeling your wife will be turned-on by your postings :)



Elements of successful marriage; static or dynamic

by Faramarz_Fateh on

In order of importance:

1) Physical attraction; if the husband or wife is not physically attracted to the spouse, even or atleast a bit, there is going to be problems, no matter what.

2) Respect; no need for elaboration here. If the husband or wife thinks the spouse is a dummy, they will have problems with every little decision. This includes putting the husband or wife ahead of all family members including moms and dads.

3) Money; Most important tool and enabler

4) Trust; makes the relationship headache free

5) Love; this is over rated in my opinion. Most men love their spouse to death during the act of sex. After orgasm, love turns to "boro oonvar, garmam shode". Sad, but true.

6) Good sex life; one or 2 orgasms a week go a long ways for both parties. A good many Iranian marriages exclude orgasms for the wives.

7) Having similar spiritual belief system


I think my wife will either kill me or file for divorce with all my recent blog postings!!



I totally agree with...

by Majid on

Yeah, call the elimination of "FILTHY" divorce lawyers"genetic purification",why? you may ask?

A doctor,an engineer and a lawyer are having a discussion over who's profession is the oldest in the world, DR. says: God created Eve from a "rib",he was the first surgeon. The engineer says:right,but before that,God created the earth after a period of chaos and confusion,so he was the first engineer.The lawyer says: and guess who created that "chaos and confusion"!!