Debra Cagan "aka, Transamerica" hates all Iranians!

Sheila K
by Sheila K

Oh well, I am not sure to be annoyed by her comments or her looks. //


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marry with Ahmadinejad

by Aladin on


Her face is a good match with Ahmadinejad. And, I think they are a good match. If she marry with Ahmadinejad the hate will change to love.



by An American (not verified) on

OOH! I got it, she heard there were no homosexuals in Iran. I dont know who has told her that but she is probably so angry that she cant get a man, now she cant get a woman either!


DIRTY MOUTH? CLEAN IT UP! She is Ugly inside and out

by An American (not verified) on

Clearly this woman is bitter. Probably her parents are cousins.
Apart from her horrid taste in apparel her looks are atrocious.
Only one with this ugly of a mouth and uglier of a mind deserves to be ugly inside and out.
I mean, did Halloween come early ? Is she serious??
The unmitigated gall this woman has is almost laughable. Maybe she is trying to get fired because she cant stand Bush anymore?
Only Bush would subscribe to the moronic idea of surrounding himself with those even dumber than himself, must not be easy to find such idiots though.
Just looking at her shocked me like a slap in the face("i think i threw up in my mouth a little").
But it isnt her fault her words are making such an impact, she is so ugly she isnt accustomed to people actually hearing what comes out of her mouth.
Furthermore, working for Bush must have a similar impact. Everyone is so "over" Bush and waiting for him to be out, nobody pays much attention to what he or his cronies croak.
Also she probably was totally in LOVE with a gorgeous Persian man. No self respecting Persian man (or ANY man for that matter) would even FEIGN interest in this SHE MAN, so she probably is taking out her anger on the entire population.


She looks like Cruella

by Anonymousee (not verified) on

She looks like Cruella Deville. With that look, I would hate not only Iranians but the whole world. What a perfectly wretched creature.