Citation for Bad Hejabie

Citation for Bad Hejabie
by Sheila K

This is what you get for polishing your nails, or wearing lipstick, or smiling, or just being normal.


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Thank God for This

by HHH on

Because this time when mullahs get lost, they get lost forever.

They clearly displayed their character in the past 30 years.

Instead of controlling their dirty, child molesting, 9-year-old raping eyes and minds, they force women to cover themselves.

Shah's greatest mistake was to not execute that bitter, cruel, Indian traitor from Khomein. He fooled a nation into a disaster.


I don't like alot of makeup

by TheEnemyHateMe on

on a lady,I go for natural beauty or just a bit of highlighted makeup.Beautiful women don't need make up,they can pull it off,there is not too many....Some women in the west just look like clowns,but it's no worse than making them wear Hejabs..I view the whole Hejab as a sexual function disorder of Muslim men who can't deal with sexuality.It's one thing to try to prevent a sexual degrading society but another to lead a prision type society..

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

From all the places in Iran it has to come from GOLSAR RASHT.....what a shame;  I AM SORRY FOR ALL MY IRANIAN SISTERS.

P.S    SARGORD why are you thanking for ?

you can put on your nail polish & lip stick when ever you want,NO FINES FOR YOU.          Maziar


No wonder our brave iranian women are at the forefront

by fooladi on

of the fight against these islamic fascist scum bags world over.

Go brave sisters, Go!


Green citation.

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


the bureaucracy of it

by humanbeing on

is a nice chilling reminder in the june heat.

Sargord Pirouz

Thanks for posting, Sheila.

by Sargord Pirouz on

Thanks for posting, Sheila.