by sheila.dadvar

What does it feel to die? How am I going to feel when I draw my last breath? Is it going to hurt? Am I going to be scared? Sad? In peace? When will the time be? At what time of my life? How much will I have done? how much will be unfinished? How am I going to die? In sleep? A car wreck? Freak accident? Illness? Who is going to go before me? What close family member or friend am I going to lose, if I will, before I go? Will I die in this decade of my life? 40’s?50’s? 60’s? 80”s? will pass the 100 point? How lonely will I get in my last years of life? How long will my memory last? What’s the range of my mortality? Five years? Ten? When will be the last time that someone will mention my name and then I’ll be forgotten forever? Why the hell can I not shake these somber, depressing thoughts off? And why the hell they pop up even more when I’m having a great time one way or another? Do I need help? Is this normal? Am I or am I not losing my freakin’ mind?


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Azarin Sadegh

You are the only one who knows.

by Azarin Sadegh on

I went through all your questions and I think there is only one common point in all of them and I’m sure you know it already. But I think the interesting part is not the real answer to any of them but why you are asking them now?


In my personal experience, sometimes I keep thinking about the future because I need to run away from my present. Sometimes I think too much about the past because I have nothing to desire for the future. Sometimes I think too much about the death because I am afraid of living. It is the mismatch that hurts.


And the only moment I feel alive, is when I live in this exact moment - that is already gone – no matter the past, no matter the future, no matter why I have come to this world, no matter how I will die. These single moments - where I can detach myself from the philosophy of being and the fairness of death – offer a deep fulfillment of my own life and a possible understanding of the ambiguity of my own mortality.


So I think you are the only one having the right answers to your questions. Nobody else knows.





I worry about this "stuff"

by my2cents&more (not verified) on

I worry about this "stuff" when I think about the mortality of my own parents and must admit it is a depressing thought. However,if I have learned one thing, it is to celebrate today without fear. This road, a.k.a life has a beginning and an end. Why not just pause every now and then to enjoy the view in our wonderous journey??-



by IraniValiAzad (not verified) on


If you worry about something and you can do something about it to ease your mind then take action immediately. And if you can not do anything about it then stop thinking about it and stop the torture.

For example, someone is coming to your home and he/she is late; that makes you anxious then call them on their cell phone ... No phone or anyway to contact them then it is out of your hand, so stop thinking about it instead think of past joyful and pleasant memories.


take advantage of everyday

by just me (not verified) on

Hi Shila
i don't think you're losing your mind..actually it's natural healthy to think about death,,why? because it makes you feel rushed and makes you think that there is not much time left.... i better hurry up and enjoy my life, you want to take the vacation you always dream of or the day you always wanted to take a trip alone driving across country. the guy/girl you wanted to tell how much you love. your parents, they're the ones you always wanted to get to know better,,the time you wanted to volunteer on a christmas day helping homeless shelters, the time you wanted to visit elderly in a hospital. a day you wanted to dress as a clown in a children's hospital helping kids with cancer to make them laugh. there is alot to be done in this short life and if you sit around just thinking about death believe me nothing will ever change and time will pass like a flash in front of your eyes.. there is no crytal ball to look into it to predict the future. whatever happens is fine while you're here. do what is in your heart telling you to do. and when the time comes and you have one more breath you'll look back and say i had a good life.
Getting old is mandatory, growing up and taking reponsibility is optional.


You are too fast.

by * (not verified) on

You are too fast. Stay here with rest of us in this second and minute.