The Iranian Hair Issues


Shahriar Zahedi
by Shahriar Zahedi

Listening to the Iranian radio during my daily commute, I hear a lot of doctor commercials. There seems to be a preponderance of two particular medical specialties advertising their services to the Iranian Community in Southern California: hair transplant doctors and doctors specializing in laser hair removal. The logical conclusion for any unbiased listener hearing these ads would be that we are a community of balding men and hairy women.

What an irony! Half of us are losing our desperately needed hair on top while the other half is trying to get rid of their unwanted growth elsewhere on their bodies! If only the women could donate their excess body hair to the balding men, most of our hair issues would be resolved.

I think the doctors specializing in these two branches should somehow get together and synergize. There is a great opportunity here to stop waste and begin to recycle. Why zap the hair follicles with laser when you can harvest them transplant them on the hair-density-challenged heads of comb-over artists? God will not forgive such waste.

Male baldness occurs in every population, but if you are Iranian, Lebanese, or Jewish (regardless of nationality), your chances of follicular sparsity increase dramatically. Why, I don’t know. Is it because we are old populations? Maybe, but so are the Chinese and they don’t present as many baldies as we do.

Some even argue that balding people are more advanced from an evolutionary standpoint as they have shed (or are in the process of shedding) their hair; the last remnant of our ape ancestors. That’s plausible but how does that explain the hairy women? Did the evolutionary process circumvent them?.... Now, there’s a thought!

But seriously, is it some mutation in our genes that gave rise to the disproportionate number of bald men among us? If so, when and why did it exactly happen? Looking at the stone-reliefs at Persepolis you don’t see bald kings and soldiers. On the contrary, there is head after head of thick, long, wavy hair wherever you look.

Could it be the Greeks, the Arabs, the Turks, or the Mongols that mixed with us and caused this mutation? Unlikely, since none of these groups have as many bald people in their own populations as we do. It must be something we did to ourselves.

I don’t have an answer or even a hypothesis. Does anybody know? Does anybody care?


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Women with beards and bald men

by Miriam (not verified) on

Had to laugh a lot. Great article. I agree, the women who do not want their body and facial hair should give it to the bald men! But I think there are also a lot of bald men in other countries, the european men are often bald in an early age. Might also be caused by the pollution or the lack of certain minerals as mentioned by Souri. And perhaps times change and it will be fashion for women to have a beard!


a great topic we don't discuss enough!

by Monda on

Enjoyed your piece! I will look for your past blog entries & articles in the archives here.

Marjan Zahed Kindersley


by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

Funny! I was about to write a blog about this too.


My theory is that those who think too much about maths and related topics ,loose hair on top.

Me? I'm useless at maths.


There will be exceptions to this theory, but it will urge more thorough investigation.

In the meantime, if your sprog shows extra ordinary talent for maths, beware!


(Jahanshah. That's the wrong way round. Qui bono.I expect they started all this turban business to cover up the bold. )


(By the way, does anyone know if this is a superstition of fooling follicles, about shaving boys' heads around the age of 2 so they don't go bold?)



H2O, genes! Welcome back Mr. Zahedi! You were missed!

by gol-dust on

All my brothers got bald, i think because they got it from my mother's dad, since they have a lot of my mom's characteristics. I have a lot of hair compare to them, because I look a lot like my dad who wasn't bald. The town my dad comes from there are no balds that i ever noticed. They even have very thick hair despite the fact that up to recently they would only go to Khazineh! I think it is the water in the village and their genes. I mean even the old people have thick hairs! What about the soap?


researchers have found that

by jakarta (not verified) on

researchers have found that high testosterone levels are a cause of alopecia. the thing is women carry the gene as much as men do, in fact scientists say that baldness is mostly passed from the mother down, although sometimes from the father. so iranian women have the gene in them, but the gene is triggered by the high testosterone levels which then causes the balding, but since women dont have that much testosterone they don't actually lose their hair, so for them it just a dormant gene.

and it makes sense that iranians have super high testosterone...we love shouting, fighting, and are really horny. so basically it's just inherited in a lot of iranians.

Flying Solo


by Flying Solo on




Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

The tankers are labeled roghan  :-)



by Kouroshs (not verified) on

Flying solo...

That was the ingenius innovation that mothers came up with and relied upon to take on the beast...
waxing came long after vajjebi's invention. and

vajjebi and its derivatives ,is currently being studied at Center for Hair regrowth and Islamo-christian-Jewish Strategic studies,
At harvard, for its potential contribution to a drug than can remove hair off the back, while boots hair regrowth on the scalp, of both men and women. the project is funded by "Religion and Hair coalition". It is a for-profit organization.


Rouge... gain???

by KouroshS (not verified) on

I don't know about you man:). Doing under the table dealings with Hamas and fatah?better come clean partner.

P.s. would you have them make a special delivery. My hair folicules, those very, very few that are left, need Rouge--gain attention desperately:)

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I have Rogaine delivered by a tanker truck. Got it covered.  LOL


Flying Solo

Hair here, there and everywhere except atop

by Flying Solo on

Iranian male species appears to be the only one I have come across  which has copious hair everywhere except atop.  Before the advent of men waxing unwanted body hair, I wonder how our mothers dealt with their hairy partners.  A few curlies here and there is cute - a whole rug for a back? Not bloody likely!

Nothing as irresistably handsome as felfel-namaki though.

And is it true that women get hairier with age? Perhaps it is the higher level of testosterone that kicks in at mid-life.

Enquiring minds want to know.


Spoke too soon Kaveh :)

by KouroshS (not verified) on

Actually. reading this blog and the events of the past few weeks, have made me ponder veryy deeply as to whether there really is a zionist conspiracy involved in here. Let's talk about this... can anyone start a blog on this topic? I think.. zionists have created specialized weaponary to fill the atmosphere with "Baldness-causing gas" there is a book on that..."Keep'em bald ... keep'em repressed and proud". That i think was the slogan. Interesting book, highly recommended reading material when taking a rest room break.

JJ, You are right, there is a connection there and hairs do need to get as much as sunlight as needed, but the problem, rather MY problem, is that How am i gonna cover those ugly spots if i don't wear a cap? The only other option would be to shave it all off, which is what i do quite often.

Souri jan.. Could you tell me and maybe Kaveh, how we can obtain this magic potion called Bee pollen? should we go bee haunting? what is it anyways? never heard of it.

There is However one final and ultimate solution, if all else fails... Shaere gerangadr mifarmayad..

Kachala jamm shavim ta beravim pishe khods
ya be ma moo be dahad... ya bezanad bar sare ma.

Of course, there is not too much info. available on the life of this shaere geranghadr..

Kaveh Nouraee

Samsam & Ebi

by Kaveh Nouraee on

It looked for a moment there that I wasn't even included in the discussion about me.  LOL




by samsam1111 on

Ebi , Cherraa keh nah , waseh Kaveh bacheh khoobeh bahoosheh Irooni . but soozan dard dareh , shoma first va ageh kam oomad biad pisheh man ....cheers pal


It's in the Jeans

by mastaaneh tahghigh kardeh (not verified) on

Sorry guys you got it wrong.
It's all in the "jeans"... the "bigger" the

ebi amirhosseini

Re :It,s all in the genes

by ebi amirhosseini on

Samsam Jaan

Gol golfti .

My father is 76 with thick sexy hair!

Shall we sell some to dear Kaveh?!



Ebi aka Haaji


Ahhh okay

by samsam1111 on

got it .


sorry, side-tracking again...

by Souri on

Agha Samsam...

In blog ebn-moghafa ro ma vase shoma post kardim ha...khondish ?


It,s all in the genes

by samsam1111 on

My Dad in Iran at 87 has thicker & better hair than Elvis Presley in his 20,s . I owe my good genes to him . God bless , chesh nazanam .


نظر ِ شخص ِ بنده

ممد گيسو (not verified)

در ايران كچلى مشكل بزرگى براى آقايان بود. ما كه تو مدرسه همش معلمان
كچل ِ مون رو اذيت ميكرديم و اسم براشون مى گذاشتيم. از جمله
كچل ِ مو فر فرى
كچل ِ عفونى

توي سينما هم هر وقت يك كسى پا ميشد و جلوى ِ ما رو ميگرفت،
در تاريكى داد مى زديم
كچل بشين

But Telly Savalas (Kojak), Yul Breiner and later on Michael Jordan changed the image of the bald men and restored some level of respect and sexual appeal to them. So it is not as much of a problem today

Kaveh Nouraee

Seven comments

by Kaveh Nouraee on

and not one of them suggesting that male pattern baldness is the result of a Zionist conspiracy.

That, folks, is progress.    :-)

Seriously, having done a lot of personal research on the subject (It was either that or sue my parents for giving me defective genes, which wasn't practical), I came to learn that one of the things that happens after puberty (besides the aforementioned 24/7 horniness...thank you Live from Tehran) is that a tendon-like membrane under the scalp, called the galea tends to thicken and harden, constricting blood flow to the hair follicles in the process, and as we know, "no ticket, no laundry".

Or in this case. "no blood flow, no hair". Hair that was once so thick and plentiful, even the cut hair that fell to the barber shop floor would continue to grow.

The shape of the galea (which is Latin for "helmet") is, you guessed it.....identical to the shape and pattern of typical male pattern baldness.

Mother Nature can be a real bitch when she wants, sometimes.




by LiVe FroM TeHran (not verified) on

one of the most important cause of hair lost is high testosterone in male..I think thats why iranian man lose their hair more than any other nationality...THEY ARE 24/7 horny and their eyes are in constant move for a new pretty prey..IOI


some of the major reasons of balding...

by Souri on

1) hormonal imbalance (regardless of the age)

2) Stress

3) Insufficient nutrition (lack of Zinc and vitamin B6)

4) Pollution of the air and the water 

5) Lack or excess of washing the hair

6) Covering up the head for long period of the time

In the case of premature imbalance of the hormones (not due to aging) the baldness come along with growing more hair on men's body !!

The good stimulation for growing hair :

1) Do massage the head for 3/5 minutes every night before sleeping

2) Take one spoon of "Bee pollen" every morning 

3) Using Ginseng is also good

Some people do the nightly massage of the head with vinager !!

It can help to oxygenate the pores so to bring more food to the roots but it may cause the early whitening of the hair...



Bald Guys and their beautiful women

by Ma'at (not verified) on

Its because Iranians, Lebanese and Jews are mostly descended from Y haplogroups I and J with our illustrious bald headed ancestor Mr. haplogroup F, just as our women are descended from mt haplogroups H and K which accounts for their stunning beauty and the fact that they love partially or totally bald men. LOL

Setareh Sabety

Mr. Zahedi

by Setareh Sabety on

This was so funny. I enjoyed reading it!

Maryam Hojjat

Balding is

by Maryam Hojjat on

a hormonal imballace in my opinion which happens to the most men in certain age.

Jahanshah Javid

The cover up

by Jahanshah Javid on

My theory -- unscientific, nothing to back it up with, just a hunch, a thought -- is that for generations, Iranian men wore turbans and having hair on the head was no longer a necessity. Therefore the baldness gene became more active in our forefathers.

But then we would have to ask why do we have MORE hair than usual on the rest of our body? Iranian men have covered their bodies from head to toe for generations (until 50 years ago when wearing hats began to stop in urban areas) but the reduction of hair has occurred more often on our head.

So my theory makes no sense. But I'm telling you, covering your head with a hat, cap, scarf or turban can't be healthy for your hair, which needs to breath and get some sunlight. And I wouldn't be surprised if science finally proves there's some connection between covering your head and baldness.


Scientific aproach

by Troneg on

Before making hypothesis, look at datas. Which statistics show you there are more bald men in Iran versus other countries ?!

Having many doctor commercials show only that Iranians pay more attention to their physical appearance than others or may be thay have more money to wast ! As all women change their noses.