Delara's message:


Delara's message:
by SCE Campaign
From a letter by Delara Darabi to those attending the exhibition of her paintings 3 years ago:

"....I know that my years of struggle for attaining my rights and for my innocence to be heard is not being effective ...An imprisoned man once said: "My only claims are my calls to God from my small prison, and my answers to God in the vast field of freedom within these four walls." .   It is not important where we are ...God's love is always with us ...and his promise of truth......Pray for all Delara's in the faraway lands."

From a letter by Delara Darabi one year ago to Nazanin Afshin-Jam president and co-founder of the Stop Child Executions:

  "..... I don't know if I will meet you my dear ones or we must leave the meeting to the unseen world. Anyway, Delara is not alone, Delara's are trapped in prisons and in need of God's help and in need of defenders of human right and humanity!!!

I hope that you defend humanity and always be successful. The one who defends humanity and knowledge , is not a human but a true knower of God and knower of self. A reference, a gauge and a motive for life...and that is how you are ....

You and I and all of us, human beings of the world came here ...but after a while we forgot everything... We live with different feelings, with perplexity and amazements and we still do not understand why?

I cry a lot, just like the spring clouds! with large droplets...have you ever seen it?! ......I have never cried for being imprisoned, because my thoughts and my heart is free and is with you....Say hello to my true loving friends , because every night during my prayer I pray for all the people of this large and vast house."

One of the poems by Delara sent from prison to SCE before she and her family were threatened by the officials of Islamic Republic against further contacts with outside world:

"I empathize with the scarecrow for being stuck in the field 

Her voice is lost behind the clusters of wheat

...and Delara's voice

ah! how late I realized that I have become a scarecrow .."

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We Must Be United Against ANY Injustice.

by faryarm on

I have been reading and hearing the tragic reports about Delara;

Her last days and her parent's desperate attempts to appeal to the inhuman prosecutor.... 

This Injustice will not end, until all fair minded people truly unite and raise their voices. It is only through this kind of indiscriminate Universal solidarity amongst Iranians  that can appeal to the Conscience of the rest of the world.

in 1983 A group of Canadian Singers and Artists participated in this music Video, a song written by Doug Cameron to tell the story of Mona;

A Powerful expression of unity between East and West.

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by delara (not verified) on

Azarin Sadegh

Beautiful poem..

by Azarin Sadegh on

I wish we could read all her poems...this one is so sad and so beautiful! Like her paintings...I guess perfect beauty needs pain and sorrow as its basic elements...

Such a waste...I'm totally disgusted. Today was a dark day for Iran.  

anonymous fish

i agree

by anonymous fish on

and i hope that we will see a more organized collection of her works.  they will truly become a part of history.


This was so beautiful.  I'm

by desi on

This was so beautiful.  I'm speechless and so saddened.  I'd like to know if there is access to any of her other poems.