The West's Attempted Soft Power Coup

The West's Attempted Soft Power Coup
by Sargord Pirouz

Today, someone asked me for the link to a Brookings Institute monograph that outlines various means for a US effort to produce a regime change in Iran. It occurs to me this would make a good blog post here at IC; my first. Below is a link to the monograph which by the way was published before the June presidential election:


Pay particular attention to Chapter 6: The Velvet Revolution. It contains many elements of which the IRGC has taken notice, and for which it is now combating in earnest.

Iranian strategist and war hero Dr. Hassan Abbasi addresses the situation (and refers to the monograph) in a lecture series titled "Project Ajax 2". Below are YouTube videos of the lecture.  


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Sargord Parouz

by thexmaster on

Just an update.  Sargord Parouz has moved on to the comments page at // spreading his wisdom from the Bay Area.  Apparently, he's lived there for 50 years.  Which begs the question, how old is the person and how much is the regime paying him?

Mardom Mazloom

Jaleho says

by Mardom Mazloom on

The expats here of course could learn a thing or two as well given the reaction given to your blog

For someone who hasn't put her feet on Iran and doesn't know sh@t about what's going on there, that was a good one. LOL!

Za'eefeh, to boro yad beguir bia barayeh ma tarif kon. :D


Sargord Pirouz, GOOD BLOG thanks!

by Jaleho on

Dr. Abbassi's analysis was correct, to the point, and the side stories that he included made it very interesting to listen to. (except the first 10 min; i don't know why he and Ahmadinejad KILL their own talks by those asinine LONG introduction!) The brookings link that he provided was also very useful, in particular for the Iranians inside Iran whom he was addressing. However, the types of velvet revolution and the fact that the later versions would fail was nothing new, see my old blog for example:


yet he sounded like he's revealing a secret CIA document, whereas most of the stuff in that brookings link were discussed in detail in widely read books which have been published many years ago. For example Kenneth Pollack who is a Saban and Brookings member ( and interestingly enough one of the unknown figures of the AIPAC spy scandal) wrote his famous war cook book "The case for invading Iraq" before invasion of Iraq naturally! But, the same person elaborated another method for Iran in his Persian Puzzle where he suggests military threat+regime change through democracy not invasion. That also has been followed as the foreign interference in Iran's election indicated.

 Although Dr.Abbassi's warning the Iranian youth and leaders to be vigilant about evil foreign designs is good, but his omission of the other parts which analyzes the reasons why a coup could work in Iran was intentional. For example, the same Brookings link describes that the youth frustration about their lack of freedom, economic condition and the growing unpopularity of Velayat Faghih makes the soft coup's success possible. Then why Dr. Abbassi doesn't advise the leaders for example to limit the power of Velayat Faghih, or increase the daily freedom of the youth to frustrate the ill wish of the foreigners? all his advice is how people should have more khafeghan lest they get doped by foreign intervention! It is true that the west has used the digital media to exaggerate and aggravate the situation, but you increase the freedom of the digital media to kill the raison d'etre for the youth anger, not limit it further so they couldn't express their anger which can be used by foreign designs!

The link clearly states that for the west, a more democratic regime in Iran is more dangerous than the present regime if it were to follow a similar foreign policy. Well then, Dr. Abbassi should advocate a more democratic regime inside with the same foreign policy if he really wants to "khit" the ill wishers!


Still, his lecture was very worthy for Iranians inside Iran to listen to. The expats here of course could learn a thing or two as well given the reaction given to your blog :-)  


Remember Saadam's

by vildemose on

Remember Saadam's Information Minister. Sargord reminds me of him. They both have so many things in common but one stands out the most; their tenacity to stay

You can read more about this guy below: His latest quote after Saadam's defeat:

"The information was correct, but the interpretations were not," he said. "I did my duty up to the last minute."


Ari Siletz

Sargord, answers from me in trade for answers from you.

by Ari Siletz on

Your question: Now, imagine if this monograph- composed by an influential think-tank- was written and openly circulated in China, advocating war or regime change in the US and identifying pros and cons to each approach. How would the US security establishment react to that?

Reply: US security establishment would make strong efforts to limit Chinese influence in US.


Your question: And let's say a disputed election in the US followed (similar to 2000, but with the defeated candidate(s) not backing down and encouraging a rejection of the political establishment, all the while supported by directly sourced Chinese media). How do you think that would play out in America?

Reply: Americans would be bombarded by US government progaganda to the effect that the Chinese are behind the concerns of those citizens who dispute the election, even those motivated by homegrown issues. 

The three questions for you: 

1. In your hypothetical scenario, is the US government justifed in making "Chinese puppet" accusation against citizens who are disputing the election for homegrown reasons? 

2. Does the possibility that the the Chinese may benefit from the dispute invalidate those homegrown issues? 

3. Do you believe the US government would go so far as to jail and torture the dissenting citizens, even those whose demonstrations were peaceful?



by Hajminator on

At the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war, true soldiers of Iranzamin stayed home and gave their lives for Iran and its children. They could have escaped and leave the country to the new regime but preferred to stay and fight as their love for Mehan prevailed their love for their own families.

I can not imagine that some partisans of the regime living abroad may have so anti-iranian feelings. They ignore infamy and innocent bloods that have been shed by Mal'oons who just care about their positions and wealths.

Not only that, but these bikars dare to make fun of the army by giving themselves some pseudo fake grades that for me is just an affront to the memory of our heroes.

I know that its very difficult to counter safsatef but I am thankful to you and all other friends who keep alive the breathe of our motherland, Iran.

Let me repeat your lovely saying:




by Fair on

As you have so clearly proven, waffen SS major reserves the right to redefine logic, history, and reasoning as he sees fit. All those who deviate from his redefnition are merely "hoaxes".

Such delusionary fascists go right up to the end blabbering fascist propaganda, just like Hitler and just like Baghdad Bob, singing the praises of their Reich right until their demise.

In their world view, all that matters is their fascist system. Everything else is secondary and can be compromised and sacrificed for their cause. That includes innocent civilians, peaceful demonstrators, and the truth.

For example, the utter lie about US warplanes killing Houthis.  These are Saudi warplanes.  But truth and accuracy is the last thing that matters to the waffen SS.

Thank you for exposing yet again the cowardice and treason of this shameless fascist who has sold out his people.



sargord, this guy is very paranoid

by Anonymous8 on

some of what it takes for regime change is so broad and general. any movement can look like a regime change conspiracy!


mind you, i don't for a minute think that CIA or westerners wouldn't take advantage of iran and push for a revolution if they could.

but a real, independent movement will also have someof these elements. some of them are just good organization, planning and promotion. it doesn't mean they were following American script.

Bijan A M

All I can say

by Bijan A M on

There has to be a limit to bigotry and shamelessness.

How can anyone consciously promote or advocate inhumanity in bright day light? Treason is treason, regardless of the wrapper...


Sargord Houti

by Hajminator on

Your reply to the post  

Now what is clear is that after more than 6 months of a bloody repression, where hundreds of peaceful demonstratorswere been shot in the middle of the streets and 6 who are waiting their hang sentences 


It's as if you were to reject everything Obama says based entirely upon the fact that over 100 innocent Houthi civilians were killed by US warplanes this past week.

So by transitivity one can deduce that you are comparing Mullah and IRGC's savegery to what happens in the rest of the world. That shows your full anti-iranian feelings as well as your cowardice to recognize facts.


نگفتی این درجت بخاطر وقاحتت به خودت دادی یا برای خیانتت؟

Mola Nasredeen

I watched the whole thing

by Mola Nasredeen on

Part 1 and 2 were interesting and entertaining. Part 3 was not. I don't agree with the lecturer's political view or conclusions but I believe I did not waste my time. Thanks for the post.


Propaganda by fake doctors aside,

by Fair on

maybe YOU could start by answering the bunch of questions that have been directed to you and you just ignored:


1-Was IRGC involved in the crackdown against the Iranian people

2-Where is the thorough, transparent, publicly available investigation into the election results in which representatives of the opposition were able to witness the counting of all the ballots?

3-Has there not been widespread torture, rape, imprisonment without trial, and trial without legal representation of peaceful opposition? If not, then where is the thorough, transparent investigation with publicly available study and results for everybody to see, proving unequivocally that all alleged cases are false and "hoaxes" as you shamefully claim?

4-Where is Majid Tavakkoli?

Whenever you choose to stop ignoring these and other fundamental questions, perhaps people just might doubting your sincerity and take your requests seriously. Until then, you are just a propagandist repeating propaganda by self proclaimed doctors who are advising an illegitimate criminal president.


In the meantime, it is a clear sign of desperation by you and your puppet masters when any dissent by any Iranian is quickly blamed on foreigners. It shows the tremendous denial you are in by not being able to believe how any Iranian would be against you genuinely and indigenously. It is this type of arrogance and sticking your head in the sand that brought the Shah down, and also will bring your fascist regime down as well.

Secondly, it is very normal for countries to study strategies and approaches to dealing with foreign threats, so you can be sure that the Chinese miliitary and security establishment is constantly doing similar studies about how to contain America in its backyard (ever heard of Taiwan?).

The Islamic fascist system has been saying death to America, and death to Israel for the last 30 years, and recently AN has said multiple times that the Holocaust was a myth and Israel should not exist. In the meantime it is aggressively pursuing nuclear energy with the most unsafe path possible, while wasting vast fossil and other energy resources, and always firing long range rockets capable of carrying warheads to Israel. And parading those rockets every year in front of the world with "Death to Israel" written on them.

To expect any other approach by American think tanks would be ludicrous. But that is not something you shy away from as you have shown many times here.

The Gall of a fascist, amazing.



Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Hajminator, how in the world did you derive at that deduction- which results in a reduction to the absurd? If you did so deliberately, than you do so disingenuously. If not deliberately, well then this negatively reflects upon your own personal intelligence.

MasoudA: read the date on the monograph. It was actually distributed before the date printed.

Persian jokes, personal accusations and generalized anti-IRI rants aside, any comments related to the actual subject matter at hand?



by masoudA on

The Brookings paper was published last month predicting/evaluating a velvet revolution that started 6 months ago!!!   

Sargord Joon over the last 5 years I have read 10 of these reports evaluating options.   Thank god Iranians are taking care of your facist regime with bare hands - but you know what?  We consider our country invaded and your group as invaders - and enjoy the fact that uncle Sam keeps you shaking in your boots. 


Sargord, Pasdar-e Eslam

by Hajminator on

So according to you as "100 innocent Houthi civilians were killed by US warplanes this past week" it is legtimitate for a regime, realizing kingdom of God on earth, to kill hundreds of its innocent peacefully demonstrating citizens on the streets

   در حرف زدن سرگرد از حيرت آن رو......رفته است شعور تو ز حرفهای تو پيداست


آخر الاخرینش چه خواهد بود؟


سرگرد پیروز هم بالاخره به جمع بلاگ نویسان پیوست و اول الاولین ایشان چند خط ادعا است و یک لینک به یک کتابچه 124 صفحه ای. آخر الاخرینش چه خواهد بود؟

لطیفه قدیمی فارسی:

موَذنی پیش از صبح بر مناره رفت ناگاه ریدنش بگرفت. سفالی بیافت بر آن برید و بزیر انداخت و گفت یا اول الاولین. سفال برسر شخصی آمد گفت ای مردک اول الاولینت اینست آخر الاخرینت چه خواهد بود.


Sargord Pirouz

Thanks Ari Silet

by Sargord Pirouz on

Ari, you seem to be the only one who responded to the actual content I linked to.

I disagree. The Brookings Institute (which is a think-tank usually associated with having close ties to Democratic administrations) is an advocacy piece for war or regime change, listing various options and providing pros and cons to each approach. It specifically identifies means of subversion and soft power projection against the IRI. And it dedicates an entire chapter to Velvet revolution (and even armed Insurgency), for which there are well known examples revolving around a disputed election and Western soft power intervention.

Now, imagine if this monograph- composed by an influential think-tank- was written and openly circulated in China, advocating war or regime change in the US and identifying pros and cons to each approach. How would the US security establishment react to that? And let's say a disputed election in the US followed (similar to 2000, but with the defeated candidate(s) not backing down and encouraging a rejection of the political establishment, all the while supported by directly sourced Chinese media). How do you think that would play out in America?

To the other commenters of this blog post, I suggest you shake yourselves off and objectively examine the subject for what it is, rather than blindly rushing in to what you imagine. Agree or disagree with Dr. Abbassi, but point out reasons which are relevant to what he says, not what you imagine he represents. It's as if you were to reject everything Obama says based entirely upon the fact that over 100 innocent Houthi civilians were killed by US warplanes this past week. You'd be free to think that way, but I would encourage just a little more sophistication of thought than that.


Sargord Pirouz = Pasdar Shekast

by Arthimis on

Under True Persian/Iranian Armed Forces, you will be demoted down where you belong... That Ugly Islamic Uniform of yours will be taken off and will be burned...

After that, you need to be qualified to go through proper Iranian Armed Forces education and if you pass, you will be given a job accordingly.

Once upon a time to become a Sargord in Iran, one had to be an Iranian/Persian and qualified not an Islamic Pasdar who by practicing Islam and supporting Evil I.R. becoming Sargord, Sardar and by bunch of unqualified organs in Islamic Republic...

Repent to Iran and Iranians first for betraying Iran and for all your collaborations with the Evil I.R. and then come back here and Talk Iran...

Iran and Iranians will be free & victorious against Evil.


Ali9 Akbar

Dont need to post here ...

by Ali9 Akbar on

All the good arguments against your point Saragord have been expressed....


My only regret is that when the IRI is FORCED TO SURRENDER POWER many Iranian lives will be wasted in the process....



Ari Siletz

The link this blog author cites argues against his point!

by Ari Siletz on

 The above link to the US policy report on Iran says that US action to create regime change is a very difficult option because: 

1. Not enough intelligence.

2. No one has a working theory of how to start revolutions, even if there is enough intelligence.

3. Iran would be a particluarly tough case even if there was a working theory of how to start revolutions.

4.Not enough money.

5. Iranians wouldn't take US money even if available.

6. states, "Very few true popular revolutions have been successfully abetted, let alone caused by an external power."

7. Concludes that causing a revolution would be a very "tall order."


The report is actually damning for the IRI because while it reflects a dim view of being able to start a revolution, with much less pessimism it states, 

"...that said, it would still be consistent with this policy option to initiate contact in secret [with the IRI] if that was preferable to Tehran, conduct negotiations secretly, and even make the offer to the leadership in private."


Also FYI,

 The report says US military should consider intervening only if protesters are being massacred.


Mardom Mazloom

سرگرد ترسو،

Mardom Mazloom

کجا قایم شدی بابا؟


Let's assume

by masoudA on

This idiot Abbassi is correct and there is an operation Ajax to get rid of the regime.   More power to them and more power with anyone in the free world getting rid of the oppression that is currently opposed by overwhelming majority of Iranians.   If America's role in WW2 could be considered meddling in internal affairs of France and Italy - then let this be another meddling by USA and the of the sane world.

 Something that has no limits amogst the mullahs and their supporters is extreme veghahat.   The guy speaks as if nobody knows about the realities in Iran - I find it amazing they can tune themselves out of the realities so easy.   Maybe it is because they have burnt all bridges behind them and have no options other than staying the coarse.


Velvet revolution

by cyclicforward on

I sure hope it succeeds and we get rid of the likes of you and IRI once and for all.

Kaveh V

IRGC is an occupation force

by Kaveh V on


Since the regular Iranian army, as a separate military organization, is mandated with defending country's territorial integrity, there is no reason for the existence of a parallel military organization with similar capabilities.

IRGC (The army of the guardians of the Islamic revolution) is by definition an occupation force established to protect and enforce a foreign ideology (Islam) onto the population and, mostly, in accordance to yet another foreign branch of the same ideology; Jebel Amel Shiism. Their entire focus is in the development and preservation of their political, economical, social and military alliances with Jebel Amel Lebanon, their elements in Syria, Iraq and other Jaafari sect of Shiism in the region.

Internally, they are and have been the sole source of repression against the population through their elaborate repressive-security organizations and, at times, with foreign personnel. By all definitions and their conducts, this is an occupation force in an occupied Iran.

gitdoun ver.2.0

Blind Dogs of Khamenei.

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

U.S., Britain, Russia and even France historically have in the past intervened and attacked Iran either overtly or subvertly. No one is denying this. However, what we are witnessing presently are grass root movements against the oppression and tyranny of this Satanic Government. Who imprisoned and killed iranian journalist ?? Who raped men and women in prison ? Who staged "suicides" and " car accidents" of people who criticized your Mushrik Zalim Messiah Khamenie ???  how many akhunds like karroubi plundered the wealth of the nation and have bought homes in Northern Tehran ?? Go take your half-truths and skewed propaganda back to your 13th Imam Khamenei; we will not be fooled a 2nd time.


Dear Fair: This Site is

by vildemose on

Dear Fair:

This Site is not It's another site which I'm reluctant to mention here because I don't want to give vultures like Sargord to find other forums to spread their poisonous venom.


Dear Fair: Thank you. This

by vildemose on

Dear Fair: Thank you. This site is a very popular site in the US and there seem to be many IRI cyber warriors on that site with different ID's. It looks like the IRGC and IRI have ratcheted up their disinfomation campagin in full gear.


Dear Vildemose

by Fair on

I don't see how any private citizen in Iran can own a weapon unless they are connected to the government or have permission from the government. There are cases of people like nomad tribes or hunters, but generally private ownership of guns is not allowed. I mean, this is a country where the government doesn't even trust you enough to let you own a satellite dish or read what you want, they would never trust private citizens to even have a knife or brass knuckles!

Don't pay attention to such rumors- the regime is so desperate right now it is spreading immense disinformation and trying to paint itself as the victim. Imagine Hitler saying that the Jews were trying to wipe out the Aryan race, that is how blatantly these people will lie. Look at waffen SS major who has in broad daylight here claimed that IRGC had nothing to do with the crackdown on protestors for example.

These people will commit any crime (and I mean ANY crime) to hold on to power. They are the parasites of our society.




Dear Fair: This is off

by vildemose on

Dear Fair: This is off topic. You might know the answer to this question since you are so well- versed in Iran issues.

Do you know anything about private gun ownerships in Iran? Can you purchase gun in Iran for private use? Can you point to specific gun control laws in the IRI  constitution?

There are some people who have started this rumor that gun ownership in Iran is legal and ordinary people have more weapons than the Basiji....


Operation Ajax

by Fair on

The gall of these people to draw any comparison between current situation and 1953.

Dr. Mossadeq was an elected prime minister serving his people. When did he ever call the people of Iran "dirt and dust"? When did he ever create or intend to create a terrorist police called Ansare-hezbollah or some revolutionary guards to protect him against his own people? Which newspaper or voice did he ever silence? Which student did he ever arrest for saying anything? Which boy or girl did he have raped in secret prisons, and when did he publicly in front of the whole world declare war on his people and his opposition? Which Iranian did he ever tell "you can vote for only people that I decide are qualified because I know better than you"?

To even use the same word Ajax that you do is presumptuous and self congratulatory. It is like Saddam Hussein comparing himself to Gandhi.

You and your fake doctor and allegations of velvet coup are so pathetic, you set the standard of how desperate one would become to hang onto power.

Shame on you waffen SS major and all the fascists that you stand with. You are the enemy of Iranian people.