The Other Side of the Hill

The Other Side of the Hill
by Sargord Pirouz

There's quite a bit of anti-government YouTube videos that are posted here at IC. I thought some of you might be curious to see the many pro-government videos that are now popping up. Some are quite clever and fairly well produced.Enjoy:



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marhoum Kharmagas

How is Sazegara doing (to Khaleh Moshe)

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Khaleh Mosheh says: "Affectionately awaitng your kAmikazi"

Moshe Khanom, I see that Sazegara's affection for death and destruction has impacted your otherwise sweet personality. Is he (Sazegara) still following AIPAC's orders? 

BTW, gorbehe kour bokhoradet!


Audacity to the power of 100

by Cost-of-Progress on

no fear and this sargord bazandeh are the same anti Iranian regime goons. Now one is congratulating the other in his effort.....

You f**kers have no shame....but it wasn't so pathetic, it'd actually be funny.




No Fear

Dear Sargord.

by No Fear on

Thank you for your contributions and your effort to creat balance against a dominant view on this board.

Hopefully this will creat a better environment for dialogue between different camps. I am aware of you voting green at the election and there are a few GM supporters on this board as well. I support Ahmadinejad's policies but in the context of realpolitik, there might not be too much difference between us.

I do sense pragmatism in your approach to politics and I value this quality greatly ( correct me if wrong ). I do read most of your posts and i have no doubt in your loyaty to Iran and Iranians.


khaleh mosheh

ComrAde KhArmagas

by khaleh mosheh on

My regards for you is always kind and suffused with fragrant fondness sweetie.

Affectionately awaitng your kAmikazi


marhoum Kharmagas

Khaleh Mosheh

by marhoum Kharmagas on

"PS Regards to Kharmagas"

I am assuming you meant unkind Regards to Kharmagas.

Anyhow, I realized that it wasn't you that day who was flagging my comments, and I stand corrected. 

gorbehe kour bokhoradet.

khaleh mosheh

Sargord Jaleho

by khaleh mosheh on

found this video- good to know you've taken up acting.


PS Regards to Kharmagas 


gitdoun ver.2.0

Curse this Regime for Lying

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

These people in the video supporting the regime have been deceived and lied to by the state controlled news media. If they had but 1 hour access to news media in Russia, in China, or heck even Mexico news media and could read the FACTS of how Un-Islamic and how satanic this government behaved from June 12th till now i am certain  you would see half of them turn against the government.  Don’t be too proud of this video Sargord ! IF anything be proud in how effective the regime has been able to control the flow of information to the masses.


Tahgord Pirouz continues halucinations

by Faramarz_Fateh on

someone gives this guy some medication that works.

His nonsense is getting out of hand.  Even for IslamoMafia supports of this site. 



by pedro on

Apparently all the killing and raping and use of bottle to baton to rape young Iranians is nothing but a game and fantasy to you.

Wake up doode, you can only fool people for a while. Go visit Iran and check the reality.

no one could have created so much hateret for themselves as much as you and likes of you.

The people who are signing your checks ( mullahs) had all the means to better themselves and make improvements in Iran, insted they killed, raped, hired arabs to torture and shoot iranan youth, filled their bank accounts and lied. TOF BE GOORE PEDARE NAMARD HAYI MESL TO VA RAHBARET KE AZ KHOON RISZI SEER NEMISHID.

What do you have to say about this:

TRAITORS and MULLAS of IRAN Bank Account Info in foreign countries

December 29, 2009 | Tehran, Iran | Vetting explained Posted by CNN producer noteiReport


waffen ss major the defender of rapists

by Fair on

Agree, disagree and discuss: but at the very least put forward an
intelligent commentary that's not based on personal insults or
simpleminded jingoism.


Let's see- intelligent commentary with no insults or jingoism, like:

"Today a bunch of calves and baby goats are opposing the regime"

"The leader is the only acceptable leader on this planet.... he is the head of the party of Allah"

"Enemies of the leader, according to the Quran, belong to the party of
Satan, ....Our war in the world is war against the opponents of the
rule of the supreme leader."

(Dec 30, 2009 from Ayatollah Ahmad Alamolhoda, member of the Assembly of Experts, leading the staged government rallies, on state TV in front of the whole world)

"there will be no mercy, We will
take severe action. The era of tolerance is over. Anyone attending such
rallies will be crushed. "

-Fascist General Ahmadi Moghaddam, the head of the fascist police, after having killed dozens of people in the streets, arrested thousands, and raping and torturing and imprisoning without trial hundreds.

SS Major, you have a lot of gall to ask for "discussion and commentary" with a side that takes the above stance. The basic fact is, the government has closed the door shut on all peaceful opposition, whether silent rallies or the press. In doing so, it is fully 100% responsible for all unrest that follows, since it has violated the most basic rights of the people.

As long as the "other side" like you and your masters above are rapist lawless thugs who rape and torture and kill young people and steal their bodies, nobody is going to "discuss" anything with you except your overthrow. Until you change, you are a fascist thug not worthy of anything.

So go tell your bosses that your mission is failing miserably. Nobody here buys your crap, and your masquerade of this being a "two sided argument". This is a massacre and and oppression of innocent civilians by your barbarian government, led by its fascist president AN, and your Islamic fuehrer, Seyyed Ali.

Shame on you for betraying your own people, including your own father. You have no honor and support crimes against your own people. You and your bosses have underestimated the Iranian people, and will be held fully accountable for your treason.  

You will see who is daydreaming and who is connected to reality.  Keep being arrogant.  You will see. 







What originated the lawlessness

by Abarmard on

There are couple of important points that we can argue here. Firstly what started the lawless acts? if one wants to blame the demonstrators who have no permit to gather in public as lawless...

The moment that the Mr. Khamenei took side and put his weights on one side of the equation, the dirt hit the fan. There was no hope for a just and meaningful resolution, legally. Suddenly (and naturally) the balance of power was destroyed and members of the system took sides. The most important sides of the decision making power and military took one side, including the judiciary, which is suppose to be neutral. How could any part of the system deny the decision by Mr. Khamenei?What guarantees can people have to have their voices heard?

(For the future of Iran, if we were going to continue having the "velayat e faghih" the constitution must be modified that none of the members of Khobregan e Rahbari, Shoraye Negahban and Rahbari himself, can be involved in any economic activities in the country, period.)

marhoum Kharmagas

ozaa` khar to khar (to Sargord)

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Based on what I have seen in google, Pari Saffaari is a Monarchist. Monarchists consider theselves green, but as far as I know many greens consider them neither green nor patriot (see Dr. Sahimi's article).

In some sense it is unfair to the greens that Pari Saffaaris are used to discredit greens but at the same many greens (except people such as Sahimi) set themselves up for this because of opportunism.


Mardom Mazloom


Mardom Mazloom

چرا برات مهم نیست هموطنات وسط خیابونها کشته، تو زندانها بهشون تجاوز، برای عقیده هاشون به دار آویخته میشن؟ چرا از این رژیم جانی دفاع میکنی؟ مگر خون تو رنگین تر از خون جوونهاایکه کشته شدند است؟ فکر میکنی تا ابد زنده میمونی؟ یا اینکه خدا راستی-راستی این ولایت ایران را به اسم ملاها کرده و تو راسش علی گدا روگذاشته ؟ جوابمو بده، اگر قانعم کردی بابت چپ چپ نگاه کردنم ازت عذر خواهی میکنم.

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

I myself voted Green in the June election. That said, I accept Dr. Ahmadinejad as the legitimate President of Iran. The fact that permits have not been issued for lawful assemblages to be held, I also accept. I abhor civil disorder.

When there are illegal protests held for whatever reason in whatever part of the world, including the US, there are repercussions. It's really unfortunate that such is taking place now in the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Hopefully there will be a political accommodation, and law and order maintained. I have to say, though, the recent rioting during Ashura has just made such all the more difficult. 

(Just my opinion.)

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

chera chap chap negam mikony?!


What's Good for the GOose is Good for the GAnder

by mannya2001 on

Mr Pirouz,

Solution: Allow/permit the Green movement to have their own protest march.  Why is that so hard?

If Hezbollah has the right to pull 1 million to the streets after Harriri's death, why can't Green movement?

If Hassan Nasrollah & Hezbollah in "Ard al Muqawama" tolerate and stay quiet regarding discoteques and cabarets in Beirut, why can't Iranian governemnt do the same? 

Why are Lebanese with over 65% Shia allowed all sorts of freedom and Iranians are not?

Either Hezbollah is not doing enough or IRI is doing too much.

Let us not forget that Hezbollah took over downtown and started fights with Sunni Lebanese and at the end gave in and allowed Hariri to become the new prime minister.  Nothing gained except Hezbollah lost its prestige in all of Arab world as a sectarian group.

Why does Iran support democracy in Turkey & Gaza & Egypt when it knows Islamists will take over, yet does not allow it in Iran?  Is it because it is afraid of what democratic and free elections will bring in Iran??

At any rate, I am not against Velayate Faqih, but I think Khamenie is no longer fit to rule.  The worst thing that happened to Khamenie is that he can no longer raise his head no more.  He knows that he has joined the likes of Hosni Mubarak and Malek Abdullah of SA.

Mardom Mazloom

سرگرد کچل،

Mardom Mazloom

تو که هم دشمنی، هم نادان. فکر کنم این از هر دو تا موردی که گفتی بهتره. خدا رو شکر مردم گیر یک عده فاشیست جانی خر افتادند. اگر میخواستید مثل هیتلر و دارو دستش دانا باشید کار خیلی سختر میشد.

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

I have to admit my ignorance. I don't get that channel either. I don't know if she's a monarchist  (she might be).  But hey, she's a great way to end a pro-government video- isn't she? They couldn't hope to make up a more wacky and divisive character with which to offend 95% of Iranians in Iran! Spitting on Islam! You can't make up anything more hilarious- and damaging- to the Green movement cause.

Mardom Mazloom

Anonymous Observer

by Mardom Mazloom on

آنالیز درستی کردی شما. این ملا ها و دارو دستشون جان مردم را از باب سیاست یزیدی خودشون نگاه میکنند. اگر قتل و عام بیگناه ها براشون سود داشته باشه میپرند بالا و پایین ولی اگر منفعتی از کشتار بیگناه هایه دیگه نبینند، ککشون هم نمیگزه.

marhoum Kharmagas

Is Pari Saffaari a Monarchist?

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Is Pari Saffari, the lady at the end of last video, a Monarchist? I don't have any of those Abgoshti "Iranian" channels, that is why I am asking.

Is that channel (Bidari TV) a Monarchist outlet?


Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

You base your commentary on personal fantasy? How about something substantive related to the subject at hand?

Unfortunately you're not alone, though. There's a lot of fantasy in most of these comments. A return of a monarchy, a conversion to Western liberalism, the imminent collapse of the IRI- all sheer fantasy.

But hey- whatever. Just go on living the same day dream y'all have been dreaming everyday for the past 30 years. And cursing those more grounded in reality. 



by pedro on

Are you going to be around when the regime chanes in Iran. I hope that you have some kind of talent to earn some money after IRI fall.

Maybe you and Jaleo can get together and make  porno movies. Using fake blood + pump, and seens of stabbing and cutting each other while having sex. Btw, make good use of the baton, because you will have many eager Lebanies and Palestinians plus the Basijies and Mullahs audience who love raping, cutting, burning and forcing the baton on their captives, that had run away from Iran and their bank accounts is loaded with dollars. Immagine all possibilities and the income you and Jaleo can have sending your films to all over the Islamic world and the added runaway billionair mullahs now residing everywhere.

Good luck

Sargord Pirouz

دشمن دانا بهتر از دوست نادان است

Sargord Pirouz

The first video's soundtrack amused me to no end, being something of a LA lampoon. The group soccer photo of Western leaders and reformists was funny, too.

The second video stating at 6:00 is impressive for a different reason. It really gives one the feel for the "other side of the hill". Someone here on the comment thread noted with confidence that these people would eventually be absorbed into the Green movement. I really have my doubts. As it stand now, according to the latest objective poll data we have (which admittedly is already over 3 months old now), the opposition movement is nowhere near the 50% mark.

The third video really wasn't much different than what you would expect from one of the many Green videos found on the internet or cable TV, as well as Western media representations, in that it only presented street interviews based upon its own bias. However, that said, I found the interviews sincere. I must say, the very last segment "borrowed" of that woman TV host defiling Islam was particularly effective. To a lessor degree, so was the photo of diaspora protesters using a Shiro Khorshid flag.

I'm surprised so many readers and commenters here examine this kind of stuff and simply assail the poster, without really taking a critical look at the subject material. Agree, disagree and discuss: but at the very least put forward an intelligent commentary that's not based on personal insults or simpleminded jingoism. 


شکافجو،‌ای مزقل فضایی که معلوم نیست از کدام قبرستانی برخاستی


و این مزخرفات را از قول کدام استاد مزقل تر از خودت بلغور میکنی‌. امیدوارم خدای هر فرقهٔ عقب افتاده اسلامی که تو عضو ناقص آن هستی‌، در هر خراب شده که تو را بر اورده،  دعاهای مادرت را شنیده و شفایت دهد


عجب شکافهای عجیب و غریب




ای تمبلهای پهلوان اگه حلوای عمو سام اینقدر واسه شما شیرینه ایران به شما چه
شما که چراگاهای  سبز خود را در خانه عمو سام پیدا کردید دست از دلالی بردارید
برید و بچرید در این چراگاه شادوآزاد

ما ایرانیها خیلی احساساتی هستیم  وجوانان ما ازهمه بیشتر
دلالها واسه این رفتند در پی جوانان خام
انها که فکر میکنند اگر یخورده خم بشن برای عمموسام اوضاع زندگی بریشان بهتر میشه

ولی مردم ایران این را خیلی خوب میفهمند
هر دولتی که نتوانه سر بلند بر علیه آمریکا و اسرائیل بایستد دولت مردومی نیست

به ساده گی هم نمیشه این حرکت سبز را رد کرد

به امید آن روز که ما و برادران افغان ما از شر آمریکا  ودلالان انها رها شویم

نوبت اخوندها هم خواهد رسید


Anonymous Observer

Mardom Mazloom

by Anonymous Observer on

The answer to your question is "no".  She, and the greater IRI crowd do not care if Iranian blood is spilled.  They do, however, care immensely if Palestinian blood is spilled.  This is not because they particularly care about that tragedy, nor is it because they particularly care about the welfare of the Muslim world.  After all, have you ever heard them talk about Chechnya or Darfur?  Of course not.  That is because they adore the Muslim killing dictators in Sudan and Russia.  So, let me elaborate  on their manufactured passion for the Palestinian cause.  See, the IRI is a mini imperialist wannabe.  Its supporters, in turn, are mini-mini imperialist wannabes.  They take their marching orders from IRI-central.  And IRI central tells them that if they pretend to care about Palestinians, they will help the IRI stop what it perceives to be the other mini imperialist wannabe state of Israel.  In the process, Palestinians become the sacrificial lambs...just like Iranians.  But while crying for the Iranian victims obviously weakens the IRI itself, a manufactured chest beating for Palestinians certainly helps IRI's goals.  

So, there you have it.  That's how things work in the wacky world of IRI automatons.  But I urge you not to be too hard on them.  They are, after all--as we say-- "maamoor va maazoor".  We shall ignore their belligerence until their regime slowly and painfully fades away...which is only a matter of time.  


Thank you Divaneh jan. I

by vildemose on

Thank you Divaneh jan. I needed to laugh. You're a wonderful writer.


Lets not cut our own collective fun Vildemose. Responding to

by Hovakhshatare on

characters like sargord is fun & entertainment. No one takes them seriously.

Arthimis, I'm really disappointed that you gave him a promotion to gorouhban (even if conditioned on passing a test). Because according to latest information relayed from IRCG by Anonymous Observer he is a sarbaz sefr and has a long way to go to earn gorouhban Ghandali


به من میگن سرکار برنده


خطاب به همهَ آنهایی که به مخالفت با من نوشته اند. ببینید، این ویدیوها را ببینید. میبینید که موسیقی دیسکویی هم دارد که شما را جذب ولایت کند. ببینید تا متوجه بشوید که در ایران همه طرفدار ولایت فقیه هستند و آنهایی که  به مخالفت می آیند توی خیابان چند نفر بیشتر نیستند.

آخر تا کی می خواهید در این خواب غفلت بمانید. این دومین بلاگ من است و توی اولی هم به شما نشان دادم که دلیل اعتراضات و فریاد مردم در ایران این نیست که رای آنها دزدیده شده، یا فرزندان آنها را توی زندانها شکنجه کرده ایم و کشته ایم، یا زنهای آنها را سی سال است که با توسری کرده ایم توی چادر و حقوقشان را پامال کرده ایم، یا سی سال است که اقتصاد مملکت را فلج کرده ایم، یا یک مشت آخوند بی سواد را گذاشته ایم در رآس کار و بلبشو شده، ویا این که سی سال است که همهَ ثروتهای این ملت را میدزدیم. نه، نه، فریب مخورید، گمراه مشوید، در خواب نمانید، چشماهیتان را باز کنید و ببینید که تنها دلیلش این است که چند بشکه مغز درامریکا یک گذارش نوشته اند. حالا فهمیدید؟ اگر باور نمی کنید خودتان لینک را دنبال کنید و با وقت زیادتان آن گذارش 124 صفحه ای را بخوانید. اگر من هیچ قسمت از آن را در بلاگ ذکر نکرده ام به این دلیل نیست که تنبل هستم و آن را نخوانده ام، نه، تنها به دلیل بی طرفی من است. شما که خودتان می دانید من چه بی طرف هستم. اگر بخواهید میتوانم لینک کتابخانه ملی امریکا را هم ضمیمه کنم تا خودتان بروید و هر چه دلتان خواست بخوانید تا حرفهای من را قبول کنید. حرف من که حرف یک نفر نیست چون من که یک نفر نیستم. من یک شخصیت خیالی و حاصل کار جمعی روابط عمومی سازمان اطلاعات سپاه هستم. بیخودی به من نمی گویند سرکار برنده


Dear marhoum Kharmagas

by Abarmard on

I am certain that future will always have its challenges. You are correct that there are divisions among people, I should have been more clear and say that most people are in agreement with the road map offered by Mr. Mousavi.

I do not deny that there are large portions of the population that are supporting the current leadership, but I believe that the side that has risen is the part of the social group that matters the most to the country. My greatest hope is and has been a peaceful solution/compromise.

We all must agree that the demands were simple to begin with and as time progresses, the situation changes towards uncertainty. A system that could not handle a simple demand from its people doesn’t deserve ruling Iranians who have sacrificed their livelihood to at least have those rights.