Let's change the name Iran to V-ran

Let's change the name Iran to V-ran
by samsam1111

Just until true Iran resurrect itself either in this generation or others to come...Let's face it , with These people, This ballad al Shaikh culture, This Alphabet & language of Arabic dialect Farsi, The cities & towns flooded with banners of glorified nasrollahs , Masses upon masses of Shaikhs mavaliz...etc.. Iran, as I wrote earlier is a name attached to a box with the wrong content. Now!, dropping the name will at least save the legacy of the word, Iran as pure as it was long ago which stood for something it was meant to represent & did so truly. By dropping it We prevent it from being associated in parallel with the name Mullah in the eyes of all nations. This way the name & the legacy will always stay true & uncorrupted. So when next generation talks about it , they will know what it truly means..no mullah culture pasvand no pishvand..kinda like those funny Arabic filled preface on Shahnameh books by introductors...U-ran is a good one since mullahs made U all ran or may be V-ran..uhmmmm just pick a name---> I-rain..E-rain...A-ran..Irene..D-ran..D-rain..De-ranged yah I am ..man so tired zzzz.. might add some tomorrow!


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lol..ok bacheh mahal!

by samsam1111 on

Khashayar..I hope it cools off the mood on your weekend!





صمصام جان

حالا نمی‌شد این عکس (خلخالی) رو ضمیمه نمیکردی این شب تعطیل؟

راستی‌ چرا این کلمات همه با (خ) شروع میشن ؟

خوف، خبیث، خیانت، خرابی، خلخالی، خجالت، خرس، خوک، خواب خرگوشی، خامنه ای، خفگی، خفقان، خمینی، خود فروشی،  خود فریبی، خار  ک....سته گی ،   خر، خود فروش،  ختم، خنزر پنزر، خاتمی، خود زنی‌،........................خدا !!!!!!!!!!

میتونی‌ یک کلمه مثبت  پیدا کنی‌ که با (خ) شروع بشه؟

حسن تصادف؟   



AmirAshkan & AmirKabear!

by samsam1111 on

Thx ! Atleast 2 souls on this site get my point. other than web masters on this site who think my views are jiberish and ignore it. I,m happy that folks like you GET it and beg to disagree. Cheers!


nice one

by amirkabear4u on

I absolutely agree. U-ran is a good expression of heart.

AmirAshkan Pishroo

Ironic bliss

by AmirAshkan Pishroo on

Great piece of irony.