sam jade
by sam jade

Let me look at it closer

 Iranian youth get killed in streets of Tehran , many Iranian risk their Job their life and their family

and then after all Reza Pahlavi will go to IRAN and lead them??!!!!

what is wrong with this equation???

What is Reza Pahlavi's qualification, how many important department he has run,has he ever been incharge of something that gets result (either Military or industrial,or commercial) ??

beside his own personal office which was created with Iranian people's money and his so called works has not made any difference in any Iranian life inside and abroad.. !!!!

Never spend a day in classroom at any higher education institute..(beside some corresponded degree fro USC means never sit in a classroom) some said : (his assistant) done all  school's work!!!

any one could fill up your assignment and send it to USC...

Never been in any Iranian neighbor country to lead or do any political activities!!!

So far from reality , never been intouch or spend days  with ordianry Iranian,

Has lived the best kind of life that money can buy far from Iran  ,

Never worked a day of his life, .....

So don't you think it is an insult to all Iranian whom are already risking their life

or get shot in street of Tehran , to tell them ,among all of those millions, there is not one intellect to run

the country ,but Reza Pahlavi whom will be IMPORTED to Tehran as soon as roads are cleard!!????

I am not pro or anti anybody , but I have lots of repect for my people intellect ,I think they can pick up their own leader

 MOVEMENTs WILL CREATE  LEADERS ,but it is not the other way around...


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Ahmed from Bahrain


by Ahmed from Bahrain on

Yes, I was born in Bahrain from Persian parents who were born in Bahrain too.

Bahraini Persians are easily around 30% but also many so called Arabs are originally from Iran as well as all the Jewish families who are all from Iran.

We are all proud to be Persian and all we want is a strong, prosperous and happy Iran. I do not care who governs Iran as long as the people are happy and free.

I adore Iranian food, music, poetry, history and offcourse your beautiful language. It makes my heart sing.

Ahmed from Bahrain

Darius Kadivar

sam jade Hee Hee ANGER Won't Find YOU a LEADER ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

In That Case I suggest YOU to Find a Hobby to constructively channel your Self Destructive Anger.

You Provoke a Debate then Refuse to an intellectual discourse.

Typical F..CKED UP Dude





by sam jade on


Since this is the only language you unerstand I explain it your way , I let you know I don't give a shit about Mosavi,or his competition or who ever whom did what ever crime as you said...DO NOT GO THERE..and do NOT lable me......You guys have done this for years

"If I am not on of yours them I must be one of them ??!!!!!!"

Unfoutunaitly your head is so in deep shit in your ASS so you can not see anyone but Reza Pahalvi ,,,good for you,

Mojahedin think the same way,, they think RAJAVI is the guy ..

if you head comes out of your ass, you might see there are many many well qualified individuals whom can lead that country , and mostly they are in IRAN and suffering under oppresion of this regim.. (Iran is not full of dummies and lack of leadership )

yap let them get killed in streets of Tehran so Reza Pahlavi can get his heritage back,,(your head must be stock in  you know where)

I mentioned some of your favorit candidate qualifictionS .

I am not into debating anyone neither you have the capacity ..

Lots of us WILL NOT be fool by someone's speech or message that speech writer already prepared it... talk is cheap , and NO ACTION for 30 years.....(oops occasionally some lengesh kon lengesh kon messages)

I am not interested in your response , it is about time for you to get a life... 

looks like you have no life but to write BS on this site or jump on anyone you can ,or INSIST on pushing your none related intellect to others , what ever comment your wrote to show your talent has nothing to do with what I said in most parts... good luck...go BARK ON SOME OTHER TREE NOW...

Darius Kadivar

sam jade the Smart Ass ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

If You think You have a better idea or Solution that Reza Pahlavi's suggestion of an Iranian Solidarnosc :

REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... by Darius KADIVAR

then why don't You set forward YOUR Proposition or even Run for President ?

Your Problem is that you don't even bother debating about RP's ideas or suggestions. You simply Dismiss them ONLY because he is the Shah's Son and Pretendant to the Peacock Throne.

What makes someone like Moussave who is a suspected culprit of the Massacres of 1988 and which YOUR GREEN VOTE has endorsed his candidancy More Respectable in Your eyes ?

I'd Like to know that !

Reza Pahlavi has less blood on his hands than ANY OF THE FOUR CANDIDATES RUNNING FOR THE IRI PRESIDENCY !

At Worst RP is Only Responsible for being Incompetant as an Opposition leader. And Even that is to be proved for most of what he predicted against the views of most "Iran Experts" Proved Right.

So the NIAC/AIC PhD graduates in International Poltics can truly flush their diplomas down the drain or drop them in the Dustbins of History.

RP has been in this Struggle Far Longer than any of us Cyber heroes and Cyber Patriots to date.

He is in a position to give some coherence and direction to our collective struggle against the IRI which considers the Pahlavi's at their Antogonist. And they happen to effectively be the antagonist of this Turbaned Dynasty.

You Have a Better idea to channel this collective outrage against the IRI Fine. Show us the Way ...

What are you waiting for to Save the country and rid it from its troubles ?

Like you say I may be a SHAHOLLAHI but At Least I have someone to champion ;0)


be it the son of a dead dictator who quotes an enemy of his father most of the time that is Shahpour Bakhtiar as a Role Model (rather than the Old Absolute King who was his father) and political inspiration:. 


Who do you have ?  Mr. Cheese :


The Kolfat of a LIVING TYRANT ?

Shoma Agha KOOR HASTEED Agha Sam Jade:

Fereydouneh Farrokhzad warned us long ago :

Fereydoun Farrokhzad - Irani Boodan



At Least That is Why knowing One's History Can Be Useful !

There is a great expression for people like you in France:

Dans Le Royaume Des Aveugles Les Borgnes Sont Roi


In the Kindom of Blind People, The One Eyed Jack is King

Bonne Nuit,








by sam jade on

According to what he(Kadivar) says: , IF I am not pro Shah's (PAHLAVI) regim

then I deserve Jomhorie Eslami , or so, (SH@@)

As I said I am not pro anyone , THis dictaorship (jomhorie eslami)

is not working neither old dictatorship...

many many of us also many studentS in Tehran's street ARE NOT pro SHAH ,does it mean they are Pro JOMHORIE ESLAMI??

thank for letting us (none  pro Pahlavi ) to know what we deserve.

I had lots of respect for your views as a blogger ,NoW you made me think twice and I am not so sure anymore.....




by FARDA (not verified) on

DOWN WITH THE DICTATOR, EITHER SHAH< OR DOCTOR is the slogan of the demonstration. Don't worry, be happy.....



by secular on

Reza Pahlavi hasn't been able to UNITE the small fenatical - delusional Shahi Groups roaming around LA for the last 30 years. And, some expect him to lead an entire nation?  If after all these years [HE] is our best possible choice, then we're dooomed!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

A Darius who curses

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

And damns people with mullahs. I wouldn't have him any other way. Thank you cute Darius ;) 


Missing Person Report

by MiNeum71 on

I wonder where those craps are hiding, the Parhams, hamsade ghadimis, Kaveh Nouraees, ramintorks, HATEIRIs, Yanas, LalehGillanis, eroonmans, Farah Rustas, Masoud Kazemzadehs ... who always claimed: Don't vote, only silly people and IRI-apologists vote, nothing will change, this only helps legitimating the IRI ...

I wrote very often: Civil disobedience is an active action, actually a subtle offence, with which you want to demontrate displeasure, for example when you go on strike. But sitting at home demonstrates only personified laziness and cowardice.

Where are you? You thinks you can work against the people whilst people are dying, and then you come and pick up free gift, you lazy gals and guys? You don't deserve Iran.

There are only two things I expect you to you:
1) Supporting the young and brave Iranians fighting in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashad, Ahvaz, Tabriz ...
2) Apologising for insulting the intelligence of the voters.

You lost this battle of wit.


By the way, Reza Pahlavi is a clown ... like his Mom. 


Darius Kadivar

How About YOUR New Turbaned Shah's Logic ?

by Darius Kadivar on

You Deserve THIS SHIT :


شعرخوانی یک طلبه برای رهبر




by Iraniandudeee on

Are you a ethnic Bahraini Persian? How much of the percentage of bahrain consists of ethnic Persians? I heard it's around 20-30%


Marge one last thing

by Iraniandudeee on

First of all, Americans don't even know what nationalism or true nationalism means, these people just wave their flags around without knowing the cause of it. These people who talk so much about the u.s, and "Patriotism" don't even know their own history.

 They wouldn't know nationalism if it hit them in the face, and patriotism and nationalism are two different things.

 P.s, I see that you have nothing to bark about anymore, well good.

 I can proudly say that we don't need people like you in Iran. I'm afraid with your barking, you would harm iran more than you would help it.


Mayor of Qazvin

by heeh! (not verified) on

Like a wise man once said, he needs some practice first. Let him be mayor of Qazvin.

Ahmed from Bahrain

Am not Iranian but Persian

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

And am proud of my ancestry.

A word of caution. Do not hang on to the past. The time for kings and queens are over. Look towards the future. Choose a system of government similar to that of say Switzerland.MMP in my opinion is the best form of government, if it can be modified to suit the culture.

The time is coming.  The Genie is out of the bottle. Choose carefully and choose freedom above all other forms of bondage including kings and villayat e faqih.

Why choose another form of bondage when you can choose freedom.

And pleeeeze, remove religion out of government. I was born a 'sayed' but ethics and morality and love comes from the heart and the parents teaching. The government should stay out of religion and be concerned with running the country's economy, wealth, growth, managemnt, etc. but NOT religion. We had prophets who did those things and have enough material to go through in that department. We do not need a whole government to explain to us what God thinks and doesn't. That sort of thinking only creates slaves and I would never be part of slavery business. Besides I thought Islam came to remove slavery?!

Do they think that after all the years of education, that a human being can not think for him/serself? and is in need of some religious teaching or a king to make him/her more human?

Pardon me, I carry on.


Ahmed from Bahrain



by A B (not verified) on

Hey, he can't do any worse then what's been done for the last 30 years.


Let's Unite!!!

by happy go lucky (not verified) on

People need to unite to overthrow the regime!!!

Let the monachists say whatever they want. It's the people who will decide what they want!

Many of us know what the shah did to Iran and Iranians. But this is not the time to discuss things of this nature!!!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Man you sound like Newt Gingrich

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You and your patriotism and nationalism. I'm so sick of it in the US, people telling others that patriotism is this and that and telling others that it has to be defined and all that bullshit so that "the enemies" will fear us.

Bla bla bla bla bla.

Iranian dudee woody, I think Reza Pahlavi would be a much better leader than you. Not as you said "I'd be a better leader". While he isn't suffering a shortage of bullshit, he doesn't go around saying stuff like that. I'll give him credit where it's due. You could learn a thing or two from him.


Nationalism is NEVER

by Iraniandudeee on

Outdated, and nationalism will never be outaded. How can a ideology that can improve and adapt to the people, issue (Or whatever) depending on the situation, ever become "outdated". Now I know you're just talking out of your butt to further your own agenda.


Comparing america with IRAN?

by Iraniandudeee on

Please don't compare this bastardized land of ignorant racist un-cultured morons of America with Iran.

Look at America. This is a land where the people copy everything they see on t.v, where people act fake as hell, where the women act like whores and gold-diggers and get appluaded in exchange for their actions. this is where most of the men are gangsta wannabe morons who only care for theirself, money, and getting rich.

 America might be strong in terms of military, but it's society is truly disturbing.... And it's looking worse, as the generation becomes crappier as time passes.

 I don't know anyone with any ammount of brain that would want their country to become ike the U.s..... This place is truly pathetic.


I wan my king back, tak reza back to ay ran

by Houshijan (not verified) on

why not having our king Rez back to Saad Abad palace? we all wan him badly. people just wan him.

when the great Shah king father came out my granny cried a lot like a goofy and mummy didn sleep for a month or more. my daddy kicked his head for a month to the light post in the garden till the light post broke an he woudn give up til we tied him away in a room. wat a shitty days thos days...

who cares about referendum if all people love king Rez and wan him back to be a king an act as a king, for the damn guy is a born king, no less, then he is our king and he is gone make ayran great again like his daddy's time and we can be all damn free and rich and happie, the hole world is gone love us again. what's wrong with that I mean. the hole country is gon be golo bolbol again.

Hey those of you who dare say bad mouth shit on king rez, do you wan a blo on your nose now? do yu wan a slap on your damn cheeks now? now cal me if you wan it, shit. you goofies all, fuken, cant beliv people are so ignoran an goofie here. jus cant beliv it.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I see what you're saying

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

And I think it's outdated as hell. America has enemies too, more than we'll ever know. And electing new leaders seems to be working alright, even when those enemies attack! Who would have f-ing thunk. Look at these Iraqis. They are also ethnically diverse, and existing as a nation only by accident. No one is bothering with them on their national schtuff. Even when America stopped keeping Mr. Hussein as a puppet! 

By the way, author of this blog: The title is a complete oxymoron. Reza Pahlavi does not have a shred of logic. He has a big nose and a famous last name.

When Obama was elected he wrote to him and said "The Iranian people are watching you!!!!! O_o Don't disappointed! Don't talk to Mahmoud! Or else.....

Here comes this guy who became only Senator a few years ago, and is now the President of the land of the free, and this pimple, Reza Pahlavi, tells him to "be careful". Very poetic Persian foshe comes to mind, but Obama was and is a gentleman. The same can't be said of this opportunist Reza Damagh.  



by Iraniandudeee on

Here's where people with logic (Me) and baffons (YOu) are seperated.

 People should not be forced on how they should be living, but atleast encouraged or led through the right path.This is where nationalism comes in..... Because people can easily be manipulated, we are not robots, so of cource people need to be educated and encouraged to have national interest for their own people, country, identity, culture, history etc... Marge, if you enjoy being sold into sex slavery into foreign countries (and this really hurts me to say these things) then be a islamic republic supporter, but if you want value, dignity, respect, brotherhood/sisterhood, class, then support these nationalists.

 It is the duty of the government to protect it's people (Just liek you said) and it is the duty of any government that represents the people to encourage nationalism through the media, schools, daily life, newspapers etc... to achieve stronger goals, because nationalism and determination can mak people achieve things they never dreamed that they could in a thousand years.


Marge buddy

by Iraniandudeee on

Why don't you open your eyes and read carefully. I don't support the shah because he's the son of the last monarch, but because he's a nationalist, and trust me, when or if ever a better person with a stronger ideology and nationalism comes along, then we'll choose him/her.

 Now seriously, I consider myself a better leader than him with a better and stronger ideology, but sadly, not many know about me :( so until a person like me or I myself rise to power (I'm 100% serious about this), I would rather have the shah or a nationalistic government or group in power than any other form of government., simply because of the situation iran is in right now.... You know we have alot of enemies, and the Islamic republic goes and makes us new enemies, whike they should be fighting our real enemies.



I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Allahu Akbar

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Nationalism, huh? Again, a monarch doesn't have any correlation. A monarch is just another lump of skin and bones. The government should never encourage people to be "this kind of society" or "that kind". You're being pretty vague, and that's always fun. 

If anything, the government shouldn't be doing much except protecting people from themselves. Encouraging all people to participate, without regard to whose birth canal he OR SHE popped out of is a nice place to start. 

Darius Kadivar

Comme Dit le Poet ...

by Darius Kadivar on

"Si La Monarchie C'est Ferme Ta Gueule, La Republique C'est Cause Toujours ..." 

Aka Freely Translated From French:

"If Being a Monarchist Means to ask you to Shut Up, What is Certian is that Being A Republican consists of Talking Your Head Off Endlessly ..."

In Short Stop Talking Crap !

And Read Only If Interested:

REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... By Darius KADIVAR

Shab Khosh ...


Va Ta Gabre ...

 AH, AH, AH, ...AHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh...






by Iraniandudeee on

Tell me one person that tries to protect Iranian/Persian culture, identity, values, and dignity as reza shah? Just one! whether you wanna accept it or not,  a country and it's people depend on what kind of a society their government encourages.... What kind of values, culture, dignity, all of this depends on nationalism, which every country needs to use it's population as it's most important resource.

 Btw, i'm living in the U.s, FOR THE MOMENT, yes, but I'm going back when I'm done with my studies.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Iraniandude you use all these pretty words

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Culture - Identity! Wow. I'm hypnotized.... NOT!

If Reza Damagh is your culture and identity, then I feel bad for you. Iranians (the ones in Iran, ya know, the ones who are living there, under that title, the culture) are not a bunch of wandering gaav who need Reza Damagh Pahlavi to demonstrate culture and identity for them.

You are living in the West, I'm assuming. People get information, knowledge, and influence from places and people other than a throne sweetie pie, if you gotta get it from the King, you need to wake up. If you think Reza Damagh is some kind of standard setting kind of guy for what our culture is, no thanks. I wanna go forward NOT backward. 

By the way, I have seen him on Fox, showing this "education", as you call it. No thank you. We have much bigger, smarter Iranians who deserve our attention. There's not enough crowns for a monarchy. Do you see the people who are fighting in Iran, those are monarchs. They are doing the work that will put Reza back in Niavaran palace, but only as a tourist like most Iranians go there to do. He's no better than anyone else.  




یک کم فارسی‌ بنویس ببینم چیزی بارت هست یا نه. رضا پهلوی منتظر تو و این بابا هست که اول برید ایرون ببینید صیغه می‌‌کنندتون یا نه. بعدش بلند می‌شه میاد.



by Iraniandudeee on

I myself would want reza pahlavi in power until we find a better government or political party..... He has something that Iranians desperately need, which is true Iranian/Persian nationalism (Not muslim nationalism).

 Now tell me marg, what's the point of Iran without it's culutre, values, identity, or dignity? These are the things that reza pahlavi can keep, encourage, and produce.


Why so much hysteria ?

by BrandonSLC (not verified) on

I don't understand why he can't help Iran overcome this evil regime if that is his wish. He is after all, an Iranian.

The world wide trend for the last 250 years has been away from Monarchs and towards democracy.

I don't see why all the worry.