Punishment for 8 years old boy.

Punishment for 8 years old boy.
by sam jade

I am not sure who can varify this ,but the pictures are shocking and painful to watch,,

If anyone for sure can varify that; is this  waht is going on in Iran ??

I understand Justice in Iran depends on where you live ,Tehran has different punishment for different crimes and smaller cities are more (how can I say this )"aggressive"  crule , Barbaric ,and make their own law as they  desire.... this includes hanging underage  boys and girls  and many many other undercover crimes under the name of Islam or Jomhoorie Eslami ,or Emam so and so farmoodand!!!



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To Zion

by Zebras (not verified) on

Zion - If so many Jews and Israelis were not so anti-Muslim/anti-Islamic, then perhaps many more Muslims, including me, would be more sympathetic with Israel and its right to exist. While spreading your hateful and cheap anti-Islamic and anti-Iranian rubbish propaganda, you should not forget that many of the things that you deem as cruel derive from your own Jewish holy scripts! The penalty of stoning "offenders" to death comes from the Old Testament! Anyone who reads the Talmud would agree that it makes the Taleban appear as choir boys in comparison! I do not condemn the Jewish religion or your holy scriptures. On the contrary, I respect your religion, scriptures and holy persons. Because I take in to account such factors as the historical pretext, the prevailing values and norms of those times,the intellectual level of people who lived in those times, and the manipulation and interpretation of holy scripts, etc. What is considered as barbaric and inhuman forms of punishments today, was considered a more or less acceptable form of punishment 1400 years or 2000+ years ago. Only 100+ years ago people were subjected to extremely cruel punishments in Europe and the U.S.. The problem with religious fanatics is that they do not understand or accept that times change, and that certain aspects of religions will have to keep up with certain changes in order to prevail. This can be done by using our common sense - not by changing the content of the scriptures! In any case, time will gradually make the Divine religions more and more obsolete. Although religions today continue to be a subject of conflict between humans, the truth is that they do serve the welfare of the vast majority of our planet's inhabitants today, and without them there would be total chaos and mayhem! But they will gradually become more and more obsolete with time - all of them.


Dear Sam, Few people hate

by Zebra (not verified) on

Dear Sam,

Few people hate the "islamic" republic as much as I do! Reading your comments I gather that you are quite distanced from what goes on in today's Iran. You see, with all the crimes this regime has committed against our people, they do, believe it or not, have certain laws that they do follow. Punishing an 8 year old boy is not sanctioned by the existing code of law in Iran. Shia doctrine views minors as not being mentally mature enough to be able to make sound judgements - I think the age is 14 and below, if I'm not mistaken. And thus an eight year old would not be old enough to recieve regular forms of punishment. I'm not saying that the "islamic" republic do not break some of their own laws. They do for instance execute people who committed the crimes when they were young. What they do is that they keep them locked up until they're ripe of age, and then they execute them. But rest assured that they do not drive over the arms of 8 year old boys! That's just pure evangelical/zionist/neo-con malicious propaganda! Besides, the Israelis kill babies - they did so in Lebanon and Gaza, and the U.S. supplied them with the means to do so! So who are they to speak about cruelty?

There is a minority of Iranians who are aiding this hate-filled anti-Islam campaign of lies - Usually these kind of Iranians like to call themselves "nationalists", and a lot of them claim that they are Zoroastrians, others are atheists and/or communists. For those who consider themselves nationalists I have this to say: If you are so out of touch with reality that you think that by insulting the faith of the vast majority of Iranians by smearing their religion, then you should think twice about being involved in politics! To be successful in politics requires intelligence and shrewdness - An intelligent and shrewd politician would accuse the current regime of USING Islam for corrupt selfish reasons. He/she would not be foolish enough to distance themselves from the vast majority of Iranians by insulting that which is most sacred to them - their faith! Anyone who engages in political activities against this regime and who resorts to anti-Islamic rhetoric can count him/herself as an incompetent idiot and a total political failure! This is one of the reasons the so called nationalist groups in exile have lost all steam and support - people see that they're so out of touch with reality.

For those who resort to anti-Islamic rhetorics on a Zoroastrian platform I have this to say: You can not be a zoroastrian and use the language of hate - especially hate aimed against another religion! Zoroastrian teachings preach the utter importance of tolerance, politeness and good character!

To the communtists, atheists, evangelical and zionist extremists I have this to say: Get lost!

And to the "islamic" republic I have only this to say: MARGBAR JOMHOORIYEH "ESLAMI"!!! (Death to the "islamic" republic!!!) If mullah Ruhollah Khomeini was an "emam", my breakfast egg is a Fabergé egg!


Anonymous fish - I think

by Zebra (not verified) on

Anonymous fish - I think this can be said about both Hamas and the Israelis. The Israelis are murderers and so is Hamas. They both kill innocent people. The difference between them is that on top of having killed Isreali civilians, Hamas also sacrifices its own people, while Israel values the lives of its own JEWISH people, but don't give a hoot about innocent Palestinians.

Having said that, I hate when people resort to blatant lies to smear someone or something they are against. The story with the 8 year old boy has been proven by numerous independent sources as being entirely false. The boy is part of a freak show. Peykeh Iran was the first one to publish this story, and has since written a statement in which they clearify that it is a freak show and not a punishment.

It's really disturbing to see what lenghths these Islam-haters will go to in order to smear this religion! In my opinion those kind of people who are behind these hateful lies are just as much fascists as the talebans, Al Qaida and the current Iranian regime!

I'm not defending the Iranian regime - they do not deserve to be defended with all the crimes they have committed against our nation. I'm defending Iran and Islam. Those who spread this kind of rubbish on the internet are trying to belittle Islam and the Iranian people. Many Iranians who then send this information on to their friends and relatives are not aware that by doing so they are aiding these malicious and hateful people to smear the Iranian nation and to make us appear as violent and inhuman barbarians!


This is pure and cheap

by Zebra (not verified) on

This is pure and cheap propaganda! I if anyone hates the "islamic" republic - I was against the revolution from the very beginning, but these kind of lies, probably emanating from anti-Islamic evangelical or zionist extremists do not do anything else than to belittle the Iranian nation - not the current regime, but Iran as a civilization. As somebody pointed out here, this lie dates back to 2005, and has since been proven false by the very source that published it first: Peyke Iran website. The child is part of a freak show. There are plenty of such freak shows throughout Iran. This has absolutely nothing to do with Islam. However, one can blame the current regime for causing people to go to such lengths to earn their living while plenty of our nation's money is being transferred to the bank accounts of Hezbollah and Hamas!

Kaveh Nouraee

Fake or Not

by Kaveh Nouraee on

This video has only FOUR comments.

Only ONE of those four say anything that's pro-IDF ("sick ppl-god bless idf").


This makes for a Jewish conspiracy? With that math, I guess a doctor's office with several physicians constitutes a Jewish pogrom, and a second opinion would be a Jewish cabal.


No there you go again

by Zion on

Surprise surprise. No more thing to say, so let's bring up something completely irrelevant about Israelis to change the subject. Yep. Nice job. A couple of people living close by, gathering to watch the war is really really a horrible thing, right? One says something radical, one says its scary, different people , different opinions curious about something happening near them. So horrible! I mean like no where else people living on border towns will go roof tops or somewhere to see the smoke of a war going on on the other side, right? No. It's just the evil Israelis again... sorry you just meant only "some" of them, but for some reason you just had to bring it up here.

Now listen, I never said this video showed the culture of all Iranians. You are the one who twisted it that way. It certainly shows a specific sub-culture though based on all the comments here. No one here seem to find exposing a child to such things as particularly a big deal. The whole point in all those comments here was that this simple "ritual", that evidently is quite common event, is being taken out of proportion. The fact that such treatment of children is taken so lightly and matter-of-factly here by this people in these comments is the basis of that paragraph of my comment. At most it merits a comment on the poor father's poverty. That seems to be all. There are similar or worse things going on in India that I find disgusting. that also is a particular subculture, or how the Spanish revel in watching an animal butchered, or the traditional British high class entertainment is to rip a poor fox by encircling it with hounds. These are all disgusting subcultures. What I alluded to in that one paragraph, which was not the main point of comment either by the way, was the immense hypocrisy by people who evidently take such things as normal street entertainment and yet play all "softy" and in possession of super bleeding hearts when it comes to specific others all the time. Posting a totally irrelevant Israeli footage yet again in response to this observation only corroborates my point even further.


Oh Zion, there you go again...

by Anonymous fish (not verified) on

"I see no comfort in the truth about a culture and people who do this to their own kids for money, can't they really not find any other means to live on?, and even worse those who gather to watch this for entertainment. IRI punishment or a sick poverty ridden entertainment, it tells a lot about the level of compassion of a group of people and their treatment of their vulnerable children. It is even more sickening when put beside the loud crocodile tears made in imitation of caring for others in order to cover an ideological hatred of yet another group of people."

Sanctimonous again, are we? How about a culture and people who would go watch Gaza bombings as an enjoyable pastime? Doesn't "this tell a lot about the level of compassion of a group of people?"

In fact I don't believe all people of Israel would do this, so I wouldn't generalize my notion of the few savages who do. But you should also watch your sick mouth which can produce nothing but hate and venom for Iranians. Disgusting.


Poor kid

by Zion on

Shows the level of poverty in a land that helps Gaza, when small kids are forced to perform a macabre version of performances like in La Strada. I see no comfort in the truth about a culture and people who do this to their own kids for money, can't they really not find any other means to live on?, and even worse those who gather to watch this for entertainment. IRI punishment or a sick poverty ridden entertainment, it tells a lot about the level of compassion of a group of people and their treatment of their vulnerable children. It is even more sickening when put beside the loud crocodile tears made in imitation of caring for others in order to cover an ideological hatred of yet another group of people.

as for the typical "blame the Jew" crowd, why do you think all people should know the exact details of Iranian street performance culture or what is going on in every case under your IRI? Here is a regime that executes teenagers for alleged sex crimes, gauges out eyes, cuts hands and executes its own citizen more per capita than any other nation on the face of the planet. These are all documented facts. People see such things without explanation, sure looks like a cruel act imposed on a child and they draw the simplest conclusion. It might be a bit immature guessing, but it is no conspiracy and it sure does not change the evil and ugliness of this act and what it tells of those perpetrating it either way.

Instead of finding another excuse to blame the Jews here, you could have written a comment under the video explaining the dire financial circumstances that drove the father to do this to his kid in given the complex cultural traditions in the society. But that would have been a constructive thing to do, god forbid, for certain types coming here and using the opportunity to repeat the usual nonsense is much easier and evidently much more fun. isn't it disgusting how the way this projects on the "image of IRI" is more important for these types than the fate of this kid and thousands and thousands like him inside that society?


Just a freakshow!

by Erooni (not verified) on

This is a way for some people to make money in Iran.I bet in this case the man is using his own son to add thrill to his show,and probably the man is a drug user trying to make some quick money so he can get high.No one else but a drug user father would do this to his son,if he is his son.



by zereshshk (not verified) on

This has been going around since 2005. It was discussed
on Daily Kos (beetarbiat!) in 2005:


It has been debunked numerous times, including by the
Snopes/UrbanLegends site:



It's one tiny (psyop) part of the Demolish Iran Project run by Washington and Tel Aviv.


Not sure about this

by Pejman84 (not verified) on

If they are crushing his arm as punishment, why do they have a blanket under it?? so he doesnt hurt the arm thats getting crushed? I think this is one of those MAArekeh things, its a persian version of a freakshow thats put on in poor parts of the country as entertainment.



by IRANdokht on

The video clip's information says:
Jan 21 2009

This is what the horrible nation of Iran does to a starving 8 year old boy who was so hungry that he stole a piece of bread at the market place.

Did not any adult stand up and fight to save this cute little guy?

1- Obviously you and JJ have seen these pictures prior to January 21st. So it was reposted on youtube with the above description by someone who meant to blame IRI for allegedly punishing the kid who stole bread.

2-The pictures are introduced with english and hebrew text

3- The comments below it all are condemning Islam and cheering IDF.  I am sure you know what that is.

4- Look up Yonah613 and all his/her postings: IDF soldiers pray THE FAITHFUL IDF READY OR NOT HERE WE COME Auschwitz Never Again and many more that clearly show the loyalty of this poster to IDF.  Go check it out for yourself.

Now if someone states this made up propaganda was from certain supporter of IDF, you think they're being anti-semitic and IRI supporter!

You want us to completely deny the facts and fear your labels, dodging the accusation of anti-semite by denying what's staring us in the face?

Yes I am a humanist and a liberal. Unlike what you probably believe that does not mean stupid! You need to look closer to the evidence and then maybe in the mirror too. See what made you deny these facts and take this up as a personal issue against me.

It deeply saddens me to see what some Iranians have stoop to in order to make a buck, that is painful enough. I believe these pictures would have hurt IRI a lot more if the truth was said, instead of a pitiful attempt to demonize Iran for the future attacks they have planned.

A military attack on Iran will hurt that little boy a lot more than what that man is doing. And that's another fact for people to chew on!



What language is the underwriting?

by hassni (not verified) on

Hebrew? This is a street show down long ago by that idiot to make a living.



by Parthian on

No one is saying you should not comment on IDF or jews; but are you sure in this instance it is the jews doing it? I have seen this video without the hebrew intro? Actually, I have seen several version of it, and never could figure out what it was about. Are you sure enough to make this kind of accusation, or do you want to be like the IR folks, calling micky mouse a jewish conspiracy.

If I were you, I would look at myself carefully to find out why I would automatically buy into the fact that jews are responsible for this...you have called me racist before too without knowing much about me..Oh, and you are a self proclaimed humanist liberal. Way to go for tolerance..


who to blame?

by IRANdokht on

Everyone can check the youtube videos and its comments and everyone already saw the introduction and the text at the beginning of the video.

Who do you think made this up?  why can't people talk about the hebrew writing and the pro-IDF comments? Does stating the facts make someone anti-semite or IRI supporter?



I also hope..

by Parthian on

that JJ condemns these racists, and anti-semites who blame everything on jews. I don't know which is worse, these anti-semite IR supporters or the fake information..


RE: ...Pants on fire

by Mastaneh kabiri (not verified) on

As I looked at it they fool the bloger too..
what kind of people do this??JEWS(Zionist) Propaganda machine,
just look at beginign of this video, Hebrew alphabet writting...
Mr. Javid is right there are enough suffering as it is ,they do not need more prpoaganda and "two site"
Sorry Sam they fooled you too,they have been doing this for years ..you are not the first.


Not a Punishment!

by Khar on

This is the old Maarekeh Giri (street entertainment)! These poor people have to do this to make couple of bucks to eat.  As Sickening and heart wrenching as it is, but when you are Shitless and Poor you will do anything to survive, especially in Iran!


I have to agree with JJ

by Parthian on

If this is fake, this is a disgusting method of undermining a cruel regime. There is enough real horror and human rights abuses in Iran, and such fake stories are not necessary. The bigger crime is misinforming the Iranian people about the reality, and essentially confusing issues, and blurring reality. Look at all the IR supporters like robot buying all the fake, made up shit that those opposed to Shah, especially the left, fed the population. It took away from the realities that existed. To this day, these robots continue to express the same fake nonsense. The opposition must not misinform the Iranian people as it fights the regime.

Free Spirit

I saw this........

by Free Spirit on

A friend sent me the link a long time ago.

It was very upsetting to view.

However, I don't know what the source of this video is.


It's obvious

by meehan parast (not verified) on

Look at the video again, you see the hebrew text? do you see the other videos on the side panel? did you see the comments siding with IDF and condemning this act?

Propaganda my friend. Lies, hype and shameless propaganda and so very obvious where it comes from.

khejalat ham khoob chizieh

Jahanshah Javid

Liar liar pants on fire

by Jahanshah Javid on

These photos show a street entertainer who gets paid by people who watch the boy put his hand under a car tire. I know. I saw the original photo essay when it was first published.

What kind of people sit around and put lies together? Aren't there enough REAL horror stories in Iran to expose? Aren't there actual amputations, barbaric stonings, inhuman executions, unjust floggings...? So why go this far and lie when there's already an abundance of actual crimes? Do the persons who fabricated this really need to expose their own rotten self like this?

Ah ah ah...