British Praliment'S Jewish members reaction to ISRAEL

sam jade
by sam jade

Any response? Do you think anybody in US government has the guts to speak out?

انتقاد شدید عضو یهودی پارلمان انگلیس از اسرائیل


Sir Gerald Kaufmann!

You have spoken the truth...


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The truth will always prevail.

by Feroze Ghaffoor (not verified) on

Sir, thank you for your fine words of statesmanship, you have nothing but put H.E.Barack Obama and all the other US Presidents before him into a freezer, for they are nothing towards humanity they are "zero".
This is my true name and i am not signing off as an "anonymous"entity,i am from Srilanka and i hope and pray to "almighty allah",that i would some day soon be able to shake hands with you.
Thank you,again,for your interest,time and cooperation.
I remain
Yours Respectfully
Feroze Ghaffoor
#2,Diyakaditta Watte
Off Akuregoda Road,
Ph:+94 11 2785808


Wow, this brought tears to my eyes

by Mehdi on

He is an incredibly decent man. I would love to shake hands with him.