Islamic Democracy: Turkish Paradox

Islamic Democracy: Turkish Paradox
by salman farsi

Professor Jose Casanova of Gerogetown university, arguably the most eminent scholar on the sociology of religion demonstrates how the hypocracy of the Western democracies is stopping Turkey from joining the European Union. Suddenly secular democracies become Christian democracies.

It is not about secular democracy but Christian democracy. If Christian democracy is possible then Muslim democracy must be possible too.


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Weak analysis

by hirre on

This is not the main problem why Turkey isn't allowed to join the EU...

The main problem why Turkey isn't allowed to join the EU is because of it's big population size and immigration problems.

If Turkey is allowed to join the EU then they will be a big player in the voting process, since the number of mandates in the EU parlament is based on population size. The EU don't want the turks to become powerful in the EU (changing the future of the EU), hence they hesitate giving a membership.

Another fact is that if Turkey joins the EU, then EU will be in border with the middle-east more directly (Iran, Iraq, Syria...). This will allow more immigrants to enter the EU without any strong border control along with criminality.


Turkey during shah days

by Siavash300 on

This country viewed by many Iranians during shah days as a backward nation. They were attacking Iranian cars while Iranians were travelling to Europe back in 60's. They were infamous of rubbing cars in those days and Iranians were looking down on those people. After Islamic mess that happened in Iran in 1979, Turkey was able to pull itself out and choosed the right policy toward modernization. Turkey, Pakistans, Indians and Arabs were envious of Iranians when shah was in power.  They found the opportunity to be happy to see Iran was sinking after shah left the country. Those people were being treated like a piece dirt by Euroeans in those days, especially in Apartheid regime in South Africa. On the other hand,  Iranians were well respected and all those nation were jeolous of Iranians. For example, after 6 p.m Arabs or turks and the other couldn't hang out in downtown Cape town. Only Europeans and Iranians. Iranians were receiving full previlige of European counterpart in South Africa in those days. Those nations were happy to see shah left and mullahs brought misery to Iran. Iranians put so much money in Turkey's pocket by traveling in that country to get a visa for other countries. Big line of Iranians was noticeable in front fo U.S embassy in Turkey every day. Something that never happened when shah was on power. Iran was very powerful in those days. Elite of middle east according to Europeans in those days. Iran was part of Europe in Middle East. God bless shah's soul. He brought dignity, repect for Iranians around the world.  Turkey choosed the right policy which was a old dream of Kamal Ataturk and Reza shah the Great. On the other hand, Iran started to sink into misery, poverty, drugs and prostitutions. Mullahs promoting prostitution by making left and right Segheh. One of them has 16 segheh. Turkey were getting ahead and Iran were getting behind. The devastation of Iran by stinky Islamic ragheads continues till  all Iranians uprise and overthrown these Islamic monsters to the dumpster of history.  

In 1922, Turkey took over areas in northern Greece and occupied those territories. As a result, Greece tries their best to make sure Turkey doesn't get in E.C. Turkey is part of E.U, but not part of E.C at present time.

salman farsi

Turkish Islamic democacy will eventually join EU but

by salman farsi on

it will have been a long, uphill road festered with anti-Islamic oppostion by the EU's Christian democracies.

 For an Islamic democracy

Mash Ghasem

نگاهی به نتایج انتخابات اخیر در ترکیه

Mash Ghasem

موانع رسمی و حقوقی ورود به اتحادیه اروپا هر چه باشند، هم اکنون ترکیه
بسیار بیشتر از پیش به اتحادیه اروپا نزدیک شده است و آمریکا و غرب
امیدوارند که مدل ترکیه، به الگویی برای کشورهای منطقه تبدیل شود

کشور طی یک دهه اخیر به برکت استثمار کارگران ارزان و جذب سرمایه های
هنگفت خارجی به درجه ای از رشد اقتصادی و ثبات سیاسی رسیده است که به راحتی
برای بورژوازی جهانی قابل صرفنظر کردن نیست و عوامل سیاسی کوچکتر از آن
هستند که این عضو
گروه 20 کشور صنعتی جهان را بیش از این در حاشیه نگهدارند و به هر دلیل سیاسی دیگری خود را از منابع ثروتش که اساسا نیروی انسانی آن است، محروم سازند. از نظر غرب و آمریکا این کشور به درجه ای از رشد اقتصادی نائل آمده که آن را به مطلوب همکاری با بورژوازی جهانی تبدیل کرده است.

عدالت و توسعه علیرغم این که یک جریان اسلامگراست، اما با در پیش گرفتن
سیاست های معتدلانه، هم مطلوبیت خود را برای بورژوازی جهانی حفظ کرده، هم
خود را به اتحادیه اروپا نزدیک نموده، هم در میان دولت های عربی منطقه نفوذ
پیدا کرده و هم در رقابت با جمهوری اسلامی ایران از یک وجهه منطقه ای
برخوردار گشته است

دولت این کشور به یکی از نقش آفرینان در میان دولت های منطقه تبدیل شده
است و اقدامات دیپلماتیک منطقه ای اش انزوای بیشتری را برای ایران فراهم
ساخته است
. آمریکا
و غرب این نقش آفرینی ترکیه را مدیون حاکمیت حزب عدالت و توسعه می دانند،
بنابراین با پیروزی این حزب برای سومین بار، به نظر می رسد که شانس پذیرش
عضویت این کشور در اتحادیه اروپا بسیار نزدیکتر شده است