Looking for Iranians in California for my PhD Research

by saharphdresearch

I am starting my PhD Research on Iranians in the United States and Germany and looking for Iranians in northern and southern California to interview. I am looking for Iranians who were born in Iran and have been living here for at least 7 years, and also Iranians who were born in the U.S.

In general, my research examines the experiences of Iranians while living in the United States, this includes their daily experiences at work or school, their adjustments to American culture, relationships with other Iranians and other immigrants, experiences with discrimination, and so forth. The interviews will take approximately 1 hour and they are anonymous. No personal information of yours will be published or recorded, no ones' real names will be used, I have IRB (internal review board) permission.

I currently live in the East Bay with my parents while conducting this research, and would greatly appreciate the support of the iranian community so that I can collect all my interviews. If you are interested in talking to me, or know of anyone that may be interested, please contact me at ssadeghi@temple.edu. Also, you can follow the following link to get further information about me and my research //www.temple.edu/sociology/sadeghi/index.htm

Thank you for your time and support



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amgw4 - PressTV d right place? - does Sahar need chaador 2 meet?

by MM on



Yeah, there are some of us

by Cost-of-Progress on

who oppose the mullahcracy.

Guilty as charged for wanting a better Iran free of the religious filth, opression and backwardness.





you came to the right place

by Monda on

I'd be happy to help, just sent you an email.


Good luck Sahar...

by Arthimis on

I will contact you in private at your email address. Wishing you all the best...

Free Iran and Iranians.

Iran before any thing, especially religion!


Make sure you ask elsewhere also

by amgw4 on

Although this site is called "Iranian" dot com, it is not an Iranian site. It is a site where mainly Israeli and a few MKO propagandists spam their "articles." If you read this site for a while, you will identify about 10 or 20 people who post everything and nothing gets posted here unless it is in line with the AIPAC viewpoint. Of course no harm in posting your request here but make sure you post elsewhere also.