The Most Wanted Man In Iran?: Abdolmalek Rigi


by sadegh

Video: Dan Rather Reports The Most Wanted Man In Iran 

Not many answers. But a rare interview with the elusive 24-year-old Abdolmalek Rigi, leader of the Balochi guerilla organization, the Jundollah, and discussion of the recent flare up in violence which has gripped Balochistan, costing many lives in the process. Freedom fighters, terrorists, dangerous zealots, you decide? Caution: violent images feature in this Dan Rather Reports...

"Abdolmalek Rigi (also spelt Abdul-Malek Rigi or Emir Abdulmalik Rigi) (Persian: عبدالمالک ریگی) is the leader of Jundallah, a militant organization based in the southeastern area of Iran. Some believe the Jundallah is linked to Al-Qaeda[1]. Jundallah aims for the better treatment of the people of Balochistan from Iran. Jundallah is a militant group that according to evidence and some international sources receives funding from the US Government and Iranians abroad."

Abdolmalek Rigi, Wikipedia, Accessed, 5 July, 2005



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by Dan (not verified) on

the main motive is pave the way for Taliban semi militia to pass over from Vazirestan to baloochestan After the sever attack in Pakistan. I hope Iranian could control the cities along the borders. the sonni baloch and ahvazi groups even in iran assumed to be part of the trib belt that support Taliban.


I wonder what exactly his

by Fatollah (not verified) on

I wonder what exactly his "REAL" motives are? He barely spoke of them, I fear there is more, resentment, deeply rooted hatred! Why? What drives him? What made him to choose the path of violence? He is obviously an inteligent young man, cold blooded too! I hold IRI responsible for the creation of his likes. Sure, when there are no jobs, no security, no basic conditions for living, I am not surprised. Many young Iranians living in border towns are in the business of oil, live stock, drugs, gasoline whatever smugeling! And if you ask them, they would simply answer; there are no jobs! I guess, kar kar sheytan-e bozorge! Come to think of it, fuck Ahmadinejad and the rest of IR fuckers who have hijacked Iran with their only gondehgooziah-ye hameeshe-giashoon!


Dear 135 , The problem

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

with current Iran under this regime and even under the Shah wasn't just the economic that frusterated many Iranian groups. It was the lack of their individual right and their recognition as 2nd class citizen. Economy is only part of this. I'm sure these issues will be addressed and resolved by writing new constitution once the IRI is toppled. Please refrain using the Pars flag rather Iranian flag as this will disrespect other groups. We are NOT all parsis. An example would be that Kurds are Medes however we are all Iranic groups. Most Iranians love their country and fought for it against the enemies however you have to understand that it is the frusterations that has caused these issues.


Proud Baluchi? Hmm, Proud, might be, but Baluchi?

by 135 (not verified) on

Prior to british interference in the middle east and redrawing the borders, all Baluchi's were living under one flag; The Pars Flag. There were never a Baluchestan or Kordestan as you are formulating that here through giving a touch of reality to your fantasy history. There were only small khansalari autonomies under the Pars authority.
This is a typical reaction; once the country's economy is not sufficiently lucrative, then comes the independency stories, but while is good, we all are Parsi's. On the other hand, as one of my fellow Parsi's mentioned earlier, if it doesn't suit you living under the Pars flag, then we'd be more than happy if you could join your independency front elsewhere.

I think it's a bit late for such passé independency story which has always been existed in the tribal history in Iran. As a matter of fact, it always was formed by a tiny minority provocations and right away was neutralized by their own tribe's wise majority. Fortunately, Parsi's(hamvatans tribal majorities included) sense of nationalism has never been so strong as it is right now, domestic or abroad. So, open your dokkoon elsewhere.

We all fought for Iran during the war. Have a look at cemeteries in Baluchestan. These are the Majorities I am talking about; My REAL BALUCHI BROTHERS. NOT YOU.
And god forbid, if an ajnabee put one step in Baluchestan's soil, we will be defending these brothers as they defended us in Kordestan, Khuzestan or Azarbaijan.

"Ay kosh az do'lat-e aan doost ke dar hime-ye jang
Sar-o-dastaar nadaanad ke kodaam andaazad"



by Proud Balochi (not verified) on

Yes of course, from the Persian-supremacist point of view, Reza and Mammad damagh were great. For the Balochis they were a disaster. They raped our women and our land and deprived us of our own country. Maybe you should look at some real history not just the Perso-centric charand parand you were taught at school. We are not going anywhere, it is OUR land, we have always been there and we always will be. We will fight to the death for our independence. You better get used to that agha.


RE: anonymous33

by ThePope on

Yes, maybe I am too young to have seen it myself, but I'm totally aware of the existence of that "hezb-e....." and how they used to imitate with mockery and derision the govt. and the social affairs of Iran. That's why I suggested Khar to make a hezb and the members to be only of khar "race"!!! Ah! The good old days, when there was still some freedom in Persia...(for all us + baluchis!)


PS Here's a reply of.......... to an article of that "hezb-e...":

Donyaa tavileh-yist keh dar aan bi-shomaar khar

Man khar-o to khar-o ruzegaar khar

Gar khari ze khariyat, be khari goft khar

Naraahat masho chon khari beh khari goftast khar!!!!

-shenavandeh khar, khaanandeh khar va nevisandeh khar!


To proud Balochi

by Anonymous97898 (not verified) on

You really need to do some reading and educate yourself about the history of Iran. Iran was ruled for the last 1100 years by turkish rulers beside a short time that Persians ruled Iran( zand dynaty 42 years and Pahlavies ~ 50 years). If you want talk about chauvinism then you should talk about turkish chauvinism because they oppressed all iranians including the Persians. Balochestan, Azar-abadegan, kurdestan etc were, are and will remain parts of Iran. You are free to go if you don't like to live in Iran. Zendeh bad Iran yekparche.
P.S. because of Reza shah you have an ID a name and a country(Iran) to be proud of it, you proud Balochi. Educate yourself about Reza shah and what he did for Iran and all Iranians.


We had Hezb e Kharan

by Anonymous33 (not verified) on

You are too young to know there was a
*Hezb-e Kharan* in Iran more than 30 yaers ago.
It was by TOfIGH news paper weekly magazine.
If you were khar you could join.
They used it to make fun and ridacule govt and things going on in Iran.
They were banned many times.It was the gratest cartoon and funny paper in Iran


Mehdi-Palang and Khar

by ThePope on

Thanx to both of you for the links. Very good for naive people to watch.(like me!)

P.S.: Khar, I really love your user name. Seriously. It's SO cool. I should change mine to Gooreh-khar, if not taken!! You should start a hezb... Like Hezb-e-khar. Imagine members like: koreh-khar, ghaater, olaagh, yaaboo, asb and so on...(and of course gooreh-khar)

Wouldn't that be something!


A terrorist mind...

by ThePope on

A terrorist mind is like a machine, he'll do it, no questions are asked

If he's to succeed, they've got to make him believe that killing and bombing's a blast

He's brainwashed to believe that he has a cause for his people and himself

He's trained to kill and maim those who pose no threat to his people or himself;

Many injured, many dead, mangled bodies filled with lead

An airport, a crowded street, a public place is all they need

Car bombs, hi-jacks, shooting people in their backs

Kidnap, bomb threat, making demands they'll never get.



by afshin on

nothing exemplifies the adage that one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist than this reporting.  be that as it may, putting aside what the iranian government has done and continues to do, video-taping a beheading is about as grotesque an act as possible.  nothing can justify it, PERIOD!

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Thank you

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

for providing the video clip. I was not able to watch it all due to the graphic nature but at least I am now aware of it

Solh va Doosti

paix et amitié 




A Balochi Sick of Persian Racism

by Proud Balochi (not verified) on

We Balochis have been oppressed by the Persians since the beginning of this century. Reza Shah was a monster and killed many of our ancestors, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was the same oppressing and executing Balochis who opposed his Persian chauvinism. Finally the Islamists came and again like all the Persian governments of this century, they repressed, killed and maimed our people. Our brothers and sisters in Pakistan and Afghanistan have suffered in the same way. We have been separated from each other by the colonial powers and then the states of the region. We want our own nation and will continue to fight until we get one. Abdul Malik Rigi is merely one of many. We are a people united by language, culture and religion and have a right to have a nation we can call our own. We are entitled just as much as Persians, Azeris or Arabs and will never forget that. Ebi you are no one to call Rigi a disgrace to the Baloch only the Baloch themselves can decide that. We are sick of Persian racism.


I don't blame the guy

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

IRI is going in there killing them and treat them like second class citizens. Eventually they got fed up and taking arms. It is a matter of time that the rest of the country to follow the same path. The hell that IRI has created is unbearable to many of the Iranians.


Check this out....

by Khar on

Following link sheds light on rigi's jundallah.





This is a war between Arab "Jondollah" & Arab regime"Hezbollah"

by samsam1111 on

Those brainwashed who fight in the name of Arab alien icons to bring change to Arab occupied Iran will do worse when in power .Jondollah,Mujahed khalgh, etc are all pan-Arab cousins of Hezbollah regime. They,re all the same imbecile malakhs & mavalis;..The only thing non-existant in all above invalids is the glue that holds Iran together "Iranian Identity"..fuc em all..

Dear Sadegh:thx for the video..Wikipedia is a user input written site..that biography could be written by any one..just a note!



MRX1, there were separatists in Iran before IRI

by AnonymousTabrizi (not verified) on

You are living in a fantasyland if you believe that the challenge of separatism in Iran has been a problem only since 1979. There were violent separatist movements in Baluchestan, Kordestan, and Khuzestan during the Golden Era of Aryamehr Shahanshah Mohammed-Reza Pahlavi. It is important to support Tehran's fight against agents of Iraq, U.S., U.K., and Israel whether the government is monarchical or theocratic. Iran's national interests are too important to allow petty traitors and mercenaries to undermine them, just because you want to do damage to the current Iranian regime. Unfortunately, the Rajavist-Pahlavist "opposition" is all too eager to work with foreign governments so that their leaders can sit in Niavaran Palace and so that the management of Evin Prison can fall in their hands again.


This is not new that

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

The central government has ignored many parts of Iran and left in underdeveloped and executed many minorities in the name of threat to Iranian government. Eventhou I'm not fimiliar with the group I understand their hate against the government. I don't believe that there are any known group in Iran that is seeking independence. However most of us agree on one thing and that is a federal Iran which I believe not only is the key to unite Iranians but also to put an end to those who has seperatist agenda.


If there are any Iranian

by sadegh on

If there are any Iranian Baluchis out there, please let me know your views on Rigi and his movement...I would be very interested to hear...

Ba Arezu-ye Movafaghiat, Sadegh


ebi amirhosseini

A disgrace to Baluchis !!

by ebi amirhosseini on

No matter how he is funded or his real intentions are,he is simply a murderer in disguise!.

best wishes


Can anyone direct me to

by sadegh on

Can anyone direct me to some credible evidence that the CIA is funding the Jundollah? The timing of the increase in violence is certainly worthy of suspicion, and Sadjadpour definitely only tells part of the story and underestimates the potential for serious ethnic unrest inside Iran if the appropriate circumstances are forthcoming. Hersh obviously makes a big deal of it, as does Andrew Cockburn, but I haven't actually seen much hard evidence verifying such claims. It almost always takes the form of 'sources say...' 

Ba Arezu-ye Movafaghiat, Sadegh



MRX1, what should Iran do with Rigi

by MRX1 (not verified) on

well Mr. AnonymousTabrizi, you don't know a thing about my
mentality, so I suggest you zip it!
what would make people like you feel better? hang him, shoot him, stone him to death, burn him alive? well if your glorious regime captures him, they would do of all that. so in the end does not matter what I think about rigi.
Reality is even if he get's killed, it will not solve problems of poverty, discrimination, and abuse that people have to go through living day to day basis in Iran.
Does it make you proud that people live in awfull conditions , abject powerty while the country is floating on sea of oil and gas and the regime sends millions upon millions to syria, plo,hamas, hezbolah and so on?
I am just surprised there are not more people like Rigi, but I suspect we shall see more in the future, thanks to this regime.


Money talks!

by Ali reza (not verified) on

From the words that he uses,such as federal,and united States of Iran it looks like he was well trained.When he talks about Iranian soldiers being cowards,who in his right mind would lose his life for few dollars a month that Iranian govenment give them:)Peace on Earth


I wonder..

by Mehdi-Palang on

I wonder how honest he is when he says that he doesn't want Iranian Baluchistan to become an independant state.




MRX1, what should Iran do with Rigi?

by AnonymousTabrizi (not verified) on

MRX1 does not say one single word against this violent Islamist fanatic who is receiving support from the U.S. government. That tells you a lot about the mentality of this hypocrite.


some things are for sure

by MRX1 (not verified) on

1) Rigi has a good dentist. His teeth are perfect and white. I am not sure what he is using in the middle of dessert.

2) Rigi has not received his proceed from oil sale. you know the money that was supposed to be delivered to each household in person according to promises Khomeini and ahmadinejad.

3) The damage that is casued by this regime to Iranian unity is so large now, that once they are gone, a new regime has to deal with all sort of crises for years before the country can become peacefull and stable again.