Would you like it if Israel raids Iranian nuclear facilities?

by rrrezz

I'd like to know what other people think and why. Here is my own opinion: Even though the IRI has done everything to harm Iranian people, has forced thousands to exile and has more or less destroyed Iran, a foreign invasion, no matter how precise and "tactical", would be against my sense of "territory" and national pride. I think we can learn something from Leonidas.

I also believe that such an attack by Israel, no matter how wellmeant can pave the way for an Arab invasion of Iran, this time a total invasion and not just a "tactical" one.

Also I don't believe that nuclear arms bring immunity, as they didn't make USSR and Pakistan immune.

Nontheless it would be great to see the IR be toppled peacefully by sanctions and Iran become free.


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Do you have access to some

by rrrezz on

Do you have access to some statistics so that you know what the majority of Iranians think?

I asked for your own opinion.  



by MRX on

it's going to make a lot of people happy. First of all the russians . They will be able to sell the same junk at much higher price and laugh all the way to the bank.You can add chinese and North Koreans to this equation as well.

Then it's the Arab world who loves to see a shia infidle crushed. They hate shia's worse then they hate Jews.

Then there are vast majority of Iranians inside and outside of Iran who love to see some blow to this regime at any cost so that will make tons of people happy.

The biggest issue with this whole thing is the environmental damage and it's long term impact on people but since human life has no value in Iran I guess it is not an issue after all!