Can you help answer some of these Iran-haters?


by rrrezz

There is a dude on Youtube who on almost every video related to Iran leaves the following comment about decomposing Iran. For example this video:

It reads:
ایران تجزیه شود
در سال 1314 برای فارسیزه‌ کردن ملتهای تازه‌ اشغال شده‌ که‌ تا اواخر قاجار ممالک محروسه‌ نامیده‌ میشدند و از طرف والی های آن مناطق اداره‌ میشدند، که‌ تا آن زمان تقریبا در همه‌ دنیا ایگونه‌ بوده‌ است و تعداد به‌ نام کشورها به‌ انگشتان دست نمیرسید ، نام ‌ فلاتی (ایران)اکه‌ ز دجله‌ و فرات تا هندوکوش بود ،به‌ زندانی به‌ نام ایران کنونی تغییر نام پیدا کرد و از طرف استبلبانی به‌ نام رضا میرپنج که‌ تا قبل از رسیدن به‌ شاهی و قدرت، وضیفه‌ نگهداری از اسبهای سفارت انگلیس بر عهده‌ داشت

First of all the most meager date for the appearance of the name of Iran is the begining of Safavid dynasty.
Secondly Azarbaijan itself was called Aran until a few hundred years ago.

And thirdly, if Azerbaijan is to be separated from Iran then, naturally, Azeri speaking people in Tehran will have to leave Iran.
I ask you guys (and girls) to actively respond to these and other such fals info dispensers on the net. (I myself don't have a google account and had difficulty creating one.)

Another hangout for such dudes is Wikipedia. For example look at this: //
A few years ago I had an argument with somebody on Wikipedia who claimed for example that Arabs of Khuzestan were descendants of Elamites!! even though their last names point to Iraq and Kuwait. Or was saying that in Tabiri's history it was mentioned that when Arabs invaded Khuzestan, there was a Persian ruler there that was hated by (then Arab!!) people of Khuzestan. In fact I went and found that part of Tabari's book and found out that he was twisting what Tabari had said. I encourage all patriotic people here to try to contribute to that and other similar Wikipedia pages.

Again whenever you see a comment related to Iran that you have reasons to regard as false, take immediate action and respond with reason. In our age truth is what the majority people believe in, even if it is in contrast with documented facts.


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