The Nazi State of Israel Is a State of Mind

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by rosie is roxy is roshan

The Nazi State of Israel is a state of mind.

But whose state? And whose mind?

That was the beginning of a
blog I was going to write to try to synthesize the experiences I had
here with you on these Gaza threads. That was before the things that just happened here. So
now it's so strange, and the same time more important than ever that I write it.

So I'll be writing it for you and posting it soon. I hope you'll read it. And then that'll have to be a wrap.

So it'll be my offering to burnt offering.


But whose burning? And whose offering?


Holocaust (Greek)-burnt offering


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rosie is roxy is roshan

Persia, I wrote a very very long response toyou recently on a .c

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

thread in respons to a long post of yours about the history of Zionism. I'd written you a short post telling you to come back and look for the reply and as I recall you indicated you would but you never got back to me on that long post of mine.

Would you pleaase do so. If you don't remember which blog it was on I'll dig it up. I'd like to hear your reply before we start talking about who or what I am or what my attitude or ideology vis a vis anything political is and whether I am self-hating or a pathological narcissist.

It's partly because of crap like this that I got bent so out of shape between defending freedom of speech for people who are my ideological adversaries and dealing iwth the demands and expectations of people supposedly on my side. And look liwhere it all got me. Are oyou aware? Do you know?


Dear Rosie

by true persian (not verified) on


Please correct me if I am wrong. Unfortunately You are a self hating Leftist Jewish individual
Zionism and the rebirth of modern day Israel was supposed to heal this psychological pathology of self-hatred and Jewish anti-Zionism
but, among the Radical Left, classic Jewish self-hatred remains.

A country like Israel whose some of it's intellectuals cannot, or refuses to, grasp the true meaning of "enemy" has lost the basic survival instinct she needs and does not deserve to continue existing in the cruel jungle called the "Middle East." The dustbin of history is full of such disappeared nations or cultures who cowardly surrendered to, or refused to eliminate, their enemies. Perhaps as a result of lacking national sovereignty for two thousand years, the Jews may have irreparably lost their political AND physical survival instincts and only deserve to live, at best, as a humiliated, dispersed and despised minority like the bahai's in Iran.



by Yachov on

Wasn't it Shakespeare who said that the first thing you do after a revolution is kill all the moderators.  (just kidding)  By the way, what kind of name is Shakespeare anyway?  What was his brother's name, Rattlebow?  :)

programmer craig


by programmer craig on

I was never referring abusive moderators here. What I was referring to
was that during the time of Gaza when the debates got very heated, many
people on the minority "side" claimed they were being deleted for
saying things the other "side" was not being deleted for, etc.

That's exactly what happened to me. My replies all got deleted but the comments I was replying to remained, despite the fact they were quite nasty. There's no doubt in my mind about what happened, and that's why I'm not a regular here on this site anymore :)


rosie is roxy is roshan

No not exactly..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

blowing sunshine up someone's a-s is telling them how great they are when it has  basis in truth to make them feel really good about themselves. It has a positive intention and the sunshine blower who does it is on an equal (or even "superior") footing with the sunshine blowee but it usual fails because there is an element of exaggeration to it (or at least the blowee thinks there is).  You a-s kiss just to get something, you blow sunshine to get and give in a reciprocal relation Also a-s kissing if you think about it can't really happen between intimates firends, family, lovers, etc.

For example, suppose I were to praise someone publicly by saying they had real genius and they were insecure and also distrustful of my motives, even though I really meant it, and just wanted to be supportive, they might say "Don't blow sunshine up my as-s." 

The expression is usually used in that way by the blowee, not by the blower. It is not common but it should be.



anonymous fish

rosie t

by anonymous fish on

is that the same thing as "ass kissing"?


rosie is roxy is roshan

The reason why the post below is so long is that AFish

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

mentioned some things I thought Craig might not understand.

As for flattery, Tsion, no, I would say the correct word would be somewhere in between cowtowing and blowing sunshine up someone's a-s.

Flattery doesn't quite do the trick.




by tsion on

You are completely right. I totally agree.

[The funny thing is, a lot of flattery going on as well, of the site owner. That can also explain somethings. :-)]


rosie is roxy is roshan

Well actually my language was a little inaccurate here, I was

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

so drained by the whole business. What I meant to say was not chief moderator but moderator with power of final deletion. All posts are (supposed to be) screend by J. before final deletion, a couple of people have that authority as well. I know it because he said so once in one of the interminable moderation blogs.

If that time you were in an argument there are two things that could've happened. 1) you clicked on reply when you answered some of the posts so when his/hers were deleted, yours would also have been automatically deleted, and 2) regardless of that, when there is stuff in reply to things that no longer are there and make no other sense on the thread nor do they contain any information relevant to anyone (and/or if they have a negative "vibe" so to say) the moderator will delete them manually.

I was never referring abusive moderators here. What I was referring to was that during the time of Gaza when the debates got very heated, many people on the minority "side" claimed they were being deleted for saying things the other "side" was not being deleted for, etc. So I always thought well there's a chance this is happening because of an ideological bias (probably subconscious or HIGHLY rationalized, nothing whatsoever vicious). Over time these people told me "who it was" and that the person had final deletion authority. As I had been very disturbed by comments this person had made (only ONE in particular but quite a few others which in conjunction made it all worse) I ASSUMED they KNEW this for a fact because it made perfect sense to me. I wasn't really THINKING when I wrote that blog, I was just reacting to one more thing that ticked me off..a lot. However I wrote J. immediately after writing the blog which did not mention her name and told him her name and so on, and he did not write me back and tell me she did not have those powers (which was my ONLY concern), and I wrote him more than once. Basically he allowed a side show to go on where everyone was just wasting their time and energy except me because once her name got mentioned (not by me) it was "on me" what happened after that. That is why AnonFish says he is to blame.

My perspective is that we all share blame equally. me, the people who misinformed me, Jahanshah, the moderators on the thread who knew she didn't have these privileges and didn't tell me, SHE who said publicly after that she made a CONSCOUS CHOICE to let the whole thing go on (even though she knew from the beginning when I hadn't mentioned her namethat it was about her but she knew the statement she'd made..nor after her name came up did she come out and say the truth) she claims she let it go on to prove how wrong and silly we were but in fact that was WHY it mushroomed so of control The other people who share responsibility are EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THAT THREAD who did not volunteer informaton to show that they'd been deleted for this or that, or many times, while they were on the "other side". Not one single person did that. They ALL share responsibility, ESPECIALLY J. and SHE, but unfortunately since I started the blog I am the one who has to take ultimate responsibility.

AnonF, as for J screening ALL the posts, I THINK sometimes when he's busy and there are no "chief" moderators around he just puts things on an automatic pilot and they just go through. This is what I've surmised from noticing at times that many successive posts of mine are going through faster than the speed of light.

Bye bye blackbird.

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

dude, you have a lot of catching up to

seriously, i don't know what blogs are left on the subject, but there have been several.  one in particular got pretty ugly and i myself am sorry that it did.  but rosie has nothing to be ashamed of.  it got out of hand and JJ did nothing to stop it.  it's all winding down now and i'm sure everyone would like to see it put behind us.  but the subject itself was and remains a very important one.  one difference between me and rosie at this point is that i am quite convinced that JJ does NOT read every comment and does NOT screen every post.  which still leaves us with the biased moderator problem.

let's just hope that clarity on the matter will affect some changes.

programmer craig


by programmer craig on

the fact is that that one person is not a chief moderator

On what basis do you make that claim? The only time I ever got silenced via moderation was when I was arguing with that person, and that person was insulting me viciously, and my attempts t reply all vanished as fast as i could make them. I've been in many heated discussions here, and that was the only time I was ever a victim of a rabid and partisan moderator. So either that person is an abusive moderator, or that person has clout with an abusive moderator. Doesn't seem to make much difference, one or the other, to me. Net effect is the same.

rosie is roxy is roshan

What happened the other day was wrong.

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

It's one thing to question whether there is bias in the moderaton, but it's another thing entirely to single out one person and although I wasn't the one who reavealed the name, the fact is that that one person is not a chief moderator and if I had known that I would not have written that blog, knowing that the posts were being screened by Jahanshah, who I KNOW is not anti-Semitic. He is anti the depredatoins of the Israeli regime but as I recall he'd planned a visit to Israel once having been invited to a conference there and people who are anti-Semitic or virulentlly anti-Israel don't do that. We've also had a close friendship which wouldn't have been the case if he were anti-Semitic.

The facti is also that the person in question has said that I recall three objectioinable things but two were very subtle and I'm SURE she didn't know what she was doying, these tihings usually happen in a veyr subtle way here.  Most people aren't aware of them here when it happens., Despite the history of virulent anti-Semitism especially in Europe, the depredations of the Isaeli regime fan these flames.

I am going to blog probably tomorrow about what what happened here and what my decision is.

DW Duke


by DW Duke on

Just a word of encouragement, try not to let what happened a few days ago alienate you from the good people.  I doubt that you will but I just wanted to mention it for encouragement.  There are a lot of good people here too.  :) 

anonymous fish

can't wait to see your blog

by anonymous fish on


marge.  i agree with you... well said.

true persian.  also well said.

Mehdi Mazloom

true persian - you hit it on the nail

by Mehdi Mazloom on

True Persian wrote:

On November 25, 1941 the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, went to visit Hitler in Germany


After watching and reading the facts, Israeli pundits shouldn't be  surprised why the rest of the world is apathetic to the Pal's agenda.

True Persian wrote:

Total "Palestinian" Arabs in both Judea-Samaria ("West Bank") and Gaza:
1967 ... 1.1 million
2002 ... 3.5 million!
In 35 years the number of "Palestinian" Arabs has tripled.

Here is how than mass"exterminations were accomplished:

DURING 20 YEARS (1947 - 1967) OF ARAB RULE :

* Palestinian Male life expectancy grew from 42 to 44.

* Palestinian Female life expectancy grew from 45 to 46

* Palestinian Infant mortality rate decreased from 200 per thousand to
170 per thousand.

* Cruse death rate decreased from 21 per thousand to 19 per thousand.

*Before 1967, only 113 hospitals had been built in the territories

* Before 1967 only 23 Mother & Child Centers had been established.

* Before 1967 the percentage of illiterates on average had been 27.8%
among men and among women even higher at 65.1%.


* Palestinian Male life expectancy grew from 44 to 63.

* Palestinian Female life expectancy grew from 46 to 67.

* Palestinian Infant mortality rate decreased from 170 per thousand to
60 per thousand.

* Infant mortality rate decreased from 19 per thousand to 6 per

* Malaria, which had existed in the territories before 1967 was finally
eliminated during the Israeli occupation.

also more than tripled the number of Palestinian teachers and boosted
the Palestinian educational system by establishing a number of
universities. Among them:

College of Scientists (Abu Dis) - est. 1982. (Yeh, that famous Abu-Dis).

College of Social Welfare (El Bira) - est. 1979.

College of Religion (Beit Hanina) - est. 1978

College in Hebron- est.1971.

By 1983 Israel had helped reduce illiteracy to only 13.5% among men and
38.9% among women.

Here is the link to the complete article.

BLAME IT ON THE OCCUPATION. Written by Natalia Zawidowski


Finally, some of you dumb-wits anti-Israelis who accuse Israelis as Nazis, are so stupid, it is no brainer to jackass you out of this board and render you as dumb, with just with few clicks on our keyboard.

Did you see how easy it is for us the Israelis here on this forum to strip you naked - and demonstrate your stupidity and gullibility.


True Persian

by tsion on

You are absolutely right! A brilliant comment. Bravo.


rosie is roxy is roshan

I think we're all persecuted, and we're all persecutors,

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

and the more we persecute others, the more persecuted we become by ourselves, become we become enslaved to our darkest tendencies and we cannot escape.

And the more persecuted we are, the more tendency there is for fear to manifest as hate, and the more possiblity there is of becoming agressor.s

I do agree with you, Persia, that there are certain very specific characterics of the historical Holocaust that make it inaccurate tp refer to the Palestinian predicament as a Holocaust, and I even have a problem with the word genocide as did the UN after the massacres of Sabra and Shatilla in 1982. This was one of the most heated debates the UN had ever had and since then the word genocide has had an at best nebulous meaning. But that's semantics and exegisis and that's not my point at all.

My point is symbolic. Nazism and the Holocaust are a symbol, a representation for the specific place we were in our evollution as a species and civilization in the 20th century, the most horrific known to humanity, and one in which we are still frozen. And by an APPARENT paradox which actually makes perfect sense, the children of the Holocaust have now become the carriers of the symbol of Nazism and the Palestinians of Holocaust.

I am talking about a very deep level of collective perception at this moment in our evolution toward a hopefully brigher future.

I am talking about a collective state of mind.


Fabrication instantly becomes fact!

by true persian (not verified) on

"Fabrication instantly becomes fact and the more far-fetched, the better! That was the strategy Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda director, used in his war against the Jews of Europe and it worked. The Arabs may not be very original but they certainly have figured out how to seize upon a good idea and run with it! Comparing the plight of the Jews of Germany to that of the Arab-"Palestinians" was a stroke of genius. A very BIG Lie... but brilliant nevertheless! "

"Israel has been accused of "mass extermination" upon the "Palestinian" Arabs...
a virtual "Holocaust. Let's see.

Total "Palestinian" Arabs in both Judea-Samaria ("West Bank") and Gaza:
1967 ... 1.1 million
2002 ... 3.5 million!
In 35 years the number of "Palestinian" Arabs has tripled.
Some "Mass extermination!" Some "Holocaust!"

"It is often said the the Arabs have "never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity," which means that whenever they were given an opportunity to improve their situation, they always managed to screw up. And what steps do responsible people take to remedy their stupid choices? Just what we'd expect from them... BLAME SOMEONE ELSE. But we are learning that there is apparently no limit to the depths of depravity to which these losers will go...even if it means comparing the brave defenders of Israel to the German Nazis

"What is the Arab fascination with Hitler and Nazism? Maybe it's more deeply rooted that we had realized. On November 25, 1941 the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, went to visit Hitler in Germany. This in and of itself was not so unusual for, during much of World War II, leading Muslims including Haji Amin al-Husseini (Arafat's uncle!) collaborated with the Nazis. The Arab leader was assured by Hitler that once he [Hitler] ridded Europe of its Jews, he would do the same throughout Palestine. Although Heir Hitler is no longer with us, the Arab world is still bent on finishing his work! The Mufti commented, ""Our fundamental condition for cooperating with Germany was a free hand to eradicate every last Jew from Palestine and the Arab world."
Further, today's Arab propagandist uses a technique called "Turnspeak," whereby the aggressor becomes the "victim" and the true victim becomes the "aggressor!" The term was first used by journalists to describe German Nazi propaganda after it invaded Czechoslovakia in March of 1939. Because the truth is the exact opposite of the information being disseminated, it is psychologically difficult to counter and leads to confusion. And THIS is their ultimate goal! A classic example of "Turnspeak" is the Arab claim that Jews are like the Nazis and they (the poor, poor Arabs) are the victims of a "Holocaust!" By doing so, the Arabs try covering up THEIR OWN close connection with the Nazis while turning the Truth on its head!"

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Foreign Policy

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

It's not foreign. That's what I mean. Talking about Nazi's or Hezballah hurtful types even in Iran are not foreign at all. They are human like us they do bad and they represent the part of us we should fear. 

I'm sorry I even used that word foreign policy. It's all human policy. Abstract makes it OK to hurt and kill as a means to an end. Now I"M in the ether huh? 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I'll take it all

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

This was awesome. It is a state of mind. I want to talk "foreign policy" but come on, it's not that simple. They say 'foreign policy is so complicated', but it's not. I dont even want to talk about it in those terms. 

If Israel is defined by the HOlocaust, is that all it will use in shaping its policies? Also, I don't think all the aggression (some does) come from anti-semitism. It comes from homeless desperate people who let the monster eat them up rather than the angel.  besides, some of those fighters are semites themselves.