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Recently there has been quite a bit of discussion on this website as to whether a particular moderator who is one of a handful with final deletion privileges has been biased against the minority opinion in the Gaza discussions. In fact one non-Jewish member who openly supports the Gazans in their sufferng and struggles, felt  compelled to write a sepaarte blog on this bias in which he was kind enough not to name names. Although at the time I did not know who he referred to I did on tht blog encourage the publisher to consider the possiblity that there COULD be ONE just one moderatoor who INTENITONALLY OR NOT, excericised even some bias.

Now knowing who the person is and that she is a moderator, and without going into the numerous other incidents which would make me question this person's objectivity and competence to moderate not only within the Gaza context but in general, let alone have final deletion authority, I would like to once again raise the question.

Is there any, any possiblity whatsoever that a person who would make the following statement in public might have even the remotest, smallest possibility of being biased, whether intentionally or subconsciously.:

I am sick of the Jews whining about the Holocaust. 

I haven't located the post, it was about a month ao. It MIGHT have said "tired" instead of "sick" for example. But the wabout whining about the Holocaust is emblaonedon my brain and it is a quote, not a paraphrase.


I believe there are only two possible answers to my question, yes or no. I don't believe there is a maybe. Yes POSSIBLE. NO, IMpossible.If the answer is yes, then I would like to publicly ask this moderator to excercise moderiooin in moderation. If the answer is no, then I will provide further documenttion to help oersuade her, the publisher, and whoever else is interested, that the answer is in fact yes. If I am convinced that I am wrong through reasonable debate, I will retract my question publiclyl.

Please bear in mind that while the answer to the quesiton may best remian in your own hearts and heads, rAther than on this thread, it remains a VERY specific question, whose answer has NOTHING TO DO WITH WHO THE PERSON IS AND WHETHER YOU LIKE HER OR DON'T, OR EVEN HATE OR LOVE HER IF YOU HAPPEN TO KNOW..

P.Sp.> A note to the PULISHER: I know I contacted you privately about this but numeroius comments to and about me onsite I have since seen have made me feel that I have to make the issue public. I sincerely hope you understnd and apologizefor the awkwrdness of the situation.



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New Era of Discussion

by Yachov on

Actually, we have not yet entered into the discussion of the possibility that some or all of the moderators are actually computers.   (Twilight Zone Theme Song) :)

anonymous fish

ok, i think we've exhausted this

by anonymous fish on

to complete limpness.  mentally anyway.  thank god it's friday.  i'm taking my man out for a drink tonight and going to recharge my batteries.  gird my loins, so to speak.  :-)

god bless ya Roiban.  you're tough on the outside but with a marshmellow heart. 

rosie is roxy is roshan

AF, I'm not upset, I'm...

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

numb. Heartbreaking. And you know why.

Just take a peek at the revised post of mine just below.And then let's leave it.

Oh god I'm numb. You know what's gonna happen. Create tension with the people who wanted me to tow the line, give more excuses to the cadre who hates me to make me a target of ridicule because I remind them of their mediocrity,yeah, hi there y'all you know deep inside who (and what) you are....

and..why bother AF?

but that's not what'numbing.

Take apeek below at my revised post. i changed my mind.

And then let's have a smoke.

anonymous fish

isn't it cool!

by anonymous fish on

the avatar i mean.

our posts passed again.  i'm going outside for a smoke.  i'm upset.  i know my comment was cheeky but the deletion was motivated by the same subject we've been discussing.  zion posted a video (monty python so you KNOW it was and it was deleted.  i thought all of this discussion would hopefully bring some kind of an attitude change.

this is just hopeless. and such a shame. 

ok.  rather than edit which only confuses every one, i'm just adding this.  you're right roiban.  let's be done with it.  we're just setting a bad example.  but can i say a bad word every once in awhile??? please!!!  i promise i won't cuss anyone in particular.  just well-placed profanity once in awhile...:-)))

rosie is roxy is roshan

Cursing Zion's recent post, AF REVISED

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Curse words are bad in this forum. We know ftom hard experience that once they're tolerated they snowball and then the aggression is worse than it has been withGaza. Also as I said below it's a strategicaally bad move to use them in pleading oa case in a moderation issue. I know some people here are cynical about that and by this time don't care but others do, they still hope to plead the case. Please be considerate of them.

The  part in Zion's recent post, don't think so.

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

so i get to say baaaad words now!  excellent!  how ironic.  i was called "vulgar" because i said "MFSOB".  not the words, mind you.  but someone else can utter the most profane words and get away with it! 

i love monty python.  that was good....:-)

ok, this is getting boring now.  what else can we debate about?  elections are over, point made here, gaza is over... come on, think of something else we can really sink our teeth into!

rosie is roxy is roshan

I was asked to speak up more clearly for Sam so I am

by rosie is roxy is roshan on


There's something some of you aren't getting. IMHO so I'll try to explain it to you.

A lot of people here exploded on both sides when Gaza exploded. Itt happened once to Sam and he was chastised by a certain moderator. In this explosive environment this caused a vicious circle,The same can be said of others.

Before Gaza, Sam had written mostly cultural articles, was well-respected by many members of the community of all ideologies, and was never out of order in his posts. The same can be said of others Interestingly, while Sam defended his right to remain friends with the hardline Zionists and of having his belief of the state of Israel to exist, he came out strongly against the massacres in his own blog..So he calls himself a patriot, so what? What other things do you call yourselves? Especially when you're alone, when your "allies" and their "Holocaust Industry" quotations?can't hear you.?

Sam's a good man snd has a good heart and at the end of the day that's the onlyl thing that matters.. And I cannot fathom how under these stressful circumstnces it never occured to this moderator or the publisher to somehow coney to him that despite the volatility onsite lately, he mattered. Then things would've been different.The same can be said of others on this forum.

Sam would never hurt a fly. He has a good heart and at the end of the day that's the only thing that matters. To treat a member so valued by many of us in this way , to block him, was heartless. And it shows that the website is losing its heart.  Perhaps it's because the heart is the one thing that is sacred..

The moderator's comment about the Holocaust was heartlees aand it is outrageous for such an individdual to have so much power over so many people. And when you're alonei with yourself without your allies you know it damn well.  And so does tthe publisher. And so does she.

 As the novelist Carson McCullers said: "The heart is a lonely hunter."

Especially here. 


anonymous fish

thanks sam

by anonymous fish on

i consider MYSELF to be the lucky one...:-)

don't blame you Rosie.  it served its purpose.  probably without any real solution and leaving tattered emotions in its wake, but necessary nonetheless.

sam. do what you do best... enlightening, reminding and educating.  hopefully there won't be any provocation that you feel necessary responding to.

MPD.  we'll look forward to your return.  good luck and god bless to your friend.  i can only imagine... :-(

if offensiveness is a moderators concern, i'd greatly appreciate he/she reviewing a few other comments in this thread.  if fuck or shit or asshole is offensive to some, G... D... is extremely offensive to me.

but hey... nothing is sacred... right?

rosie is roxy is roshan

I just wanted to

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

thank the people here who supported me, especially theones who supported me as a human. I didn't delete the other blogs because of the coversatoins on the threads, it was because I didn't think for various reasons that it was good for the site to have four recent blogs on this issue

Anyway I won't be participating any more on this thread. Thanks againn.

Yah right

btw, Annonymous Fish

by Yah right on

by no means is an emotional judgmental lady, I personaly saw her comments deleted complaining about her impersonation by no other than,,,as I did many others. Her only crime was to be a bit supportive of her country United states of america . Guess that justifies being on the hit list....

AFish/AW you rock lady !!! guess 2 for 1 for hajii :)

Cheers to both of you :)

DW Duke

Where is the MRS.

by DW Duke on

She is looking for the fountain of youth.  :)

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

JJ wake up from your nap! Put down the peace pipe!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You need to fix this large crack in your site. These people are pissed and you owe it to them as an editor to write a response. It's cruel. I have a feeling you don't give a Sh*T but I hope you will prove me wrong. Come on. I want to write a blog about the octuplets and my plan to recruit them for basiji fun times, but they will ignore it because of this. we're stuck in the mud. hurry up please and act. Where is the mrs. she would offer some good advice.


I know where they are

by Majid on



Zionist detector, Derakhshandeh and "company" are having a dinner in this restaurant called "ANONYMITY" which has an awesome menu of:

Crap dip, sanctimonious salad, krazy kabaab, fake flambe, served with biased biscuits on the side, and enjoyed with a complimetary glass of whining wine!

Enjoy your evening.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Cap'n Ahab, where's the oppositon? Well...

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

for one thing if you look at the blog closely you'll note that I really had encouraged people to ask themselves the question more than to participate in the discussioj. It's a MORAL and ETHICAL issue which requires self-scrutiny. WIt's a matter of conscience. So I think the people  And I think most people took it that way.

So it's easy to understand why the people who felt affected by the actions of this particular moderator would be the ones who'd want to speak up the most. And if you look carefully at the thread you'll find that majority of posts come from not that many people. MPD being the only one who wrote a lot who does not feel he was personally affected by the situation.

Given that there are about five people who felt affected and so spoke at length, I think ithe fact that two people who took the opposing view also spoke at great length, and that one who isn't directly affected did so too.

It's normal.

rosie is roxy is roshan

It's true MPD and Marge, when I wrote the short

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

blog to Jahanshah in which I suggested several people whom I feel embody the qualities of an ecellent moderator with final deletion privileges. at first I included MPD Because MPD I think you're extremely fair about what is in the parameters of civil discourse. Particularlly because you're so liberal about it, as am I btw.

I changed my mind about it because of some arguments you've had here onsite (not a criticism), pErsonal  ones and I thought well when someone's arguing and they're hotheaded could they MAIINTAIN that objectivity. I think you're highly objective and fair, and your refusing to be a moderator because you question your own fairness just proves it more. think you'd be a very good moderator.

But I don't think  you'd be good for one who has the rare power of final deletion. And Irandokht either. My problem here is not with her being a moderator per se, it's with her power of final deletion.


PS This post crossed MPD's saying he was leaving.


Multiple Personality Disorder

I’m out of here

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Sorry Roxane, this comment is off the subject.  I know you'll get mad at me for doing this; but who else can I tell it to?  You are my imaginary cyber friends. 

Since tomorrow is the first furlough day in California, I’m taking a short vacation to visit a family member whose business is failing due to the greedy CEO’s corruption of the economy, and is going through an existential crisis after spending his entire life to build a business in this country which is now failing.  Nothing to worry about, I’m just letting you know that I’ll be gone for a while.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Marge's comment--do you know..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Marge refers to her first comment. There was nothing in it that would've in any way been comparable to the  commetnt in question on this blog.

Marge, something very close to OBJECTIVITY is possible.  Highly ideological Supreme Court judges have been known for consistently judging according to the law, not ideology. So something very close to impartiality does exist and can be achieved. In my new blog asking a brief request to Jahanshah, I mentioned several people who I felt are EXAMPLES of what a moderator WITH FINAL DELETOIN PRIVEGES would be like.IMHO.

I mentioned those people because they are not ideologically motivated. I believe none of them would delete comments just for fighiting. This issue is something else.

It is something else.

Irandokht in additon to making the comment about whining also spoke about the non-Iranians making trouble on this site with their minority opinons, which means Zionist. Zionism is distasteful to me. As to mjority her. However the most vocal advocates of zionism onsite are Zion, Mehdi Mazloom, Kaveh and Bijanam. Only Zion is not Persian. This was a rumor circulated by various vocal people andd it was patently false. And proven so. Irandokht swallowed it wholesale, which displays extremely poor judgemtn and lack of knowledge about the regular registered users.She also along with others said "The non-Iranian usrs here are..." without a specific qualificaton that she meant Zionist ones. Not "these particular non-Iranians" or "some non-Iranians" or "The zionist non-Iranians". Allnon-Iranians. In so doing she made a generalization, a broadstroke characterization of an entire group on this site. She applauded MPD for making a statement that all people in the world are either Iranian or want to be. As a joke of course. She found it extremely amusing. In the same post she lectured me about making fun of MYSELF for not being able to read the Persian alphabet. She found it offensive for me to be attacking her alphabet. This shows to me an unusually thorough lack of knowledge of me which most people have so why not her, she deals with the reg users every day, why so blind, an inability to understand very obvious text, and an Iranian cultural chauvinsim which becomes non-Iranian bias on this site.  And theree's more. But enough for now.

These things in and of themselves are not so serious but taken together with the Holocaust comment and the numerous complaints about her, they become serious. A moderator's standards for their own discourse should be high.


Could this mean that she is less objective than the rest? You mentioned earlier that Jahanshah appoints people as moderators whom he trusts. He has also unappointed moderators. I know this for a fact. If he wishes to maintain this woman as a moderator, I don't have a problem with that. My problem is that she has power of final deletion. And just as Jahanshah has taken away people's ordinary moderators privileges when he realized he made a mistake, the same would hold for revoking special privileges. And btw when he revokes moderators privileges it's not because he's whistling and laughing. Or he wouldn't bother, would he?

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on


anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

i think you're missing the point.  or perhaps not...:-)

the issue is not specifically a person's bias'.  you're absolutely right, everyone has them.  just like an AH.  (wonder if that will slip by).  it is the issue of abuse of moderator's privileges.  it is NOT ethical for a registered member to have unlimited rights of deletion/control of OTHER member's comments or blogs, particularly if the member/moderator has made incendiary comments.  by definition, that is NOT THEIR JOB.  this is clearly a conflict of interest and grossly prejudicial.

that was YOUR opinion and interpretation of her comment.  you obviously will grant someone else the same right and mental capacity to make their own opinion, won't you?  i appreciate that you feel one way.  please be assured that others are capable of coming to their own conclusions on their own. 

you're 100% right about one thing.  JJ is loving this.  if anyone is under the mistaken impression that he expects or demands equality, fairness, and/or justice, well, all i can say is good luck in your little cocoon of naivete.  every click is cha ching.  his loyalty is to himself and to his website.  perhaps that's the way it should be.

and by the way... i am pissed off big time at your obvious bias against Irishmen.  are we not allowed to feel anger and hurt too?  why isn't anyone hating us?

Multiple Personality Disorder


by Multiple Personality Disorder on



With my other personality, I was offered to moderate but I did not take it because:

I’m not an impartial person.

I’m not a middle-of-road kind of a person.

I’m not neutral.

I’m not unbiased.

I’m not just.

I’m not fair.

Honk the moderators who are partial, take one side or the other side of the road, what’s the opposite of neutral, biased, unjust, and unfair.  Honk the mother honkers. 

Artificial Intelligence

I wonder

by Artificial Intelligence on

Where is Zionist Detector in all of this mess? I miss her also:))))))

Multiple Personality Disorder


by Multiple Personality Disorder on

A famous Persian evil omen: God willing unfair moderators shall poop somewhere that there is aftabeh but not water.

Multiple Personality Disorder

یک نفرین ِ معروف ایرانی

Multiple Personality Disorder

الاهی میانجیگرانِ ‌بی انصاف در جائی  برینند که آفتابه باشه ولی آب نباشه.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Do you know how many anti-Arab comments get posted?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

There have been several! All we are missing to complete this fun CCCC is an angry arab. We have angry Iranians (Shahollahi), Zionists, Iranian-Zionists, Iranian Communists (moi).... so hopefully some drunken lonely Arab will wander here from Google and start leaving sweet words for samsam11111111111 and her buddies. Nobody should care. It's the Internet. That's the nature of it. FREE IRANDOKHT!

Obviously you care, but that's why it's good for the site. Obviously I care! I'm writing all these words! All I meant by who cares - i knew you all do - is that we all have biases. Trying to point out one person's is pointless. Everyone here is running on a tank of emotion - anger, hate (sadly this exists). JJ will look at the ceiling and laugh. This is how it works. Your anger over "my comment! my comment! sacred nist! nothing is sacred! honk you!" is what fuels this site. IT always will. 



by capt_ayhab on

Is there going to be any dialogue, constructive or not, if there are not any opposing views????

Is there ever going to be a solution to any problem, if there aren't any one challenging the alternatives.

If the answer is yes to any of these question, then delete the hell out of any comment you the[moderators] don't like. But if the answer is no, LET IT BE............ 

these type of politically charged subjects are not for the faint at heart. However, some civility is nice to have. After all we all claim to be kind of intellectuals[exception noted; ME]

That pretty much sums up my 2 cents worth, with some change due. 

Cheers people

capt_ayhab [-YT]

P/S I have submitted two articles which they are still in never never land. 

anonymous fish

"who cares? who the f cares? I don't"

by anonymous fish on

it's simple.  others DO care.  :-)

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Oh and the sexy JJ conspiracy has unravelled. Hoooooray!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on


***UPDATE***** If Irandokht made that comment, I think I understand what she meant. Not what you think. Not the way you are interpreting it. A lot of us have problems expressing ourselves here. English is a second/third language. I think what she meant was "I'm tired of the HOlocaust being exploited to excuse Israel's behavior". I don't say this because I have some love affair friendship with ID. I have never met her or even e-mailed her! I just don't believe she has this cruel streak that you are pushing.

I remember that sexy evening. I was sipping Merlot (yuck) and I saw this blog by JJ telling us some silly news about Sinister Comments. Someone was leaving comments for himself. Who could it be now? JJ asked/dangled the juicy meat before the animals: should I reveal this person? 


Well around that time, someone was leaving dumb, blatantly dumb pro-mullah posts. Blatantly dumb rings a bell, samsam1111111111 ding ding ding ding. I think JJ was very kind hearted to sexy samsam the warrior and left him alone.

BUT I also think JJ is fed up with the trash that samsam1111111111 has attracted here and I don't blame him.

Then that those sexy Israeli IDF soldiers who hunger for Palestinian humiliations started killing Arabs and "terrists" and all hell broke loose.

And the even funnier thing is, IRI's heart beat is still strong and loud. We're still fighting like rabid dogs in the pound. Joy and wonder.

Now samsam111111111111 has been blocked. It's GOLD. It's like that time when Ann Coulter said "i was banned from NBC. They are so biased!" Oh puleeeez.

If IranDokht hates Jews, I'd be surprised. I don't buy it. I think controversy is what feeds this site. Pissing off people, sadly, more than "enlightening and contemplating" a la Nazy Kaviani (love her to death) prevails. That's fine, because without it, this site won't live. You know it's true everyone. You know. People come here for the fights and the accusations.


Another Irish proverb (blessing)

by Majid on



May  fleas of a thousand buffalos infect the crotch of whomever who tries to silence others unjustefiably and selfishly.

And may their arms be too short to scratch themselves. 


"truth will come late to those who hate"

by ThePope on

-Another enjoyable Irish proverb.   ;-)

Multiple Personality Disorder

Would I, could I?

by Multiple Personality Disorder on



Would you be able to live in your own skin saying publicly that you're sick of Jews WHINING about the Holocaust when survivors are still alive, and their children are mostly about our age?



If you couldn't live in your skin, should a person who can have ultimate authority over deletions of others, writings,…?