Islamic Republic and Earthquakes.

by Roozbeh_Gilani

Now, before starting to call me names or to cheer me, I'm not about to blame Khamenei and His Islamic Republic for causing the earthquake, which today killed hundreds of our Azari compatriots. After all, these pathetic Islamo Fascists can not even close the straits of Hormouz, let alone cause an earthquake!

I have a simple question for The "Supreme leader", "the spokesman of shiat 12th missing imam  on earth":

What proportion of the hundreds of billions of our nations oil revenue, looted and transported to the foreign bank accounts of you, your criminal family, your cronies  & other foreign shiat islamist terrorist gang leaders, over the past 34 years would have been sufficient to import the technology shown in this video clip  from japan, build houses based on it, plus the advanced earthquake warning systems readily availabale, to save the lives of these unfortunate  compatriots of ours? 





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"Iran doesnt need Help..."

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Dear Yolanda: this is a typical answer from khamenei, the dictator in total denial. I doubt he even has a clue what a hated figure he has become , that is amongst the very dvout shiat Iranians..

Sossan aziz: The tarffic situation you mentioned on "jadeh haraz" is a typical syndrome of disregard for human life in islamic republic.

Soosan Khanoom

Rozbeh jan ,

by Soosan Khanoom on

Just driving on the " Jaddeh Haraz" is equal to 8.0 earthquake, rebuilding all the villages in Iran based on the Japanese models ... Peeshkesh ! 

People are dying in a daily basis and no one even bothers to make that road safe.  All you hear is " Ghesmat bood " " Khoda Beyamorzeh" 

Shah., IRI ,  anyother regime ... somehow i have no hope for that road !!  



by yolanda on


 "Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said the government will allocate funds to rebuild the houses destroyed in the quake, aiming to complete the construction before the arrival of cold winter temperatures.

Najjar said the plans aim to construct buildings resistant to earthquake. Most of houses in rural areas are built of mud, and they can crumble when even a moderate quake hits.

According to Najjar, several foreign countries have offered assistance, but he said Iran doesn't need outside help and can manage the situation. He did not name the countries."


IRI called off the search for victims less than 24 hours after the quake and then said that they don't need outside help!

Are they sure there are no more buried people?

So if there are people still buried under the rubbles, they have to climb out on their own?!

What is IRI thinking?


Thank you friends for the comments.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Thanks Dear Mona and Zendanian Gerami for your comments.

Dear Rea. This was an Quake of RS 6. Even a senior scientist of Iranian Government admitted that in 21st century a Quake of this magnitude should not result in any deaths. He implicitly criticized the islamist regime for neglect. here is the farsi link . Also The Islamist regime has already called off the search and rescue, barely 24 hrs ofter the quake. Here the farsi link again. I have talked to a few pwople today on the phone in Iran and there is consderable anger with the government in province of Azarbaijan. So, no dear, I "am not abusing the tragedy". I am only reporting.


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


The only one abusing this tragedy is Islamic Republic of Hell

by Zendanian on

Through its sheer incompetence, it's prolonged unpreparedness, and dysfunctional response to natural disasters.


Just read the news about government's response in aiding the survivors and you'll see what I mean.



Understand your point, RG

by Rea on

Yet, given the number of victims & injured and of those left homeless, let's not abuse their tragedy.


بلای طبیعی و بلای جمهوری اسلامی بمناسبت وقوع زلزله


زلزله یک بلای ویرانگر طبیعی است. اما همین بلای طبیعی در ایران تحت حاکمیت رژیم اسلامی چندین برابر فاجعه بارتر از هرجای دیگر بر سر مردم این کشور فرود می آید. عوارض ناشی از این رویداد با همه ویرانگریش تا حدود زیادی می تواند تخفیف پیدا کند. خانه هائی که اکثریت مردم در آنها زندگی میکنند سست بنیاد اند و با مصالح ساختمانی غیر استاندارد و بدون کنترل و نظارت جدی بنا شده اند.  دهها میلیون مردم تهیدستی که در چنین خانه­هائی زندگی میکنند. قربانیان همیشگی  اینگونه بلایای طبیعی هستند. حتی آنجا که ساختمانهای ظاهرا رنگ و روداری بوسیله شرکتهای بساز و بفروشی بنا میشوند، بدلیل عدم کنترل و نظارت جدی در مقابل اینگونه حوادث به شدت آسیب پذیر هستند.  سوال این است در کشوری که بر دریائی از ثروتهای طبیعی نشسته است چرا باید مردم در روستاها و در حاشیه شهرها در خانه­های گلی زندگی کنند؟ با صرف بخشی از میلیاردها دلاری که سالانه صرف پروژه­های نظامی و سرکوبگرانه رژیم میشود، میتوان هر ساله قسمتی از این کشور را آنچان آباد کرد که این چنین در برابر بلایای طبیعی آسیب پذیر نباشد.


Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

Mr. Gilani, Sophistry is the name of their game for past 34 yrs & they know how to divert from a topic/subj



immortal guard: What are you talking about?!!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

What has "Fred" got to do with Earthquake in Azarbaijan?

The earthquake happened yesterday not July 11. Which news agency do you listen to? 

Are you OK today?!  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Stolen billions, wasted lives.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 You are right Yolanda. Our country is on  a very active Quake belt. Indeed there are forcasts that a "big one" could hit Tehran at some not too distant future.  Death toll in such event could be truely astronomical given the sub standard nature of bulildings in a country with little building regulations and rife with corruption  starting at the very top....

The tragedy is, that all this death and human tragedy is to a large degree preventable. But sadly the greed of islamist rulers of our land for money and their lust for nuclear bombs leaves no money for these projects and the climate for  co operation with international community is just not there.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Immortal Guard

This Earthquake was on July 11th!

by Immortal Guard on

The D Day was on June 6th!

You should ask Fred about the Redbar Earthquake!



by yolanda on

Great video clip! Thank you for posting! Japan is the most earthquake ready nation on this planet! They had an 8.9 earthquake last year, but very low casualties from the earthquake, most of the 19,000 casualties are from tsunami drowning! I am sure they are working on to be better prepared for the future tsunamis! On the contrary, there was a 7.4 earthquake close to Tabriz area in 1990 with the heavy death toll of 50,000 people. After that, I have no idea what IRI has done to get people ready for the future earthquakes? Did they retrofit buildings? Did they build earthquake-proof buildings?

It is time to take care of your own people instead of giving free money to Hezbollahs and Hamaz!

In 1727 Tabriz earthquake, 77,00 people died. In 1042 Tabriz earthquake 40,000 people died!


Just a matter of time, another big one will hit!