The Virtue Of A Woman Is In What She Covers Up

The Virtue Of A Woman Is In What She Covers Up
by ramintork


Notorious child killer Myra Hindley covered under veil. Some of her victims were never found. This is another from my DaGod series.


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How is this exploiting the difficult situation of women?

by ramintork on

This is responding to the mentality that says all the ills of society is because some women do not wear their Hejab properly.

A Government that kills, tortures plunders the wealth leaves the majority in poverty and the youth unemployed sponsors a rally against bad Hejab. This is artistic sarcasm against corrupt filthy individuals who hide under a cloak of righteousness, and by putting on a Hejab and supporting the Government get away with anything.

As described earlier in this comment chain this critisises the "Fatmeh Commandos" who keep this regime alive.



Why exploit it ?

by Rea on

It's already difficult for women as it is. No need to ad to it.



by ramintork on

Such brutality. Dictatorships never learn.


Ayat, Bahraini poet killed and raped by Bahraini offiicals

by vildemose on


Excellent metaphore to

by vildemose on

Excellent metaphore to describe those fati komandos...


My response to Hejab rally

by ramintork on

I think this image from my DaGod series ( school) sums up the hypocracy of the Hejab rally. These women who are an arm of the regime mindlessly go out and support a blood thirsty regime. They can cover any kind of filth as long as they keep themselves in the inner circles of supporters.

I don't buy the argument that these women are mostly the uneducated. Perhaps they were, but now they do it out of shear self interest and they are not any different from the thugs tht come and beat or kill people. Many of them are very likely related to those thugs.