Underneath a tree

Underneath a tree
by ramintork


One of those rare occasions when I did a landscape drawing.


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by ramintork on

A nice Jazz song for chilling out on an evening. Thanks for sharing.


Underneath the Apple Tree

by Faramarz on


Beautiful drawing.

And a song to go with it; Underneath the Apple Tree by Michael Franks performed by Carmen McRae.





Underneath the apple tree Mama's got her eye on me Just wearing suntan lotion This is how we spend each day May, June, and July Sunning in our birthday suits Eating that forbidden fruit It's like perpetual motion The dogs are sleeping in the shade Guess we really got it made Mama Lion and me down underneath the apple tree Underneath the apple tree We can snooze so peacefully Hear those bluebirds blowing We can hear those mockingbirds up high Trading eights. If the radiation's strong we can turn the sprinklers on And we can run right through 'em We drink tea instead of wine We shoot up with summertime Mama Lion and me down underneath the apple tree Got ourselves a little tent, 'case the weatherman calls for showers Someone's phone is ringing but I don't think it's ours Dogs are sleeping in the shade Guess we really got it made Mama Lion and me down underneath the apple Mama Lion and me down underneath the apple Mama Lion and me down underneath the apple tree



Ari and CC

by ramintork on

Ari Jaan I like your narrative better than the drawing now.

CC I was trying to make it look like a Japanese print, so it looks like it worked! 



LOL! If that isn't typical of my thickestani brain

by ComraidsConcubine on

 I saw an unusual Japanese, frustrated willy rocket stub at the top, passed the snake and its victims below on aluminium, but I couldn't find the rope to fit my story! LOL!


Ramin, I think you ought to do more of these. ;) Seriously, I mean. Good work!


Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

The tree and the rocks have character and tell a story. Here's one: the rocks think the tree being taller can look out much further--in fact height doesn't make much difference in a seascape. Perhaps the tree is describing what the rocks can't see, the twist and drama of its trunk and branches reflecting her exciting narration.The big rock would believe anything just for the thrill; the little rock has doubts.Perhaps seeing the bigger rock he thinks it will grow up like a tree and one day see for himself. Having no illusions about its rock nature, the bigger rock submits to whatever world the tree creates for him, knowingly encouraging her to ever more exaggerated tales. Tragicomic characters, all of them. So human!



by ramintork on

Digitally drawn on iPad.
The only tracing used is tracing moments of life spent.
Paper went out of fashion when virtual friends replaced real ones!
Just kidding I still use paper, ink, water colour, and oil, and old friends are still a welcome sight.


I can't see

by ComraidsConcubine on

 'Can't see the image properly. Did you do something with tracing paper?